Academia: Incels are Evil

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2019

Dear Alex DiBranco: As the self-appointed spiritual successor to Elliot Rodger, I can tell you for a fact that Elliot would not kiss you. You are too damn ugly. Literally for your whole life, only niggers will be willing to fuck you or touch you at all. No wonder you’re trying to destroy the incel movement. 

I don’t know when it became acceptable in ostensibly intellectual circles to talk about evil and fighting evil. What I do know is that when 911 happened, George W. Bush and his people referred to the Moslems as “evil” and were severely rebuked by academia and ostensible intellectuals.

What I also know is that it is now routine to refer to white people as “evil” within academia, including the Ph.D. program at Yale.

There is a really gay article up on NPR entitled “‘It Gets To You.’ Extremism Researchers Confront The Unseen Toll Of Their Work.” It starts off talking about how ISIS researchers who watch ISIS videos are a bunch of gay faggot pussies who become emotionally unstable from watching videos on the internet. Then it starts talking about “white extremists” and how people develop psychological problems from reading white nationalist materials.

It ends with literally this:

Alex DiBranco, a Ph.D. candidate at Yale University whose research topics include the misogynistic incel movement, said she was forced to come up with her own coping mechanisms because mental health resources for students are scarce or hard to access. For example, she addressed the isolation of her work by moving to California, where she’s part of a cohort of researchers looking at similar ideologies.

And, she said, she tries to limit her time in front of screeds that refer to women as subhuman.

“I just can’t sit for an eight-hour workday and read misogynist rhetoric nonstop,” DiBranco said. “So I have a little bit of a system for giving myself a break after each really appalling thing that I read.”

Her system: regular breaks to go fight some bad guys in a video game. DiBranco said it’s about escapism, a pick-me-up in a field that’s relentlessly bleak.

“You’re the good guys,” she said. “You feel accomplished — you finish quests, you’re defeating evil.”

So I mean, 20 years ago you got berated for saying that it was “evil” to fly planes into buildings.

Now it’s standard in the highest levels of academia to call men evil for saying mean things about women on the internet.

You could no doubt go into a lot of different factors that caused this change in attitude. Part of it is probably just the number of women in academia. There are no doubt more now than there were in 2001, and women are more likely to use childlike terms such as “evil” because they have the minds of children.

But the ultimate fact is simply that society is devolving, rapidly, and we are moving into government by witch hunt. So the language and imagery of the witch hunt culture is taking over the lexicon.


My own enemies – the Jews – are an ancient satanic cult that literally engages in human sacrifice, child molestation and cannibalism. And I use scientific terminology to describe them: inbred genetic waste, subhuman, inherited psychopathy. I rarely use “evil,” and if I do, I’m being consciously hyperbolic.

Alex DiBranco, the ugly bitch who hates men and is a Ph.D. candidate at Yale, uses the term with a completely straight face.

She is fighting evil.

Like in a video game.

Incel boners are no joke, as the world shall soon learn – when the raping gets started.