51-Year-Old Woman is “Not Ready for Motherhood to End Yet” After Doctors Say Her Eggs are Too Old

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2019

Helen Gration, 51

Women figure out that they want to become mothers and that they want to have kids when it’s already too late.

They should be forced into motherhood while they’re fertile.

Daily Mail:

A woman, who refused to let age dictate her life, is expecting her third child at 51.

Helen Gration, who lives in York with her husband Harry, 68, and twin boys Harvey and Harrison, 16, is 20 weeks pregnant with child number three.

At 49, with her teenage boys running away to university soon, Helen Gration, realised she wanted to try for another child.

However the soon to be mother-of-three said she did not feel limited by her age, her body, or the menopause.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Helen said ‘I’m not ready for motherhood to end yet.’

She said she wanted women to know that motherhood did not only apply to women in their 30’s anymore, and that innovations made it possible for older women to be pregnant too.

Helen’s second journey to motherhood had its ups and downs even though the healthy baby is now due in October.

She explained that she was taken aback when her fertility consultant told her that yes, she could have another baby, but not with her own eggs. With the consultant telling her that ‘they were too old and not viable.

This did not deter Helen, who wanted to be a mother more than anything. The couple started looking for egg donor back in January 2018.

Their consultant advised them to look into a clinic in Cyprus, as finding egg donors in the UK is a lengthy process. Regulations established by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority do not permit treatment in women aged over 51 (because of menopause).

In January this year they travelled to Cyprus to have the In vitro fertilisation (IVF) done. Helen talked about her ‘relief’ when she found out the procedure was successful, but added she was aware of the health-risks surrounding pregnancies in women of her age.

These include pre-eclampsia – a condition which sees high blood pressures in pregnant women and usually affects their liver and kidneys – increased chances of Down-Syndrome in the infant and high risks of miscarriage.

But when a 12 week scan revealed a healthy baby, Helen was overwhelmed: ‘That was the moment I really began to believe motherhood was going to happen again,’ she wrote.

The mother-to-be said her decision to carry another child had been met with positive reaction. Other women of her age even shared with her their wish of doing the same.

These mummies are after the experience of motherhood. Being pregnant with the eggs of another woman doesn’t make them the mother of the baby growing inside of them. It just makes them rented wombs.

They are lying to themselves.

Some women try to work around that by freezing their eggs while the eggs are viable, but that still poses the worrying risks of being pregnant at a time in their life when they instead should be visiting the grandchildren that they don’t have. Even women who freeze their eggs often see their chances of motherhood fade away.

It’s not just about the health of the mother. Kids born when their mother is in her fifties are more likely to be stressed out about having to take care of ill parents much earlier than kids whose mother had them when she was young. Everything about getting pregnant at that age is anti-natural and full of downsides.

The woman from this story said she wasn’t ready for motherhood to end, but she likely said she wasn’t ready for motherhood to begin back when she was young.

She became pregnant with her twin sons when she was 35.

What was she doing before that?

What this mummy is promoting when she says that motherhood doesn’t apply just to women in their thirties and that fifty-something women can also be mothers is not real motherhood. It’s sterile motherhood, because she isn’t really the mother of the baby now growing inside of her.

If all white women followed her example and only had kids in their fifties using fertile women’s eggs, they’d be left out of the gene pool.

“Their” kids would look nothing like them.

Other women her age saying that they want to do the same only shows you how widespread this motherhood timing problem is.

Do you think that a mother of five who also has fifteen grandchildren would be thinking about becoming pregnant again?

The fact that women are encouraged and expected to join the workforce is destroying women. It sells them the false idea that they can just become mothers after they’ve built their career even though becoming good mothers would mean abandoning their careers, which is what commonly happens. Those women who stick with their careers too long lose the opportunity to become mothers or the opportunity to have as many kids as they wanted.

It takes something away from them that nothing can give back.

Once time has passed, it has passed.

Fertile womb readers must meditate on the number of kids that they want to have and plan accordingly.