Adolf Hitler Still Represents the True Embodiment of Western Civilization

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2017

Adolf Hitler continues to represent the true spirit and soul of Western civilization.

Today is Adolf Hitler’s 128th birthday. His importance as a historical figure can not be emphasized enough. This is especially true when we see what has become of Western civilization today. The ideology of National Socialism that Hitler used to shape German society in the 1930s is more relevant than ever.

National Socialism is a political philosophy centered around the natural order of the world. It recognizes basic common sense realities which are largely absent in today’s mainstream Jew dominated political discourse. It specifically recognizes the fact that race is real and that men and women must serve fundamentally different roles in order for society to function properly. These obvious facts have been repeatedly demonized by the Jewish political and social system we were born into. It is the main reason why we have so much societal dysfunction. Our political system is centered around a false reality that has been manufactured by Jewish propaganda and lies.

Western civilization is a reflection of the White European racial soul. Without us, it would not exist. World War II was used by subversive Jewish interests to control the societies our ancestors created through fraud. Had Hitler’s Germany won the war, the world would be in a much better place than it is today. Hitler simply represented the historical embodiment of what Western civilization should be and can be.

Hitler’s Germany reflected the natural order of our people.

Earlier in my life, I didn’t have a firm understanding of why Hitler and other historical figures disliked the Jews so much. To me the Jews just seemed like a goofy bunch of people who practiced a strange religion. I noticed that they had strange obsession with money and material things but it wasn’t enough to make me dislike them. In fact, it is somewhat unnatural for any White man to dislike an entire group of people unless there is a fundamental reason for them to do so. By nature, we are not a hateful group of people as the Jewish media insists we are.

Ironically, Hitler in Mein Kampf describes a similar type of experience. He didn’t dislike the Jews until he saw and experienced first hand how they were subverting his country in the most negative ways possible.

I only became interested in politics after realizing that nothing presented in the news made any sort of sense. It first led me to investigate the central banking system which I quickly discovered was a fraud of enormous proportions. The overabundance of Jews involved in it was obvious but it wasn’t enough to make me dislike them. I first thought that the whole situation was the result of a weird conspiracy involving Jews, secret societies and religious figures.

While I wasn’t necessarily incorrect, I had simply underestimated the Jewish role in this. I soon began to notice that Jews were heavily involved in every political agenda I disliked. From there, it was easy to understand why Hitler sought their removal from Germany. They were an identifiable group of people who were subverting the natural order of his country. What the Jews were doing then is no different than what they are doing today. It is proof that subversion and destruction is at the very heart of what the Jew is.

This is why decades later many of our people are re-examining Hitler’s political views and coming to the conclusion that he was right. It is also why his birthday continues to be celebrated each and every year by people around the world. There is no other historical figure whose birthday is honored in this capacity.

As Jewish subversion takes an increasing toll on our societies, Hitler’s status as a historical figure continues to rise. Decades of Jewish slander dedicated to demonizing him as a man is no longer having an impact on the minds of our people.

While we live in a much different era, I have no doubt that Hitler himself would approve and embrace our current struggle.

To conclude, I leave you with a new Joseph Retrostein video featuring lots of rare NSDAP footage from Germany in the 1920s and 1930s.

Hail Victory!

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