Due to a Lack of Mass Immigration, Japan is Plagued by a Rising Standard of Living

Steve Sailer
August 25, 2015


When reading articles in the American press about problems in America, such as high prices for homes, inequality, low wages, low test scores, and so forth, it’s always fun to hit CTRL-F (or Command-F on a Mac) to see if the text string “migra” is included anywhere in the article. Normally, in articles about troubles in America, there’s no mention of the role of “immigration,” “immigrants,” “migration,” or whatever.

When reading American articles about conditions in Japan, such as increasing housing space per Japanese person, it’s interesting to try the same thing. You’ll often see that “immigration” is mentioned in the article, although not as a problem, of course. Instead, it is always The Solution for whatever is said to ail Japan.

For example, here’s a new New York Times article about how the Japanese aren’t quite as squeezed into tiny living spaces as they used to be. Of course, the cure for whatever ails Japan is immigration, even when, at the very end of the article, the reporter reveals that it isn’t actually a problem.

A Sprawl of Ghost Homes in Aging Tokyo Suburbs By JONATHAN SOBLE AUG. 23, 2015

YOKOSUKA, Japan — Ever since her elderly neighbor moved a decade ago, Yoriko Haneda has done what she can to keep the empty house she left behind from becoming an eyesore. Ms. Haneda regularly trims its shrubs and clips its narrow strip of grass, maintaining its perfect view of the sea. …

“There are empty houses everywhere, places where nobody’s lived for 20 years, and more are cropping up all the time,” said Ms. Haneda, 77, complaining that thieves had broken into her neighbor’s house twice and that a typhoon had damaged the roof of the one next to it.

Despite a deeply rooted national aversion to waste, discarded homes are spreading across Japan like a blight in a garden. Long-term vacancy rates have climbed significantly higher than in the United States or Europe, and some eight million dwellings are now unoccupied, according to a government count. Nearly half of them have been forsaken completely — neither for sale nor for rent, they simply sit there, in varying states of disrepair.

These ghost homes are the most visible sign of human retreat in a country where the population peaked a half-decade ago and is forecast to fall by a third over the next 50 years. The demographic pressure has weighed on the Japanese economy, as a smaller work force struggles to support a growing proportion of the old, and has prompted intense debate over long-term proposals to boost immigration or encourage women to have more children. …

“Tokyo could end up being surrounded by Detroits,” said Tomohiko Makino, a real estate expert who has studied the vacant-house phenomenon.

And if you can’t trust real estate experts, such as Angelo Mozilo, who can you trust?

… Land prices in Yokosuka are down by 70 percent since their peak at the end of the 1980s.

… Japan’s population of 127 million is expected to drop by a million a year in the coming decades. Efforts to increase its low birthrate have been only modestly successful, and the public has shown no appetite for mass immigration. …

Godzilla_Destroys_a_Geisha's_House_0001Eventually, the article reveals that the Japanese having to tear down tiny, decaying shacks that nobody wants to live in anymore isn’t really a problem.

Houses in Japan, what with all the earthquakes, fires, atom bombs, and prehistoric monster attacks, weren’t built to last. This is how things have always worked in Japan.

Hidetaka Yoneyama, a housing specialist at the Fujitsu Research Institute, a think tank, said that until recently, homes in Japan were built to last only about 30 years, when they were then expected to be torn down and rebuilt. Building quality is improving, but the market for secondhand homes remains tiny. Developers are still building more than 800,000 new homes and condominiums a year, despite the glut of vacancies.

“In the high-growth era, everyone was happy with this arrangement,” Mr. Yoneyama said. But in 20 years, he calculated, more than one-quarter of Japanese houses could be empty. “Now the tables are turned. The population is declining and no one wants to live in these old houses.”

Because they are small, falling-apart dumps, and modern Japanese people would rather live in nice new houses.

But don’t you feel sorry for the poor lonely old shacks who have nobody to live in them anymore? They’re like the sad lamp in this ad made by Spike Jonze:

Whatever the problem is, even if it’s not really a problem, immigration will fix it.


  1. The Fathers Initiative

    Also, “They have no appetite for immigration”. That’s because Japan doesn’t have powerful, evil Jewish groups lurking in their country. But, if Japan had a small Jewish population deciding Japans’ future, then Japan would now be facing immigration. So, the NYT is just plain ridiculous. NOBODY has an appetite for immigration. The media still pushes the idea that European peoples wanted mass immigration. No, they don’t. It was forced upon them. European countries have an alien people lurking amongst them. and, only Jews want immigration (…until they realize it’s a threat to them).

  2. The Fathers Initiative

    This article hints toward an eventual truth: Although right-now, Jews are only attacking Western nations, they plan someday to erase ALL identities (except for their own). SO, in the long term, Zionists will try to eliminate every nationality on earth. I told you so.

  3. I honestly like Japan, and I prefer Japanese cars over the hist made elsewhere. I wish I could bring myself to buy a VW, but not as long as there’s a Jew at the helm.

  4. And they lost the war but won the peace.

  5. I wonder how the Jews are going to bring cultural Marxism to Japan when there is no foothold. A feminized Japan is a bizarre thought, but as we all know never underestimate the power of the shekel. I can kind of envision the Jews telling the Japanese they need to flood their country with China’s overgrown population to make up for WWII. Most Japanese people don’t care at all about what they did to Chinese and Koreans (which is not something I agree with), so this would be entertaining to see.

  6. They must really like cats.

  7. Antonius Galliard

    Reminder that Jews fear the Samurai

  8. East Asian Nationalist Front

    Anytime a leftist claims to care about economic growth, you know it’s lying.

    Japan understands that all nations are at its core, ethno-states, and that to change its ethnic makeup for cheap labor is to cure a disease by committing racial suicide. In order to defeat the plague of equality, this is the kind of open race-based policy that needs to be emphasized and pursues throughout all societies.

  9. The kind of dream Americans can dream of but would never take place thanks to “Multiculturalism”

    Safe streets, homes without gates, zen living, you could drive on the road with your eyes closed, almost universal fiber optic infrastructure even in the middle of nowhere, cheap internet access with plenty of choices to choose from, schoolchildren can run across the road without parents worrying, fresh air, convenience stores at every corner, 24 hours food vending machines.

    You’ll be calling it paradise.


    • RACIST!!!!!!!
      You need diversity training!

    • We need to send Mid-West Inner-City Niggers to Japan to reawaken the “Samurai Spirit”. This is not a joke…. with so many Niggers arriving …it will become like a volcanic eruption threatening the very Daimyo of the Japanese people. Swords will be drawn to action.

    • We need to send Mid-West Inner-City Niggers to Japan to reawaken the “Samurai Spirit”. This is not a joke…. with so many Niggers arriving …it will become like a volcanic eruption threatening the very Daimyo of the Japanese people. Swords will be drawn to action.

  10. Welcome to Japan’s very own Detroit, Toyota City and enjoy the tour around the city with i-Road Bike. Come have a glimpse of how tomorrow’s eco-friendly bike will replace our cars and bicycles for urban use.

    Ah the wonders of a monogamous country vs a multicultural country is like day and night.
    Safe and clean streets, patriotic society and no cultural conflicts.Almost zero unemployment rates where jobs mostly go to only Japanese locals.

    Whatabout Detroit today?


  11. The Jews are like drug dealers pushing this heroin on everyone, but the Japanese are the polite guys who respond with “no thanks schlomo” then they begin merrily skipping down the street whilst schlomo sits their hotheaded as fuck because they always turn down his offer for that poison.

    • With the recent breakthroughs Toyota has made, Japan’s economy could break free from the clutches of those sand men and their oil in the next 10 years if they want to.

      Hydrogen fuel cells which produces water as by product(technically runs on water as fuel), urban car hybrid vehicles, near perfect public transportation system and the Shinkansen.

      We east asians could finally be free from these mafia bankers once we get rid of our dependence of oil. The oil prices can plummet all it wants, we no longer need it anyway.

      Those sand niggers can receive our mid fingers.

      • I hope you do. We should have dealt with our problem parasite a long time ago. If we had we would have colonised Mars by now. Instead we subsidise racial trash and socially engineer our own genocide, all under a Jewish master.

        Learn from our weakness.

  12. Japan is doomed, the Cultural Marxist virus has arrived in that country. Unless they woke up quickly.

  13. Old buildings falling apart is not Detroit, old buildings falling apart filled with black people are Detroit.. If Japan allowed mass immigration, soon Tokyo would be surrounded by Detroit’s in no time.

  14. Why Japan stops procreating itself? There is no Black, Mestizo, just Japanese and Chinese and Koreans here and there..

    Even Chinese stop making babies…

    • The diease of liberal culture infected them from America. Modern culture is not a culture it is a weapon to break down and destroy everything. Population infested with it even stops reproducting.

      This is what neo-liberalism(culturalmarxism) has done to the once fierce Japanese race.

      “Aoyama cites one man in his early 30s, a virgin, who can’t get sexually
      aroused unless he watches female robots on a game similar to Power
      Rangers. ”

      “Another study found that a third of people under 30 had never dated at all.”

      • True that about liberal culture being infectious. They look up to America and sadly this means they mimic it’s degeneracy. Most of Asian has a declining birth rate like we do. The media and schools tell us that a declining birth rate without mass immigration would lead to economic disaster, yet Asia is interestingly not having this issue

        • I think it is due to of evolution of taste, once upon a time, any virgin with bad teeth will do, but now there are things, as expectations are higher, to be considered whether the man is rich enough, good looking enough, muscular enough, etc. Also, the women, are the tits bigger than average, etc. Koreans are trying to keep pace with population rate by plastic surgery to make themselves presentable to the opposite gender.

          In simple words, they think they are unfit for marriage because they think they are ugly. They simply filter out those who don’t make the cut.

          The future of Asiatic races will be brighter soon.

          • ChingChongChinaman

            You would be amazed how many plastic surgery hospitals there in every city out here, I can think of two within a block from here. Almost every ad in a bus stop in china is for plastic

          • All that stuff is artificial. Women want suitable fathers for their children. A-holes want to make a buck by selling their “solution” so they give people a false sense of insecurity that they shouldn’t have. This must exist everywhere, even Asia, unfortunately.

          • Yes, what suitable once was, is totally different now, the demands are higher, and the competition is stricter.

            These women want athletic-artistic-romantic scientist husband, and not only smart, but it also shows in his bank account.

            This is the Overman.

          • It was like that when I was growing up, finishing school, etc.. I think a lot of it is an age thing too. A lot of (but not all) young women have career-pressures and maybe they live far away from their families. I knew quite a few girls that had no idea what they wanted in life. This drove me a little crazy, but I kept moving forward in own life. Then it happened. It’s like all things in life: when you want it the least, it will come to you. When you want it badly, you never get it.

      • “Another study found that a third of people under 30 had never dated at all.”
        That sounds like me and with the recent economic situation it’s not helping at all.The good girls are either taken early or snatched by the rich men.

        • I always imagine the best time to find a good girl is when you are poor, a lot of girls are basically prostitutes they will “love” a man when he has money and then when loses his job and becomes poor the “love” will suddenly vanish and the girl will leave the man, to find “true love” by which they mean a man that has money and pays attention to them..

          So the best you can do is find a girl that likes you when you are poor. 🙂 And then you and her can work hard and become rich togheter. 🙂 So if you see a girl picking a man because he has more money then you, think yourself lucky, she will cheat on him the moment he stops giving her expensive gifts.

          • When you are poor, all your options are poorer… man can save his sperms in a sperm bank and start a family with much younger female(s) when he is ready

    • In China it’s the one child policy, but as others have said, in Japan it’s the liberal culture which was inserted into Japan after WWII. Before WWII the average Japanese woman gave birth to 4 or more children. They still were having 3 or so kids a few years after WWII. Then, since 1956 till today, the fertility rate hasn’t been over 2.1.
      It’s a sad situation which we are seeing in all civilized countries.

      • The obsession over wealth and material hindered many from realizing their true roles.I agreed myself that I’ve wasted my 20s trying to save up enough money so that I could impress the girl that I’ve crush on.

        • That is silly. I have had my kids, paid the huge expense of supporting a woman and paying them out with cash, car etc to get rid of the misery they bring. Now I realise it is far cheaper just to pay upfront. I already have children, so why go through that misery again? Tell them up front no involvement, then when they bring up relationshit true love talk, walk away.

          You do not save for women. You will lose it all. Find the best one to breed with in terms of good family. Have the kids, let them take everything, then enjoy your life and raise your kids.

          Most of all, do not ever love them. That is a recipe for pain and misery. The chance of happiness down that road are less than 1 in 10. Far better ways to be happy. You just need to breed. So bite the bullet, have kids, pay what it takes, then when the agony of modern women becomes too much, cut your losses, pay, and walk away. Their fanny is the most available commodity in the world. Half the world has one and the product is always available.

          • Let them take everything? Then what is left of my own manhood?

          • It is only material things. You will earn it again. I paid mine out on half house that was fully paid. In 2 years I paid it off again. In 6 months she blew the money.

            It is better to waste money than time. Money you can get again. Time you can never get back. Do not waste time on women. Rather waste money and walk away when they waste your time.

            You are a man because you feel and behave like one. Not because of what some woman thinks.

        • I think I see your mistake. You tried to impress ONE you had a crush on. You feel for the true love BS. You will love many in your life. There is no ONE. Just be yourself, they will come around. A heifer needs green veld to graze on and men are the one that tend farms and create green veld. But keep a few at auction. When One gives to much shit and seems mean tempered shift to another.

          Sooner or later you must let one drop her calves on your veld. It is your duty to your race. But only one. Yo dont want to be paying many, That one you always treat with respect as the mother of your children. But you dont have to live with her shit. Pay her to live elsewhere if she wants to behave like a modern woman. It is only money. It is worth your sanity. Then the rest of modern women you treat like what they make themselves to be: objects.

          I dont dislike women. I sleep wit several regular ones I change each year when they start their shit. I am on good terms with the x. She is the only one I keep good relations with and contact. I just don’t like what modern women have become and I treat them like they behave.

          You can blame the jew, but all the jew has done is unleash what they really want to be. That is why all rising societies have kept them under control.

      • Antonius Galliard

        Don’t worry, others are making up for their lack of reproduction at least(pic related)…….And we’re are all equal and race doesn’t matter so….


    • Strange how this lack of childbirth comes with westernisation. Not strange as to why, but how it is associated with increased jewish influence and movements.

      For us at least 2 kids was normal until very recent and white birth rates were well over 2. Most women I grew up with have at least 2. It is strange to meet a woman over 30 without 2 kids. My ex has 3, two are mine. But ever since the west now loves us and has jewed our women with feminism and human rights birth rates plummeted and schools have emptied to make way for black kids.

      Most women were married early 20s and started raising a family. That was their focus, and an honourable one it is. Now who knows what they want. Material things and money.

      • The Great Satan has to decline, come apart or die completely for true “Western Civilization” to flourish again. The US is the Jew World Order enabler and enforcer. That’s why Russia is a much needed deterrent/counterbalance to US global hegemony.

        Jews only understand the threat of total annihilation, and at this point the Russians are the only folks who are still capable of delivering it right to their front door.

    • East Asian Nationalist Front

      It’s simply wealth that makes men soft and afraid to pursue families.

      Having children is hard work and responsibility, and drains your time and resources. Most people who grow up in sheltered environments don’t want to give up their childhood comforts to fulfill their genetic duty.

      • You don’t know Japanese women well. After marriage many of them still cling on to their own parents safety net and will show reluctance of leaving their childhood shelters.

        Responsibility? It’s hard to explain when you have adults with child-like mentality.

    • Ha! Bro, you don’t understand our women. They can be very demanding of their man. If you can’t achieve a certain level of success in life, they’ll walk away from you.

      • White women are no different. We have a saying; when money doesn’t come in the front door, love walks out the back door.

        Women are programmed that way in their DNA. Like heifers, looking for green veld to drop their calves. If rains don’t come, the lead heifer wanders away and looks elsewhere. The rest follow

        • Then why do so many blonde nice looking white girls have babies with with mud men in the US? 99% of mud men are worthless, economically-speaking.

          • Jungle fever. Not sure about the american female motive but I assume that they know someone will pay to raise that kid, such as the state? If you had no welfare and they had to pay for the kid themselves the incentive to breed with darkies would drop. If there is no potential to be a welfare mom, would you see as much bestiality? Just a question for americans.

          • This kind of situation is very rare. If you actually look at statistics for preferences and marriages between races, you’ll notice White women overwhelmingly prefer, date and marry White men. White men are actually more likely to race mix than White women. The only reason people think BM/WF is common is because Jews and cucks actively try to promote this degeneracy to try to make White men think “Our women prefer monkeys over us, so why even bother saving the White race?” Of course, this myth has no basis in reality.

          • Statistics can be distorted to show whatever the person wants them to show. I really wish you were right, but nowdays, when I see a blonde walking on the street, the accompanying kids are muds. It’s really sad.

      • well, you don’t need to live with them till death do you part. some guys are serial polygamists, having children from different women every few years.

      • 彼女ら、ケチなションベン芸者だ。

  15. “Tokyo could end up being surrounded by Detroits,”


    No… Tokyo could end up being surrounded by lots of spare land that can be put to use in many productive ways. Detroit can’t happen without niggers .

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