No Funding for the Wall, But Plenty for Grimy Sluts to Murder White Children on Your Dime

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 26, 2017

#HostageTrump only cares about GAS BABY MEME – not white American babies being murdered by their whore mothers.


Looks like with the wall canceled, Trump might go ahead and redirect those funds into helping stupid whores murder their babies with your tax money.

Right now dawg, I just be all like “meybeh betta if da empinchmen?”

If Pence took over, he’d push basically every neocon agenda Trump is pushing, as well as all the Jew mass mexi-violation and Pakinvasion programs on “free market” values and principles, but at least he would work to shut down these sluts.

From Christian news site CNS News:

When Donald Trump stood in the lobby of Trump Tower on June 16, 2015 and announced he was running for president, he told all who listened to “mark” his words.

“I would do various things very quickly,” Trump said.

Fifteen months later — after he won the Republican nomination and less than two months before his general election showdown — Trump released a letter to pro-life leaders.

“As we head into the final stretch of the campaign, the help of leaders like you is essential to ensure that pro-life voters know where I stand, and also know where my opponent, Hillary Clinton, stands,” Trump wrote.

“I am committed,” Trump said, “to: … Defunding Planned Parenthood as long as they continue to perform abortions, and re-allocating their funding to community health centers that provide comprehensive health care for women.”

In his inaugural address, Trump did not back away from his pledge to secure the border.

“We will bring back our borders,” he vowed.

Three days later, he used executive authority to reinstate the Mexico City policy, which denies federal funding to organizations that provide or promote abortions abroad.

But he needed congressional action to defund Planned Parenthood at home, and a congressional appropriation to begin building the wall he said would ultimately be funded by Mexico.

A week after Trump’s inauguration, Vice President Mike Pence told the March for Life that Trump would keep his pro-life promises — with the help of the newly elected, Republican-majority, pro-life Congress.

“Life is winning again in America,” Pence said.

“I like to say that over there at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we are in the promise-keeping business,” said Pence.

“That’s why on Monday, President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy to prevent foreign aid from funding organizations that promote or perform abortions worldwide,” said Pence. “That’s why this administration will work with the Congress to end taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion providers, and we will devote those resources to health care services for women across America.”

Now, Congress faces an April 28 deadline to pass a new government funding bill.

There is currently no talk that it will include language to prohibit funding of Planned Parenthood.

But there is talk that it will not include the language that President Trump has requested to provide $1.4 billion to begin his project to build “a great, great wall on our southern border.”

The Republican House can pass and send to the Republican Senate a bill that funds the border wall but not Planned Parenthood. Or they can pass one that funds Planned Parenthood but not the border wall.

The former course of action would fulfill the campaign promises that got their president elected. The latter would appease congressional Democrats and the liberal press.

So, which will it be?

It could also be one that does fund Planned Parenthood and also funds the wall, or which doesn’t fund either.

These promises are both important to different parts of Trump’s base (which overlap on the hardcore far right, such as here, and even in many sectors of the more mainstream right)

But the agenda now is to systematically ensure that every single promise Trump made to the people is broken.

And when I read sites like the above linked CNS News – a conservative Christian website – I am like: when are you people going to put two and two together?

Okay, all politicians break promises and they are expected to break promises. But the reason is that they are beholden to the special interests which fund their campaign.

Donald Trump is a self-made billionaire who funded his own campaign and got some small grassroots donations. He doesn’t owe anyone anything – except his base.

And yet he is selling us out.

He is selling us out AFTER he came into the White House like a whirlwind ready to do everything he said he was going to do with Steve Bannon at the helm.

We had such a beautiful dream…

What conceivable way is there to understand this outside of a Jewish conspiracy against him?

All of the explanation so far provided by both sides of the media for this sonic-flip-flopping are obviously utterly nonsensical. There are the claims by the right that “he was really a liberal all along,” which doesn’t come anywhere close to explaining why he would want to destroy his own legacy, and the claims by the left that he’s an “egomaniac” who is somehow gaining some kind of public support by spitting in the faces of all the people who put their hearts and souls into getting him elected.

There are key pieces of information here here which are very easy to point to. Key among them is the way the media and the Congress dropped the entire Russian witchhunt as soon as he bombed Syria – something which has only ever been pointed out by the Daily Stormer and Tucker Carlson.

Adam Schiff, minutes after the missiles started launching at Assad

The most important piece of information is the way that Jared Kushner went from being a very minor character doing nothing to planning all policy as functioning as Secretary of State.

This is clearly a Kushner takeover.

These outlets don’t’ even have to say “Jew Kushner” – they can just say “Kushner.”

But they need to acknowledge that there is almost certainly some kind of direct force or threat of force being applied behind the scenes.

To deny this, one has to be living in a childlike fantasy world of unreality.

The #HostageTrump meme has to go mainstream. We don’t need the Jewish element – we can figure that part of later. But we need the meme that our President has not simply changed his mind like a sonic-powered mind-changing machine – he is being coerced by unimaginably powerful secret forces.