60% of Londoners Have Skipped Work Because They Couldn’t Afford the Commute

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2019

These goyim do not even grasp the fact that they are poorer and live shittier lives than peasants in the Middle Ages. By like, a huge margin.

Evening Standard:

Nearly two-thirds of Londoners have skipped work because they were unable to pay for the commute, new research suggests.

A new nationwide survey showed at least 60 per cent of people living in London had failed to go to work because of money problems.

That compared to a national average of 39 per cent.

According to the figures, employees in the capital are in general less financially healthy than those living outside of London.

The entertainment media, fast food, pornography – all of this is really like soma from Brave New World. For those who haven’t read it, that was the drug everyone took to remain pacified in the bizarre post-authoritarian dystopia.

Further, a lot of these people are on literal soma in the form of Prozac and other psychiatric drugs.

In the Middle Ages, the peasants didn’t really have to work that hard. And they had their families, their farms. Good food. They had a nice church to go to every Sunday and meet with all of their local friends. They had festivals.

The modern peasant is like a prisoner, living in a shitty cage like a slave, eating “food” that a Middle Ages peasant wouldn’t even recognize as food. They are miserable and they are poor, and the Jews are responsible for this.