25,000 March Against Moslems in Dresden

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2015

Merkel out!
Merkel out!

The number in the weekly Pegida rally reached their highest ever: 25,000.


What began as a quiet evening on the Elbe turned into the largest PEGIDA demonstration seen so far in Germany. Early on Monday evening, a group of anti-PEGIDA demonstrators gathered around Dresden’s Theaterplatz and the city’s synagogue, well-supplied with hot tea and potato soup. By 7.15 p.m. local time (1815 GMT), however, over 25,000 PEGIDA supporters were marching through Saxony’s capital, where they were met by sporadic groups of counter demonstrators.

Greeting the marchers at the pre-march rally was movement organizer and regular PEGIDA speaker Lutz Bachmann.

Six demands were announced by Bachmann:

1. Creation of an Immigration Act.

2. Right and duty to integration.

3. Expulsion of Islamists and religious extremists.

4. Federal referendums

5. An end to warmongering.

6. More means for internal security.

Though one can complain that these are not extreme enough of demands (they’re not), it is a start, and I am very glad to see that the invasion is being directly linked to the wars. It is hard for most normal people to understand the concept that Moslems have zero rights to be in our countries and every right to live in peace in their own, because the Jews are constantly trying to confuse these two issues, like “they’re all Moslems – if you commit terror in your country you must invade their countries.”

"We are the people."
“We are the people.”

If there were no Moslems in our countries, they wouldn’t be committing terrorism. And whatever Moslems do in their own countries is none of our business and we don’t have a right to be bombing them. It is Jews on both sides, saying “oh we have to go kill these people in the Middle East” followed up by “oh these poor people are being killed in the Middle East, we have to bring them into our countries.” And every major Western leader is lock-step with both angles.

Bachman also addressed Paris, stating the obvious fact that the attacks were proof of the necessity of their movement.

The government-funded anti-Pegida protesters, who funnily enough rallied at a synagogue (coincidence, I assure you), chanted “Nazis out!” and “There’s no right to Nazi propaganda!” Their chants were drowned out by the people’s chants of “we are the people!”

The anti-protest protesters then waited for the Pegida demonstration to end before staging their own, which included clever vandalism.

Edgy, bro.
Edgy, bro.  But it’s almost as though you’re heavily inspired by American culture.

Though 25,000 is probably a low-ball number, this is 7,000 more than last week.

Thousands of other supporters of Pegida marched in cities across Germany.

By next week, what went down in Paris will have sunk in a bit more, and the numbers will be even higher.

Europe is on the verge of finally confronting the fact that we have a decision to make here:

Either we give up, and allow European countries to become Moslems countries, or we begin sending these people home.

It really is no more complicated than that.

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