A Message to All Jews and Leftists: The Tables are Turning

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2015

We see you, you filthy Jews and other anti-Whites.

After World War II, the Jews and all of their perverted gentile allies went hog wild on Western society, effectively turning it into a cesspit of degeneracy and anti-Whiteness in just a few short decades.

Many normal White people watched this transformation with much dread and trepidation – in fact, the majority has always been wholeheartedly against it – and some even actively fought to prevent it.

But they were completely on the defensive – “reactionaries” – and they were no match for the fanatical radicals who were acting in a frothing, religious fervor to remake society into a more “tolerable” one for every rapacious kike, pervert, primitive ape and lowlife scumbag whose morals didn’t mesh with the White, Christian majority.

The climate that has been brought about by the machinations of these natural enemies of civilization is now leading to the complete destruction of the entire White race and worldwide chaos. The race that invented electricity and rocket ships and satellites is being destroyed in favor of a race whose pinnacle of accomplishment was mud huts and blow darts, led by that other race of hook-nosed villains whose only legacy is destroying and exploiting everything they have ever been allowed access to.

The race that never bothered to quit practicing cannibalism…
And the race that literally mutilates and sucks on the bloody penises of their own babies…
Have, since World War II, defeated the race that went to the moon, virtually without a shot being fired.

What is wrong with this picture? How could this have happened?

Again, this happened because the White race lacked the vigilance necessary to prevent it. Whites were seemingly sitting on top, and they were living in a level of wealth and comfort which was possibly higher than any other time in history. Jews took over all of our top universities virtually unchallenged due to the charge of “anti-Semitism” becoming the biggest taboo following the incredible wave of lies about World War II, and they then began indoctrinating hordes of bored, young, pampered White men into dedicating their lives to seeking material pleasure – i.e. endless sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll – and rebelling against their parents, who were in turn themselves also living in this excess wealth and comfort and so were incapable or unwilling to properly deal with the problem at hand.

Our envious enemies – namely Jews, Blacks, and sex perverts – also exploited our inborn sense of fairness and empathy by ruthlessly playing on our emotions and instilling feelings of guilt in us through endless charges of “discrimination,” “racism,” “anti-Semitism” and the like – charges that have only intensified over the years – to the point that many of us have come to accept the destruction of our society and the death of our race as some kind of just retribution for the alleged sins of ours and our ancestors.

This all began mainly in the late 50s and early 60s and, of course, the system that the conservative Whites were defending back then wasn’t perfect or even operating in their interest by any means, but it was certainly, in their eyes, better than the opposite, the radical communism and degeneracy that the left was promoting.

It’s the same today, except vice versa. Many defenders of the system, these hordes of liberals and SJW-types might not be a fan of George Soros, or some of the more ridiculous leftist policies, but to them it’s still much better than the opposite – hardcore fascism – so they stand by and defend the entire system anyway.

To put it more clearly: leftists might not like the parasitic bankers who have and are currently destroying Greece’s economy, but they aren’t going to be rallying behind Golden Dawn any time soon, and your average White in the 60s may have disliked the Vietnam War, but that didn’t mean they would join a pro-Communist rally with the likes of Jew radicals like Jerry Rubin.

Rather than being immediately thrown into a concentration camp for being an open subversive and a smelly hippie, this Jew Jerry Rubin was allowed to do incalculable damage to our society and culture.
“Our tactic is to send niggers and longhair scum invading white middle-class homes, fucking on the living room floor, crashing on the chandeliers, spewing sperm on the Jesus pictures, breaking the furniture, and smashing Sunday school napalm-blood Amerika [sic] forever.” – Actual words written in Rubin’s book that was not only published, but also widely distributed in America.
Rubin’s book featured an introduction by Eldridge Cleaver, the Black liberal hero and media darling who gleefully wrote that raping White women is “an insurrectionary act.”

But now the tables are turning. The anti-White agenda has gotten too extreme, and too obvious, and White people are getting fed up. The recent cuckservative meme phenomenon is symbolic of this. There is no fighting it. You enemies of the White race now act like deer in headlights, and are silly putty in our hands, from now on, because now you are the reactionaries, and we are the revolutionaries, and as such, we will not – and cannot – be stopped.

There’s only one way to stop us: round us all up tomorrow and put us in gulags and/or torture and execute us. We are already legion, and we are growing by the day. This time next year we will have double our number, and then soon enough double that, and so on. Best you should nip that in the bud before it gets out of hand, before the Great White Sleeping Giant awakens to devour everything that stands in its way.

But now that I think of it, you would already have done that, obviously, if you could’ve (silencing the opposition with maximum force has clearly been your modus operandi since day one). You weren’t waiting for my go ahead, you just don’t have the power to do that. And it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon, what with the internet and everything, and the fact that we only get stronger by the day while your narrative only becomes weaker and more desperate.

So how are you going to pull this off, the complete destruction of the White race? I guess the plan is just to swamp us with non-Whites until we are miscegenated or outright slaughtered out of existence, huh? Great! That’s like pouring fuel on our fire! We love it, we on the right, give us more! Nothing else has managed to awaken our brainwashed, suicidal people en masse just yet, so we’ll take all the help we can get, let me tell you.

Good luck with that!

Or here’s another idea: put out some more anti-White propaganda. Yeah, that’ll do it. Really ramp it up. Instead of making Whites more and more angry and alienated they’ll just feel even more guilty. It won’t push them into our camp.

Yeah, sure.

Looks like you’re going to have to go to plan B, Jews. But you don’t have any plan B do you?

Well, we have a plan for you…

It’ll be good times…
(RNS1-JULY 24) On June 20, Breanna Mitchell posted a selfie on the grounds of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. For use with RNS-AUSCHWITZ-SELFIE transmitted July 24, 2014. Photo courtesy Breanna Mitchell
…we promise…

We already own every comment section and the entire narrative of the internet (and nobody cares about anything except the internet anymore), and we are going to continue to do so. Because you’ll never match our fanaticism and devotion to our cause while you sit comfortably in your leftist paradise. Believe me, we have nothing to lose at this point.

Your only recourse is to shut down comment sections to try and silence us, and then we just scream “censorship!” (like the kikes did when they were fighting to legalize pornography) and gain even more sympathy, attention, support and determination.

The days of the Jerry Rubins are over (Rubin was victorious and, once his work was done, despite all of his talk about “smashing capitalism,” he went to work on Wall Street and became a multimillionaire), and nobody trusts Jews anymore anyway. Now all you have is ghetto Negroes and SJWs who are just amusing and do our work for us by being so incredibly weird and extreme.

This is you:

47175692.cachedAnd this is us:

Members of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party stand around a stage while leader of the party Nikolaos Mihaloliakos delivers a speech during a gathering in Athens February 2, 2013. Photo by Milos Bicanski /Getty Images

And we’re coming for you.