12 Israeli Tourists are Detained in Cyprus for Allegedly Gang-Raping 19-Year-Old British Woman

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2019

Just some Jews having a good time with a white woman.

Blacks are not the only ones gang-raping women.

Daily Mail:

Twelve Israeli tourists have been detained in Cyprus after a 19-year-old British woman alleged she had been raped in the resort town of Ayia Napa.

A police source said it is still early in the investigation and it is unclear how many of the suspects are implicated in the case.

The official could not say how the suspects knew the woman or whether they had been staying in Ayia Napa as a group.

It has been reported by Israeli press outlets that some of the men detained are below the age of 18. It has been reported by Israeli press outlets that some of the men detained are below the age of 18.

Israel’s Foreign Office said in a statement it was aware of the case and that diplomats had access to the detained group.

‘The Israeli consul in Nicosia, Yossi Wurmbrand, is following developments and is in contact with the detainees,’ the department told The Times of Israel.

Ayia Napa is popular with younger tourists for its pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife.

When was the last time you heard about a dozen white men gang-raping a black woman? An Oriental woman? A brown woman? Any non-white woman?

Any white woman?

You regularly hear about MOSLEM rape gangs, black rape gangs, and now we have Jewish rape gangs.

Where are all the white rape gangs?

We are getting blown the fuck out in the rape game, guys.

Make White Men Rape Again

Foreigners are really doing the jobs white men don’t want to do.

You see, the whole women and rape thing is a weird phenomenon that forms a kind of reverse nirvana fallacy where white men not raping white women results in white women getting raped by non-white men as a consequence of white women subconsciously lusting for a good rape. White women’s subconscious need for rape prompts them to travel to shithole countries, to invite foreigners into our countries and to purposefully put themselves in dangerous situations inadvertently hoping to get their goo holes ravaged.

Getting their goo holes ravaged puts them in their place, and women love to be put in their place. You can’t blame them for that, because everyone loves to know their place. It just so happens that a woman’s place is under the boot of some man.

In the West, white men have been convinced to treat women as equals by the Jews, and this drives women insane.

Women treated respectfully lose their minds and get possessed by demons.

Not being put in their place makes them lose themselves. Deep down they know they’re not equal to men, and men treating them as equals is an attack on their real identity. This attack on their identity makes them lose their way.

They don’t know who they are. They just know that they’re not what they’re being told that they are. They feel something is wrong, and they’re being led to believe that what’s wrong is what would fix their internal crisis.

They’re being brainwashed into thinking that their suffering is caused by white men oppressing them when white men oppressing them would prevent all of their suffering in the first place.

If not being brutally oppressed were what women wanted, they would never leave the West and they would never invite foreigners to the West lest they ruin their equality paradise. But they want to be brutally oppressed, so they regularly leave the West and invite foreigners into their country hoping to be put in their place to finally feel fulfilled.