Tucker Carlson Interviews Donald Trump on War and Tech Censorship

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2019

Tucker Carlson interviewed Donald Trump while he was in Japan in an interviewed aired Monday night on Fox News.

We’ve been waiting for this interview for a while. And it was basically what I expected. Tucker pressed Trump on both war and tech censorship, and didn’t get very good answers.


Tucker dropped the question early on in the interview about the claim the president made that he was planning to attack Iran last month and canceled the attack just ten minutes before, noting that he was criticized by neocons for doing that.

Trump asserted that he was given a lot of credit for not doing it, to which Tucker replied, “the public was on your side, for sure.”

Trump explained that he called off the attack because they told him – after he asked, at the last minute – 150 people would die, saying, “I know many Iranians from New York, and they’re great people. They’re all great people, we’re all great, right? Iranian or not.”

“I said, ‘I don’t like that, I don’t like it,'” he added.

Then came the weird part.

He said: “I built up a lot of capital, and if something were to happen, we’re in a position to do far worse by not doing it.”

That statement appears to indicate that he believes that by saying he’s going to attack someone and then not attacking them, that creates good will for future attacks. Which was most likely the point of this whole spectacle.

Everyone who knows has said that there is zero chance that during the initial discussion about the attacks, the Department of Defense wouldn’t have told him how many people were going to die. Meaning that he made up the claim that he asked them at the last minute how many people were going to die and changed his mind. Because they would have already told him that.

As I’ve said, I don’t think the neocons in his cabinet want to get the war started until after the Democrat primaries get rolling, because if they do, then Bernie could win the nomination on an anti-war platform, and beat him in the election on an anti-war platform. They want to keep this build-up going until an establishment Democrat has already won.

Of course, I do believe that Trump himself doesn’t actually want to be the guy who starts a war with Iran. I have no reason to doubt that. There is no reason he would want to do that. But from what we’ve seen – and the fact that he hired these people in the first place – he isn’t getting what he wants.

Then came the moment of truth.

Trump directly addressed Tucker’s criticism of him, telling the Fox News host, “you know, you and I aren’t so different in terms of fighting. We want to have peace, we wanna build our roads and build our schools and build all the things we wanna build. But we can’t let Iran have a nuclear weapon, and you may even agree on that, because I know where you stand. Your show’s great, I watch it a lot. But you can’t let Iran have a nuclear weapon. And you can’t let certain other countries have nuclear weapons, too devastating.”

Tucker obviously didn’t agree on that point.

The idea that a “bad” country having a nuclear weapon means really anything is just dumb. It doesn’t mean anything. Iran couldn’t hit us with a nuclear missile. And North Korea has nuclear weapons, and threatens to use them all the time, but actually can’t, because we have all of these conventional weapons stationed on their border we could use to wipe out Pyongyang if they did. Anyway, they couldn’t hit us with their missiles, their range isn’t long enough. Iran would probably never get their program to the place North Korea’s is.

But you don’t even need to go into all of that. The fact is, Iran is nowhere near building a nuclear bomb.

The other fact is, the nuclear deal that Trump pulled out of unilaterally with no actual explanation was preventing them from building a bomb, and no one even claims that they were violating that part of the deal. They had inspections. They weren’t building a bomb.

Talking about Iran getting a nuclear weapon is just goofy fear-mongering that no serious person takes seriously.

Tucker doesn’t even bother to respond, and moves on to ask him when the Afghanistan war is going to end. Trump gives some platitudes. Says he wants to get out. Says it’s not his fault.

He failed to name Saudi Arabia when talking about 911. He says “they didn’t come from Iraq they came from – various other countries.”

Of course, 15 out of 19 of them came from Saudi Arabia, and it’s admitted that the operation was planned by Saudi intelligence. And Saudi remains the number one funder of global terrorism. But Jared Kushner is BFF with Prince Mohammad of the House of Saud, so Trump can’t say that.

I know someone who does say it. Someone who was just on Tucker’s show a couple of days ago.

Trump went on to say that we have to fight them over there so you don’t have to fight them over here.

Of course, they’re not going to invade us. The only way they can get over here is if we invite them in. Which is what we did with the 911 hijackers, and with every other Moslem that has ever committed a terrorist attack in America.

I remember Donald Trump having a different solution for how we could not fight them over here.

But I guess we’re supposed to forget about that.

Tech Censorship

Tucker made the point to press the president on tech censorship. Because Tucker is the greatest man alive.

“Google, by some measure is the most powerful company in the world, all information flows through it. They’re against you. They don’t want you reelected. Can you get reelected if Google is against you?” Tucker asked.

Trump replied that they were against him last time and he still won. Probably the worst response he could have given. None of this censorship existed in 2016. The Daily Stormer wasn’t simply still online on our .com site, we were allowed to freely use all of the platforms. We had $20,000 a month in contributions coming in, which we presently aren’t getting even a third of, given that we are reduced to bitcoin only. I was banned from Twitter, but it was only me, Chuck Johnson and MILO. No one else was banned from anything.

There is absolutely zero comparison between then and now, and making that comparison shows that Trump either has no idea what is going on or is simply unwilling to talk about it. The proper answer, even if it is untrue, would be that he is doing his best to try to get them regulated.

He did say, “what they’re doing is wrong and possibly illegal.” I guess that’s a good start. But we should have started in 2017, when all of these companies colluded to silence me, which was clearly illegal.

Tucker pressed him saying, “you just said that what they’re doing may be illegal, is there a role for the Justice Department in finding that out?”

Trump then squirmed. He said a lot of people want him to take action.

Tucker asked: “Are you going to?”

“Ah, I can’t say.”

Tucker wrapped up by asking about the filth in American cities, comparing it to the cleanliness of Osaka, where the interview was filmed.

But war and tech censorship were the two big questions. And they are the most important two questions. And Trump’s answers on both were terrible.

This interview really reveals only one thing: Tucker should be president. He is a serious person. Trump is not.