4chan Trolls Nike With Fake Coupon Giving 75% Off for Niggers

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2018

Did Nike create this campaign just to help trolls generate lulz?

There’s few people more satisfying to troll than Black people. This is because they’re both extremely gullible and stupid, and chimp out violently when they don’t get their way.

Doing it at the expense of a scumbag company like Nike make it all the better.


Nike has alerted retailers over an online scam involving fake coupons featuring former NFL player Colin Kaepernick which claim to offer discount on products for “people of color,” according to reports in the US media.

The bogus coupons have circulated online in recent days, and were said to have initially been posted on image-sharing website 4chan.

A similar campaign was started for Starbucks last year, offering free coffee to illegal aliens.

The idea was to send in ICE to these Starbucks locations to catch the illegals.

It was pretty lulzy.

Hopefully, the Blacks will actually go to these Nike locations and “burn the bitch down” when the clerks refuse to give them the “colored” discount.

They feature the face of ex-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Kaepernick, who started the controversial ‘take a knee protests’ and who recently became the face of Nike’s 30th anniversary ‘Just Do It’ campaign.

The coupons claim to offer a 75 percent discount on all shoes for “people of color” until 2019, and feature the slogan “Believe in Something” – which was used in the new campaign involving Kaepernick.

They also feature a barcode, while some versions included a QR which, when scanned, prompted a message reading, “This is a ROBBERY, Move slowly and put all the LARGE bills in the shoe box OR everyone DIES,” USA Today reports.

Some have slammed the coupons for “casually trying to get black people arrested or killed.”

These 4chan guys… They’re pretty good.

Just imagining the nignogs giving clerks these coupons, and the clerk getting the message about a robbery when they scan them, is priceless.

The fake offer has been slammed by consumer rights officials as “a racial statement masquerading as a scam.”

“I wouldn’t characterize this as a scam, but a full on racial epithet,” said Jack Gillis, executive director of the Consumer Federation of America, according to USA Today.

“This is nothing more than a dog whistle to a small, and unfortunate, segment of America. Another way to put it is that this is a racial statement masquerading as a scam.”

While Nike has reportedly warned its retailers to be vigilant to the scam, there are no reports that anyone had attempted to use the fake coupons. The US sportswear giant has seen a turbulent few weeks after launching the new campaign with Kaepernick at the start of September.

Well, I don’t think Black people actually read the news, so the odds that they’re aware that this is a scam is close to zero.

So theoretically, if some kids wanted to print these out and distribute them in the ‘hood, there’s a good chance the nearest Nike store would get a very interesting week.

Very interesting indeed.

I’m sure Nike will appreciate it. After all, they’ve made it clear that Blacks are the only demographic they care about, so getting swarmed by angry niggers is probably their idea of a good time.