11-Year-Old White Boy Stops Home Invasion by Hitting Black in the Head with a Machete

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2019

Who would win? An 11-year-old white kid with a machete or a pack of niggers with guns?


An 11-year-old Mebane, North Carolina, boy foiled an alleged home invasion by striking one of the suspect’s in the back of the head with a machete.

ABC 11 reports multiple suspects broke into the North Carolina home and “forced the 11-year-old… into a bedroom closet at gunpoint.”

Law enforcement says the boy exited the closet, found a machete, and struck one of the suspects in the head. The suspect then kicked the boy and allegedly tried to flee the home, only to realize his wound was substantial and blood was running freely. At that point the suspect “dropped the electronics, left the home and ran.”

The other suspects fled with him.

This is like a 2019 version of that Home Alone movie, except the intruders are violent niggers (more likely than an Italian and a Jew) and the kid goes full viking.

His ancestors were definitely watching over him. The situation could have backfired horribly considering it wasn’t just one nigger but a full pack of them invading his home. Still, that was some brave stuff — even if dangerously brave.

The Twitter thread though.

That’s a pretty good point. The machete’d nigger was free and most likely embarrassed to have his face all over the news with people being told an 11-year-old defeated his pack of nigger home invaders. He has been caught though.


Those are some heavy reality nukes there.

If that home invasion happened in Africa, the pack of niggers would have tortured and murdered the kid instead of forcing him into a closet.

The purer the nigger’s blood, the darker its actions.

African “Americans” are noticeably less dark than African niggers, but they’re still ridiculously violent and responsible for most violent crime despite being a minority.

That speaks volume about the vicious nature of the nigger.

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