100% of Tested Bootleg Marijuana Vapes Laced with Cyanide

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2019

We seem to be narrowing down the whole vape panic thing.

The disease that is killing people appears to be entirely due to marijuana-oriented vaping products.

NBC News:

The soaring popularity of vaping products — both legal and knock-offs — is fueling a public health crisis that has vexed the medical community.

Some 12 people have died from mysterious lung illnesses linked to vape pens, and 805 others have been hospitalized in 46 states, according to federal health officials.

“We are dealing with a new epidemic,” said Dr. Melodi Pirzada, a pediatric pulmonologist at NYU Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, New York, on Long Island.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says most of the patients reported using vapes containing THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Some state health officials have indicated that Vitamin E acetate, a solvent used to “cut” cannabis for use in vape pens, may be responsible for the outbreak.

But no single substance or product has yet been linked to all of the cases of vaping-related lung disease, the CDC says, leaving the medical community grappling with an exploding health crisis with an unknown cause.

At the same time, the FDA is struggling to police what has rapidly grown into a billion dollar industry with a booming black market, experts say.

The result: Americans have access to an astonishing assortment of THC vape pens without having any way of knowing what’s actually in them.

Seeking answers, NBC News commissioned one of the nation’s leading cannabis testing facilities to test a sampling of THC cartridges — 18 in all — obtained from legal dispensaries and unlicensed dealers.

The findings were deeply troubling.

Of the three purchased from legal dispensaries in California, the CannaSafe testing company found no heavy metals, pesticides or residual solvents like Vitamin E.

But 13 out of the other 15 samples from black market THC cartridges were found to contain Vitamin E.

CannaSafe also tested 10 of the unregulated cartridges for pesticides. All 10 tested positive.

The products all contained myclobutanil, a fungicide that can transform into hydrogen cyanide when burned.

“You certainly don’t want to be smoking cyanide,” said Antonio Frazier, the vice president of operations at CannaSafe. “I don’t think anyone would buy a cart that was labeled hydrogen cyanide on it.”

Pirzada described the existence of myclobutanil as “very disturbing,” adding that “it’s going to cause a very toxic effect on the lungs.”

Hilariously related: someone just sent me an old article saying I was responsible for the “conspiracy theory” that Jews were pushing for the legalization of marijuana.

(All I ever did was point out that the people lobbying for legalizing it were mostly all Jews, as were the people running the dispensaries – you can I guess call that a conspiracy, I haven’t personally used that word, but it isn’t a theory).

Canadian Jewish News:

It’s hard to trace this conspiracy back to its roots, but it made a big splash in January 2018 when Andrew Anglin, editor of the white supremacist Daily Stormer website, wrote a screed against the Trump administration after the idea of legalization in the United States came up.

“It is personally disgusting to me that we are condemning a generation of children to grow up baked in this noxious substance,” Anglin wrote. “Most of the marijuana industry, I can assure you, is run by Jews.”

With regards to marijuana vape being the cause of the sickness: I called this one.

However, I am still not necessarily pro-nicotine vape.

However, I do believe it is better than cigarettes. However, there is some question as to whether it is useful for quitting cigarettes, since you end up getting so much larger of a dose, which leads to a more extreme nicotine addiction.

I quit vaping three weeks ago, and it was much more difficult than any of the times I have ever quit smoking cigarettes. Although admittedly, I was using a very extreme amount of nicotine (50mg salt juice in a sub-ohm tank).

It was possible to quit, but I have an extreme level of willpower. I’ve also gained 20 pounds almost, which will be easy for me to lose, because of my extreme willpower and understanding of diet customs. But for most people, this is all complicated.

Anyway, if you’re an adult and a smoker – you’ll have to figure out the math yourself.

But if you’re a young person, I highly advise you to not get involved with vaping, or smoking – marijuana OR nicotine.

If you want to have a little bit of fun on the weekends, consider a safer option, such as cocaine.

(I’m joking tho. But probably cocaine is safer than marijuana. Apparently it is.)