2020 Election: What the Hell are These Assholes Saying?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2019

Yahoo! News has a sidebar up showing what each of the main candidates currently in the race to be elected president of America in 2020 are saying.

It’s incredible there are only five. Bernie is still in the race, of course, and doing well, but apparently Yahoo! forgot about him. There was a lot of forgetting about him in 2016 too, if you’ll recall.

They pretty much sum them all up with inane one-liners.

I’ve created more accurate versions:

Hopefully those speak for themselves without me having to explain them. I’m not feeling especially clever this morning, but I think I got the point across.

But let me elaborate, just so we’re all clear on what exactly is going on with all of these villainous characters.

Elizabeth Warren

Liz is running a campaign that just rips off Bernie Sanders’ communist platform, but she isn’t actually a real communist. She just stole Bernie’s brand. I’m not sure why she is supposed to be more appealing than Bernie. I guess just because she comes across as less insane. And she’s younger. But I mean, if you want real communism, you’re going to have to deal with a wacky old kike.

But people will forget about him on voting day because he isn’t featured in the Yahoo! sidebar.

Joe Biden

Joe’s entire campaign is targeted at the very old. He isn’t even making any pretense to anything else. I’m sure he’ll switch things up a little bit if he gets the nomination, but his primary strategy is to get a bunch of decrepit boomers who are against Donald Trump but very worried about their retirement to show up at the polls.

Michael Bloomberg

This Jew is running as the candidate for Democrats who haven’t gone completely insane. What he doesn’t know is that that demographic doesn’t actually exist. No colored person is going to vote for him in a primary, and even old Democrats don’t care about Biden’s pandering to aggrieved minorities and his calls for total open borders, because they’re going to be dead before America turns into Brazil on steroids.

Pete Buttigieg

His campaign is literally “I’m gay.” He is appealing to gays, the bi-curious and women who like gays. He’s literally saying he’s going to do a gay “mentoring” program where adult homosexuals are given teenage boys to “mentor.”

This is from his official campaign website:

My Brother’s Keeper” was just “Big Brother, Big Sister” for black people, where young black men were assigned an older black man to spend private time with them and teach them about life. Black people need this because obviously none of them have fathers.

Why would teenage homosexuals need it?

Well, you figure it out.

Hint: Anal Pete wants to go full Afghanistan on the anuses of youngins, by state mandate.

But black people hate him because he’s gay so he can’t win anything.

Donald Trump

Trump’s entire presidency is now nothing but Jews, Jews, Jews.

Seriously, when was the last time that you saw this guy do something other than:

  1. Praise the Jews, give them things and make further promises to them, or
  2. Whine about how everyone is against him, personally


We have nothing going on with immigration, or a wall, people are dying from opioids, everyone is still broke, trannies are still rampaging, Planned Parenthood is still funded, we are still in Syria and Afghanistan, relations with Russia are at the lowest point since the Cuban missile crisis.

It looked like maybe he was going to do something with Korea – which is far from the top of my list of issues, but at least it’s something – but even as the leaders of North and South were hugging each other and discussing reunification, he sent in John Bolton and Mike Pompeo to threaten preemptive bombings of the country for no reason.

He was going to do something with Chinese trade, but he decided to sign a bill saying he endorses antifa terrorist murderers burning down Hong Kong, which puts relations with China in a worse place than they’ve been since Mao and makes any kind of trade deal virtually impossible, as he’s himself said.

But hey – at least he’s banned free speech on college campuses to protect the feelings of the Jews!

What does “keep America great” mean? Is there a single thing that isn’t worse than it was under Obama?

A better slogan would be “push back door-to-door gun confiscation until 2024.”

I understand that almost all of it is out of his control, and I do endorse him in 2020, because the others are so much worse. But the idea that someone can look at what was promised – what we all voted for – and then look at what we got and then claim that “democracy works” is simply deranged.

Democracy is a failed system.

So, That’s What You Get

Those are your choices, folks.

Better choose wisely.

These are best freedoms, because democracy.