A Second Government Official Resigns Over Syria Pullout (An Obama Appointee, lol)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2018

A second government official has resigned in response to Trump’s Syria pullout.


Brett McGurk, the special presidential envoy for the global coalition to counter ISIS, submitted his resignation Friday because of President Donald Trump’s decision to pull US forces out of Syria, according to two senior officials and several sources familiar with his thinking.

McGurk had previously said privately that he was going to leave the administration in February of next year.

A State Department official told CNN that McGurk had informed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday that he was resigning, effective December 31.

CBS News was the first to report the news of McGurk’s resignation, which came one day after Defense Secretary James Mattis resigned, also in part due to the Syria decision.

Going against the advice of his military and national security advisers, Trump on Wednesday announced the “full” and “rapid” withdrawal of US military from Syria, declaring that the US has defeated ISIS.

McGurk was in Iraq meeting with senior leaders when Trump tweeted out the decision. Sources familiar with the matter said McGurk was frustrated over Trump’s sudden announcement, which was the opposite of the strategy he had just been briefing coalition partners on while in the region: to stay in Syria, fight ISIS and counter Iran.

Mattis is old enough that he can simply retire on the principle of “I lived my life fighting wars for Jews.”

However, this second, lesser figure who has resigned is clearly doing it as a career move. He’s only 45. And this is huge publicity for him.

His last big splash in the media was when he was appointed to an Obama position and it was revealed that he was having an affair with a gook fuckdoll, Gina Chon, who worked for the Wall Street Journal and shared stories with him before they were published.

Presumably, the goal was for the opposite to happen. Female journalists function based on sleeping with people to get information from them. This is a constant thing – I have even had female journalists offer to come to my apartment and bring alcohol. And it’s not just “oh, sexy Nazi badboy” – they literally do this with everyone (I mean, I’m sure different ones have different standards of attractiveness they use to gauge who they’re willing to PUMP for information, but they do so wantonly).

That was even in that show House of Cards.

Chon was fired and he wasn’t, even though there was a record that he had discussed helping get her access to government meetings.

All the sexy emails between McGurk and his gook were released publicly. Gotta give it to this guy. Referring to sex incidents as “secret clandestine missions” is pretty good pick-up bantz.

McGurk and his gook are now married – and she now works for Reuters, while he is still in the government – which demonstrates how incestuous the government-media relationship is (as well as the inability of lovey-dovey gook women to hold frame and PUMP men for career purposes, also possibly McGurk’s PUA skillz).

Anyway – point being – this guy is clearly a careerist making a big flashy demonstration and positioning himself to be a Democrat pro-war figure.

Again – the guy is only 45.

Remember that Jim Comey’s entire career was based on some flashy “taking a stand” thing that he did at that age. I can’t even remember what it was, something to do with a Bill Clinton scandal.

The McGurk move is further proof of the larger thing developing here, which is preparation for the Democrats to takeover the war machine when – hopefully “if” – they secure control of the government in 2020 or 2024.

They can bring this guy in like “he took a stand against Trump in support of these good and moral forever wars in the Middle East.”