8 People Try to Smuggle Themselves Into Britain in Channel 4 Experiment: They All Succeed and Say It was Easy

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2019

Western countries are mostly a joke these days.

In this TV experiment, eight British citizens tried to smuggle themselves back into Britain using different methods and they all succeeded.

What are the odds?

Daily Mail:

They are paragons of middle-class respectability. Carolynne and David have worked diligently, lived blamelessly and never had so much as a speeding ticket, let alone committed a serious criminal offence.

Yet the grandparents from Berkshire — Carolynne, 62, worked for 35 years in the NHS as a trauma nurse; her husband David, 66, is a retired businessman — have just become people-smugglers.

The idea seems preposterous. ‘We come from a generation that respects authority. Growing up, we did as we were told,’ says Carolynne.

‘We didn’t cycle on the pavement if a policeman told us not to. We’ve never broken the law.’

So they are the least likely couple to have colluded in a flagrant deception. Yet Carolynne hid without her passport in their hired motorhome — secreting herself in a compartment under the sofa — while David drove from France to the UK without admitting he had a stowaway on board.

They collaborated in the ruse as part of an experiment to be aired next week in a two-part programme on Channel 4.

In it, eight British citizens were smuggled by car, lorry, dinghy and motorhome from ports in Europe back into the UK without their passports. Not one was caught.

The Government insists our borders — which thousands of people cross every day — are secure.

Imagine stating that your borders are secure while your streets look like this:

Oh, but don’t worry about those foreigners though. I’m sure they got there legally, which means the borders are “secure.”

“Security” there is working as intended.

Yet it is a little over a week since 39 people from Vietnam, believed to have been smuggled into the UK, were found dead in a lorry trailer in Essex.

This harrowing tragedy was proof both of the desperation of would-be migrants and the unscrupulousness of people-traffickers.

Yeah, a Vietnamese even came out to say that “a few don’t make it but thousands do” and that “the rewards outweigh risks.”

No one takes Western countries’ “secure borders” seriously.

And as Britain prepares to leave the EU, the TV experiment is timely. If David and Carolynne — unpractised in dishonesty — could cross two customs borders without incident, how much easier would it be for professional traffickers smuggling drugs, arms or asylum-seekers?

Carolynne took part in the test, she says, to assuage her concern that criminals are coming unchecked into Britain.

‘I want this country to be as safe as possible. As a grandmother of four, I want to be sure everyone coming here is known,’ she says. ‘I want to be reassured that our borders are safe.

In fact, I found it was disconcertingly easy to get through with only the most cursory of checks. I wanted to be found. I wanted to discover that immigration officials were doing their job. I’d have been proud to spend some time in detention if it proved our borders were being policed.

Having actual secure borders would be racist though because only non-whites are trying to cross into white people’s countries.

The only people border security would be discriminating against would be non-whites. That’s just Nazi no matter how you try to spin it.

‘I felt relieved because I was anxious about being caught but angry at how simple it all was.’

Carolynne, a Remainer, is sympathetic to the plight of refugees from war zones and oppressive regimes but takes a different view of economic migrants who, she contends, should ‘earn their right’ to come into this country.

What a retard.

“If your enemies defeat you legally, you win.”

Yeah, let them “earn their right” to replace your children and grandchildren.

David, a Brexiteer, who ran his own loft-fitting business before becoming a hypnotherapist, confesses he doesn’t know if leaving the EU will encourage or deter migrants trying to enter Britain without permission.

He and his wife set off from Caen in northern France — a popular route for illegal immigrants since security at Calais was tightened. They took their motorhome by ferry to Portsmouth.

I set out feeling pretty confident someone would stop us,’ says David. ‘But as we got farther along, I began to think our borders aren’t as secure as we think. I was shocked at how easy it was.’

People in white countries assume that their governments act in their best interests because the nature of what’s really happening behind the scenes is so alien to them that they can’t even imagine that something sinister may be going on.

That speaks volumes about white people’s good nature, but unfortunately, evil has learned to thrive by exploiting innocence and naivete.

The Home Office has this to say: ‘The Border Force is intelligence-led and targeted at criminals who seek to break the law.

All the individuals in this programme were British passport- holders. When there is reason to suspect criminality, we carry out rigorous checks, as evidenced by the 50,000 detections and refusals at borders last year.’

Okay then, Home Office. Thanks for clarifying that British passport-holders have an easier time becoming “people” smugglers.

I feel better now.

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