The Krypto Report: Episode VIII – Three Hours in the Death Camp

Azzmador & Caerulus Rex
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2017

On this episode of The Krypto Report, Azzmador & Caerulus welcome Lauritz von Guildhausen, the cohost of The Third Rail, the fantastic new show which debuted here on The Daily Stormer this weekend, as well as being the genius behind “Minutes from the Death Camp, formerly featured on Fash the Nation, now a staple of TKR.

This week’s topics:

  • Jew Kurt Eichenwald’s insane seizure soap opera
  • The challenge of fundraising for Alt Right content producers when the Jews run the banks
  • Reasons to use bitcoin
  • Why our political philosophy is better than the cuckservatives and the left
  • Normies living their lives on autopilot.
  • The self-gaslighting effect of spending all your time online, and the need to network IRL
  • Lauritz’ recent trip to the USA, and his observations on our activists and those in Europe.
  • Gun ownership and rights to self defense in the USA and Europe
  • The necessity of carrying firearms in a White society vs a multicult
  • How the act of “noticing the obvious” makes you a racistnazikkk
  • How the philosophy of the left is to deny reality, subvert morality, and defy reality
  • International Jew Alan Dershowitz’ speech about “Jews earning the right to control the media” and his exhortation that Jews never apologize for subverting the cattle goyim.
  • How the internet has destroyed the Jews’ ability to deny they control all our society’s choke points
  • The forced resignation of a United Nations official for stating, accurately, that Jew Israel is an apartheid state for Jews.
  • How forcing Israel to be truly independent would be a de facto Final Solution.
  • The latest round of judicial overreach concerning Glorious Leader’s ban on dune coonery, and the inevitable effects of judicial tyranny

As always, we have Lauritz’ Minutes from the Death Camp, and The News, with Race-War Correspondent Caerulus Rex.

Don’t miss this episode, unless you want to be known as an extremely good goy!


The Third Rail