9-Year-Old Girl Nearly Dies in Drinking Contest with Other 9-Year-Olds

Daily Stormer
April 1, 2014

Rhiannon Scully, 9, had to have her stomach pumped after drinking whisky mixed with vodka as part of a hip new game.
Rhiannon Scully, 9, had to have her stomach pumped after drinking whisky mixed with vodka as part of a hip new game.
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Daily Mail:

A girl aged nine has become the youngest victim of the NekNomination drinking craze.

Rhiannon Scully was hospitalised after downing a cocktail of vodka and whisky, egged on by her friends who had seen similar stunts on Facebook.

She was found riding home ‘all over the place’ on her electric scooter and still in her school uniform by her horrified mother, who picked her up and called an ambulance.

Rhiannon later had to have her stomach pumped and was monitored overnight in hospital.

Yesterday police confirmed they questioned both Rhiannon’s family and her friends’ families about the incident but decided no action was required.

Rhiannon’s mother Michelle, 32, claimed the drinking dare was filmed on a mobile but deleted soon after. The alcohol was taken from a cupboard at her friend’s house without the knowledge of any parent.

The primary school pupil from Leadgate, County Durham, is the youngest person linked to the deadly drinking game that has now become a global craze and sees people being filmed while performing bizarre challenges.

Mrs Scully said she found her daughter with her ‘eyes rolling into the back of her head’ after the drinking dare.

She said: ‘When I saw her I was raging, I was upset and angry. I was also scared because we didn’t know what would happen at this point.

‘I saw her in her uniform with two other friends. I ran to her, she was falling over and she didn’t know where she was. She could have been run over, she was riding her scooter at the time.’

The mother said she and her husband Paul, 39, believed Rhiannon had drunk vodka and whisky mixed together with orange juice after being encouraged by her two friends, also aged nine.

The unemployed mother said the doctor calculated she had drunk around half a pint of the concoction.

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And it is the children who suffer most.