4-Months-Pregnant Woman Smashed to the Floor Dragged Along Road and Has Leg Broken in Terrifying Black Attack

Daily Mail
January 26, 2015

Its that same Black creature again.

Police are hunting a criminal who broke the leg of a pregnant woman during a ‘terrifying’ attempted robbery.

The attacker pounced on the 27-year-old victim as she left a newsagent in the Moston area of Manchester at 12.40pm on January 17.

The man threw the victim to the ground, breaking her leg, while attempting to steal her handbag during the daylight assault.

Detectives from Greater Manchester Police investigating the case have said it was ‘pure luck’ that the unborn baby was not harmed.

The man shook the terrified woman violently as she lay on the ground and shouted in her face in a foreign language that she could not identify.

The attacker unsuccessfully tried to steal the woman’s car before fleeing the scene which is just over two miles north of Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.

The woman screamed, told the attacker that she was pregnant and even opened her handbag to show the man that she did not have any valuables, cash or a mobile phone in her bag.

The Black creature pounced on its victim outside this shop in the Moston area of Manchester on January 17.

The criminal dragged the woman on the ground by the strap of the handbag before fleeing empty-handed.

The woman was taken to hospital where she was assessed by medics. Fortunately, the baby was not harmed although the woman was extremely shaken.

She told officers: ‘The whole incident seemed to last a long time but in reality would only have been about five minutes. He was very close to me when he was grabbing and shaking me and standing right in front of me.

‘When it was happening I was very concerned about the safety of my unborn baby and for myself. It was quite terrifying when he was grabbing and shaking me. I didn’t know what he was going to do or what he wanted as I couldn’t understand him.

‘I feel in shock and very anxious about it. It is going to change my behaviour and going about Moston when I’m by myself or with my children. It’s even more worrying that it happened during daylight hours.’

The attack happened in broad daylight on Hodge Street in the Moston area of Greater Manchester at 12.40pm on January 17.

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