18-Year-Old Woman Falls Pregnant a Month After Meeting 51-Year-Old Boyfriend

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2019

Isabella Sainz and Joseph Conner

This old patriarch is taking advantage of this brave young innocent woman instead of entering a sterile relationship with a raisin his own age.

Daily Mail:

A 20-year-old woman, who is engaged to a man more than three decades older than her, has revealed how strangers assume he’s her father.

Isabella Sainz, 20, who lives with her fiancé in Florida, has two children with Joseph Conner, 53, but she is also 15 years younger than his eldest child.

The full time mother fell in love with the retired cop, who is now a high school lacrosse coach, when the pair worked together.

They had only been dating for a month when Isabella fell pregnant and they now have now have two daughters Autumn, 15 months, and Wynter, six weeks.

Joseph is now a father of six following four offspring from a previous relationship – Joseph, 34, Jason, 24, and Justin, 21, and daughter Jacqueline, 23.

The couple are now planning their wedding. ‘We definitely get looks when we are out in public together,’ Isabella admitted. ‘Strangers will say to Joseph: “Are you her dad?”.

‘Everybody has their own opinions but life is extremely short and you should do what makes you happy.’

Isabella was just 18 when she met Joseph in October 2016 through working with his lacrosse club.

She said: ‘I was looking into medical school and I had to do medical training hours to build my résumé before college.

‘I reached out to him because he was a coach, so I began working with his lacrosse club.

I was attracted to him but I actually did not like him at all. He came off as arrogant.’

That line is so female. She was attracted to him but she didn’t actually like him at all, just as some wives tell their husbands “I love you but I’m not in love with you.”

But once I got to know him and actually spoke to him about politics, family and his children, I realised he was a good guy.

Having grown children is not a downside for a man. It adds to the charm of being older.

Women that are attracted to older men even expect those older men to already have fathered some children. In their eyes, it is not only proof of the older man’s value, but it also adds to it.

The pair began dating in December 2016 and just one month later Isabella found out she was pregnant.

She said: ‘The same month I started seeing him, I got pregnant. That escalated things very quickly and we had to make a decision.

We decided that we were definitely going to be together and he bought a place in Miami for us to live.’

Women privilege isn’t a thing, it’s not like they just spread their legs, get pregnant, and suddenly have a new house and access to a man’s wealth through his heart. That’s just not how it is. It’s the men who have the privilege — white men, to be precise — because they have to build their wealth working and the workplace is a male-dominated and sexually-harassing space where they enjoy apex predator status while women suffer horribly trying to get shit done while constantly under sexual siege by their innocuous male coworkers.

Stock photo of the patriarchy

Just five months after giving birth to Autumn in August 2017, Isabella became pregnant again.

She said: ‘I’ve always wanted to be a mother. I love children. I’m ready to have another one.’

One almost immediately after the other and she’s already saying she’s ready for a new one.

She’s fulfilling her purpose.

The pair are now happily planning their dream wedding for the end of this year. But Isabella admitted that her friends and family were not immediately supportive of her relationship with a man 33 years her senior.

She said: ‘My family were worried about the age difference, but once they got to know us as a couple it was fine.

‘I have lost friends. A lot of people went to college while I became a mother, our lives went in different directions.’

Facing reality is a pretty good way of breaking the “age parity” conditioning. This idea where men and women should be of similar age in order to engage in sexual relationships is part of the social engineering we’ve been subjected to. From a practical point of view, it makes zero sense. Historically, it made zero sense. Nowadays, it also makes zero sense unless your objective is to further destroy heterosexual relationships.

Think about your early teens. Do you remember who your girl classmates or friends went nuts for? Most likely older boys and definitely older pop stars.

This isn’t to say teenage girls can’t feel attraction to boys their own age. They can. It’s just that chances are they prefer at least slightly older.

Women do not have the same sexual mechanisms as men. They are not exclusively or even primarily attracted to physical appearance in men. They’re also attracted to other features, masculine features, and results.

Women are sexually attracted to power.

Men are not born with power and value, men acquire power and value. Women, on the other hand, are born with value because their value is their fertility. Their looks are what they use to get other types of power. Their looks are their superpower.

The modern obsession with “age appropriate relationships” is dysgenic because men don’t reach peak power by the time women reach peak power. An 18-year-old young man just hasn’t had the time to develop himself and build his empire yet. An 18-year-old young woman, on the other hand, has already peaked and loses value as time passes and her fertility and looks fade away. Matching those two is a bad idea because it selects men the way men historically selected women: by age and looks, and leaves out of the equation important, civilization-building traits. Traits we need to survive. Traits that don’t manifest that soon.

Forcing high achievers to date women their own age unnecessarily curses them with the same fertility window women have, effectively resulting in high achievers having less offspring while 17-year-old Tyrone already knocked up 16-year-old Stacy for the second time.

If we want to improve our gene pool, we have to get high value men to reproduce.

James Watson married a 19-year-old girl when he was 39. Because men in their twenties should be very busy. 

Time reveals high value men.

Joseph accused women his age of having the biggest problem with his age gap relationship.

He said: ‘Middle-aged women seem to be very uptight about it. They stare at their husbands trying to see if they are on board with it.’

Of course. Older women are the most concerned about it because they’re the only ones that “benefit” from this “age-appropriate” thing. If it would become socially acceptable for older men to date 18-year-old women, every woman older than 18 would be at a disadvantage.

Women hate younger women. They’re rivals.

Furthermore, if this was socially acceptable, divorce would be a whole helluva lot less appealing to women. Women generally initiate divorce because they know they are going to be the one that comes out on top. They cannot bear the thought of a man ending up with a younger woman after she is gone.

This is yet another example of the alliance between Jews and women, based on mutual interest. Women’s selfish, impulsive desires almost always overlap with the long-term Jewish agenda.

He added that his sons have accepted their new step-mother but his daughter has struggled with his father’s relationship.

He said: ‘I really feel like my boys don’t have an issue but I think my daughter did.

‘I get a feeling she wasn’t very happy about the whole situation although she has never said anything negative to me about it.’

Yes. She’s angry a younger woman stole Daddy, while his boys are like “good for dad, if he’s happy.”

The takeaway here is that no matter your age, you have to work on building your empire.

Build yourself.

Build your power.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.