89-Year-Old White Woman Delighted That Black Mugger is Caught at Last

January 20, 2014

marge purse snatch two
Tiffany Denise Smith is accused of stealing Marge’s purse and pushing her to the ground.

A woman arrested Tuesday for mugging an 89-year-old woman and stealing her purse has a police record that included robbing other women and prostitution, police said.

Tiffany Denise Smith, 33, is accused of stealing the 89-year-old woman’s purse and pushing her to the ground on Jan. 9, according to Sgt. Pete Simpson of the Portland Police Bureau. The victim, who asked to be identified only as Marge, was left with severe bruising to her face.

Smith appeared before a judge in Mutlnomah County Wednesday afternoon.

“I’m so happy they caught her,” Marge said.

Detectives believe Smith also stole the purse of a 90-year-old woman in December. They said she knocked on the woman’s door in the 4800 block of Southeast Henderson Street, pushed passed her and stole her purse off of the dining room table, Simpson said.

“Maybe she won’t try and hurt anybody else,” Marge said Tuesday.

Smith was last arrested for prostitution, after she was caught having sex with a Police Detective in a field, by a mother and her son.

But Smith’s criminal past does not end there. She was also arrested for prostitution after she allegedly had sex in a Southeast Portland field with an Oregon State Police detective last October.

The pair were spotted just off Southeast Johnson Creek Boulevard on August 6, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. A caller who worked at a nearby daycare called police after she and her 16-year-old son spotted the couple.

The detective was on duty at the time, but was not in uniform. He resigned and was later sentenced to seven days in jail. A warrant was issued for Smith after she failed to appear in court on her charges.

As for the recent purse-snatching, Smith was booked into the Multnomah County Jail and charged with robbery, assault, burglary and identity theft.

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” Marge said.