A Disney Princess Should Have an Abortion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2018

We have plenty of information available to young girls about how and why they should have abortions. It is empowering. It is heroic. It means that you have no responsibility, no man controls you, and you can pursue your true dreams of working in a bank.

But despite this, we have too few children’s entertainment programs which encourage little girls to have abortions. They get taught in school that they should, but that is never reinforced by the likes of Disney.

Again, what we see is the White Christian Patriarchy in action. The same Christian war machine that promote corporations and guns for Jesus sends out the cute little princesses to be CIS gendered sex kittens for the white supremacy system of guns and the Bible.

The good old boys club.

George W. Bush talked to God and God told him white gun male philosophy is the one true faith, and so we buried the histories of oppressed people of color.

It’s pure corporate fascism.

It’s straight from the corporations and the white males, right in with the oil companies and their wars for oil.

They’re clinging to their guns and their Bibles.

George Bush went golfing on 911, because God told him to.

And then we invaded Iraq because of Dick Cheney and the oil boys.

Gotta keep the oil flowing, for the corporations.

And then they blame it on the immigrants and the gays, because the Bible told them to.

But Jesus said to love immigrants. They don’t even know their own religion.

That’s the way of the corporatocracy of the white Christian patriarchy, and that’s why the media would rather you just keep buying and reproducing in their capitalist system.

They think they have a right to own a woman’s body.

But let me tell you: it’s your body, it’s your choice.

Have an abortion.