51-Year-Old Chinese Woman Looks as Young as Her 18-Year-Old Daughter

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2019

I demand a THOROUGH INVESTIGATION into the genes of this woman.

Daily Mail:

An ex-actress once dubbed as ‘Hong Kong’s sex goddess’ has stunned millions with her incredibly youthful looks more than 20 years after she retired from the screen.

Chingmy Yau Suk-ching who rose to fame in 1987 looks almost as young as her daughter in a picture circulating on Chinese social media.

Ms Yau is the wife of Hong Kong fashion tycoon Sham Kar Wai. Their eldest daughter, 18-year-old Sham Yuet, is set to attend this year’s Le Bal des Débutantes, the ultra-glamorous debutante ball in Paris in November.

‘When the two stood together, they look more like sisters than mother and daughter,’ one article on Chinese news outlet Sina praised.

‘How come she hasn’t aged a bit in decades?’ Another web user gushed.

A trending topic page titled ‘Chingmy Yau is still so beautiful’ has gathered more than 150 million clicks on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, with tens of thousands of people expressing their astonishment at Ms Yau’s ageless appearance.

Ms Yau first captured the public’s attention in 1987 when she competed in Miss Hong Kong pageant at the age of 19.

She withdrew from the final of the highly popular beauty contest after being accused of using plastic surgery to improve her chin – allegations she has never admitted to.

Now 51 years old, she continues to frequent the front pages of Chinese tabloids due to her youthful looks.

We should figure out a way to genetically enhance white women so they don’t look like raisins the moment they turn 20. But before actually enhancing their looks, we should bring cages back.

Women over 50 looking like they’re 20-something would be a dream come true for husbands if marriage worked as originally intended but an absolute nightmare under our current social context.

Imagine meeting a cute woman in her late teens who’s Not Like Those Other Girls™ and thinking you may have found The One™ and fantasizing about your life with her and the little yous coming out of her baby factory, only to later realize that she’s actually a 51-year-old divorced mother-of-three with herpes and ovarian cancer who leads a feminist support group for “born-again Christian” ex-prostitutes.

Right now, the good thing about white women aging as fast as they do is that their physical appearance has a strong correlation with their states of mind.

As they grow older uglier in appearance, the rottenness of their minds is better represented.

Older women have been exposed to the current Jewish-influenced cultural depravity for longer than their younger counterparts. It’s useful to have their appearances act as an immediate cue of that.

You can add “genetically enhancing women to preserve their youthful looks” to the list of things that would be great to do if the Jews weren’t around.

Don’t be discouraged though.

It’s likely that the Chinese will work on this while we work on making the Jews not be around. We can then buy the technology from them, apply it to our own women and fill hundreds of millions of cages with ever-youthful kitchen appliances.