19-Year-Old Woman Slammed for Saying It’s Her Duty to Make Dinner for Her Husband

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2019

This is the woman:

This is what she said:

Backup here and here.

This is her body:

She’s a feminist’s worst nightmare.

Daily Mail:

A woman who says she was raised to ‘take care’ of her husband has received backlash for her comments online.

In the post which she uploaded to her Twitter page, Brylea Langley, from Texas, penned: ‘I was raised to take care of my husband make his plate every night, wash his work clothes for him, make sure he’s up for work the next morning, always have a clean house for him to come home to, etc. and that’s exactly wife I will be.’

And while few agreed with the college student’s controversial opinion, others slammed her comments for being ‘old-fashioned.’

Many who were outraged by the comments compared Brylea’s job to that of her husband’s mom – with one saying: ‘So you were raised to parent your husband?

Another wrote: ‘I take care of my boyfriend since we live together, but I’m not trying to be his momma. We do all the chores together and we get up together.’

Meanwhile, others suggested that chores such as doing the dishes and cleaning the house should be split equally – with one warning, ‘know your worth.’

‘I’m a stay at home mom and my husband doesn’t treat me like we’re in the fifties,’ wrote one. ‘He knows he’s a grown man who can depend on himself if I do not cook or clean on some days. He doesn’t make demands. Ladies know your worth…’

A second agreed and wrote: ‘Exactly! My husband works 70 hours a week and still cooks, does yard work, takes care of our daughter, grocery shops, etc. We make sure everything gets handled together,’ while a third said:

‘I was taught that in a relationship you help take care of each other and help out each other.’

A further explained: ‘I’ve been married 30 years. Marriage is a partnership, with give and take and mutual respect for each other, not one person catering to the other. Think about the model you’re setting for your daughters.’

There are thousands of replies to her tweet and the amount of hate and shaming attempts is off the charts.

It’s funny that women think they’re “taking care of men like they were child” because they clean and wash some clothes. Do they think they’ve created civilization, technology, science, the smartphones they use, dishwashers, fridges and washing machines?

Do they think they’ve fought wars to protect their men?

The solipsism of women is really something.

Besides, everyone comparing what she wrote to being her husband’s mommy is insane.

Think about it. They’re saying that what she wants to do for her husband is what a mother does for her children. If a mother cooks for her children, should she not cook for her husband too? If a mother washes her children’s clothes, should she not wash her husband’s clothes too? If a mother wakes her children up for school, should she not wake her husband up for work too?

Husbands work every day for their wives and kids to have food on their plates, clothes to wear and for their kids to be able to attend school.

Is it that egregious to suggest that wives should take some of the weight off of their husbands’ shoulders by cooking for one more and adding one additional dinner plate?

Come on now.

If the argument is “but only mothers cook for other people! only children get to eat without cooking!” then that’s just even more retarded.

Besides, consider that women today have washing machines, dish washers and all kinds of tools (invented by men) to help them do their womanly duties.

Is that the female version of “you’re an incel virgin loser!!!11!11!11111“?

If these vipers were concerned about this Brylea woman, they’d try to explain to her why she’s patriarchal or whatever. Instead, they’re mocking her, shaming her, and telling her she should be dead.

It makes sense. Feminists don’t really want women to be happy, they just want men to be miserable. If a woman is happy serving a man, then that’s wrong because although it makes the woman happy, it doesn’t make the man miserable.

But all is not lost.

Some women expressed their support.

By the way, this controversial woman has a father.

You can see his high testosterone in this older photo:

Having a father with actual blood running through his veins instead of soy milk appears to be beneficial for women.

This Brylea womb has a feminine body and feminine expectations.

Too bad that the Jews have ruined marriage for everyone.

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