50 Years of the Dream

Clement Pulaski
Daily Stormer
August 28, 2013


Civil Rights Confrontation

I rarely write original pieces about blacks, simply because it is so difficult to say anything new on the subject other than stating the facts about the latest act of black savagery.  The Jewish question is interesting to write about because it involves the intricacies of media manipulation, cultural Marxism, economics, and false historical narratives.  With blacks, the issues are simple: they rape us, they murder us.

It is mind-boggling that we actually have to explain to white people why it is bad to have blacks living in our communities.  It is like explaining that the sky is blue.  Liberal whites will object that black crime is due to poverty and prejudice, which makes blacks have low self-esteem.  But poverty and hurt feelings can never justify rape and murder, and someone’s white child will be raped or murdered whenever blacks move into a neighborhood.

Today thousands of blacks have gathered in Washington DC to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech.  A major theme of the rally is to demand more jobs and education for the black community.  But we have already spent billions of dollars trying to educate this race of mental defectives, and in return we get demands that black students not be disciplined despite serious behavioral problems.  These blacks do not wish to become civilized, they simply wish to take what is ours.

MLK’s “I have a dream” is the only speech I had to memorize as a kid, and its constant repetition in the schools and the media has been an important tool for brainwashing our people.  In the last 50 years the Jews have taught whites not simply to accept blacks as equals, but to consider them as superior.  Almost all of my white friends in high school idolized the black “gangsta”, and some of them even explicitly stated that they envied and felt inferior to the black man.  Young white men whose ancestors built Western civilization actually envy these retrograde specimens from darkest Africa.  Blacks complain that in the past they were represented as buffoons in minstrel shows, but when given their own media and television shows they make bigger clowns of themselves than any white man in blackface ever could.  Whether they are the cursed sons of Ham or an evolutionary dead-end, this race is utterly savage.  They possess the mental ability of children coupled with the hormones and desires of adults, a combination that leads to the most comically incompetent and destructive behavior imaginable.

I am sure that some of the respectable gentlemen at Vdare or American Renaissance have provided a comprehensive analysis of how things have gotten worse for whites since the “civil rights” movement of the 1960s, so I will not bother with repeating these facts.  I also do not think there is much more to be said about MLK’s sordid personal life or communist ties.  I will simply say that we should consider ourselves fortunate to live in MLK’s paradise, where little black boys and little black girls can play with little white boys and little white girls: