ADL Kikes Announce They’re Going After Your Vidya

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2018

Seeing that tweet after reading Michael Byron’s review of Pillars of Eternity II

And we all know what has been happening with virtually every AAA game these days – they are just a bunch of kike-SJW horseshit.

You can make fun of the Nintendo Switch cult all you want, but even Mister Metokur – a longtime hardcore PC master race gamer – recently admitted to owning one. The reason it is so surprisingly popular is that these Jap games are the only ones men and boys can play without having half the entire Talmud shoved down their throats.

How much of what has happened with the politicization of video games over the last decade is due simply to SJWs and Jews running the companies and how much of it is the result of actual lobbying by Jewish groups like the ADL – and ones we might not even know the names of – to alter “problematic” elements within the industry?

From the article linked in the tweet:

Last October (2017), ADL conducted its first game jam (a hackathon designed to create video games) to start connecting with the game community, and to look into mobilizing games to fight hate and bias. The jam took place in three cities across the U.S., and along with participants from seven countries on four continents, participants produced 33 games. During this effort with the game community, we found a deep desire in many to make games better and to use them as a method to reduce hate and bias. We were also delighted to find there were many who were already doing this work and had been for some time.

Really makes you think.

Back in my day…