11-Year-Old White Fronthole Saves 6-Year-Old Brother from Diverse-Skinned Kidnapper

Daily Stormer
May 29, 2019

11-year-old Julianne has more testosterone than her dad.

Hey, finally a female did something useful.

Slow clap.

Daily Mail:

A 11-year-old girl is being hailed a hero after pulling her little brother away from a man who police have charged with abduction

Julianne and Hayden Moore, 6, were playing outside their home in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland on Thursday evening when they were approached by a man.

Julianne told Fox 8 Cleveland that the man started to talk them but they couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Pedro Luyando, diverse kidnapper.

The man briefly left but quickly returned, grabbed Hayden by the hand and tried to ‘pull him away,’ Julianne said.

The plucky 11-year-old said her parents have always told her to look out for her younger brother and she knew what was happening was serious.

She ran, screaming and dragging Hayden by the arm and alerted their father, Joshua Moore, telling him that a man had tried to take Hayden.


When women are healthy, they act like healthy dogs.

Running around barking and dragging human boys by the arm is what a dog would do to alert its master of imminent danger while trying to protect a boy from it.

Unfortunately for this girl though, her father doesn’t look capable of setting or keeping her straight, so she’ll inevitably descend into socially-approved depravity very soon.

It’s a sad thing that she’ll join the ranks of career sluts and eventually end up infertile and childless, wondering what even happened with her life and dreams… what even happened to her maternal instincts.

Letting our girls deal with the Jewish brainwashing on their own is like letting strangers trick our kids into entering a van by offering them candy and saying “HA! You fucking retard! It was obvious that there was no candy! It was all bait!

Kids are innocent and if you don’t warn them, they’ll think there is candy.

Women are drooling retards, and if you don’t physically prevent them from making life-damaging choices, they’ll make the worst possible choices.

The key words in the phrase “physically prevent” are “physically” and “prevent.”

Remember that.


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