Acosta Defends His Role in Epstein Cover Up, Bears Resemblance to Sinister Goblin

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 11, 2019

Still refusing to resign, Alex Acosta has come out with a long and meandering statement about his handling of the Jeffrey Epstein case more than a decade ago.

It’s hard to make sense of what he is saying, but he looks like some kind of gremlin so no sane person should listen to a word coming out of his mouth without instinctively distrusting what he’s saying.


US Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta on Wednesday defended a non-prosecution agreement he approved more than 10 years ago with financier Jeffrey Epstein, who has now been charged with the sex trafficking of underage girls.

Acosta, a United States federal prosecutor in south Florida at the time, is being assailed for his part in a secret 2008 plea deal that let Epstein avoid federal prosecution on charges that he molested teenage girls. But he was unapologetic Wednesday as he declared his office did the best it could under the circumstances.

Acosta has long made the case that it was better to use the threat of a federal indictment to force Epstein into a state guilty plea, with restitution to victims and registration as a sex offender, than it would have been to “roll the dice” and take Epstein to trial. But the result, to critics, was egregiously lenient.

Acosta’s office had gotten to the point of drafting an indictment that could have sent Epstein to federal prison for life. But it was never filed, leading to Epstein’s guilty plea to two state prostitution-related charges. Epstein served 13 months in a work-release programme. He was also required to make payments to victims and register as a sex offender. A judge earlier this year ruled the deal was illegal.

Acosta said that had his office not been involved, Epstein would have only faced one charge from state prosecutors.

“Without the work of our prosecutors, Epstein would have gotten away with just that state charge,” Acosta said. “He was and is a sexual predator.”

During a press conference on Wednesday, Acosta gave no indication he would resign after days of calls by Democrats for him to step down and said he has the support of Republican President Donald Trump.

“My relationship with the president is outstanding,” Acosta said.

The labour secretary would not say if he would make the same decision regarding Epstein again today.

“We live in a different world; today’s world does not allow some of the victim shaming that would have taken place at trial 12 years ago,” Acosta said. “I don’t think we can say, take a case that is this old and fully know how it would play out today.”

Acosta is feeling the heat. But at the very least, he has the president’s backing for a reason that no one seems to understand.

Perhaps Trump simply trusts his honest face.

It goes without saying that they’re trying to tie Trump to the Epstein/Mossad pedo ring and the Acosta connection is going to be milked for all that it’s worth by the media.

Still, it’s hard to understand what to really make of all this.

Did Jeffrey Epstein have blackmail on Acosta and the attorneys who were supposed to be prosecuting him, but who swept this all under the rug? Or did the order simply come down to these men, saying “this is above your pay grade, just let it go”?

Furthermore, why is Trump defending Acosta?

If Ann Coulter is to be believed, Acosta isn’t even the main baddie here. Barry Krischer – a Jewish Florida state attorney –  got this story swept under the rug and did a terrific job covering it all up more than a decade ago.

Acosta may just be the goy fall guy for the media.

But I think we can all agree that with that unfortunate face, Acosta really has no right to occupy any public office.

He looks deformed and very, very disrespectful.