AFP Tells White People to Have “One Less Kid” to Stop Global Warming

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2018

The goyim are often saying “what can I do to help stop the weather from changing?”

The answer to these goyim is always: “stop breeding, goyim. We need fewer people to stop the weather changing. Also, you have to have infinity Africans because you are not having enough children to pay pensions.”


French news agency AFP has faced harsh criticism after publishing Swedish environmental research which says that having “one fewer child” could reduce emissions. Now netizens wonder what to do with their “extra one.”

AFP tweeted an infographic, based on the one-year old study on the ways people can reduce their carbon footprint, on Monday. One of the recommendations, which the picture showed as the most efficient way to help ecology, was to have fewer children.

Despite the source of such figures being clearly visible on the image, enraged Twitter users ridiculed the agency’s report. Some sarcastic responses wondered if they would be better having a “hybrid child” or if they should simply “recycle” some of their existing kids.

If global warming is real, instead of telling people to have fewer kids, they should be telling people to “kill niggers.”


These are the UN’s own numbers.

White people’s birthrate is already declining, our environments are already clean in our countries, we don’t have anything to do with any of this.

If this wasn’t a hoax, and they really believed everyone was going to be flooded if the global population wasn’t reduced, there would be calls for sterilization in Africa and of the African diaspora. They breed like cockroaches.

So, I mean – whatever. I’m just telling you, if the world was really ending because of this shit, someone, somewhere would be saying the obvious thing. They’re not, because climatology is a scam.

Global warming is fake.

At the same time as they’re telling you not to have kids, they’re telling you that all of these “migrants” they are burying you with are punishment for not having kids.

That is also fake – automation is going to cover the current rate of population contraction.

But that is the thing: the agenda already exists. They fill in the details with whatever they need to: you’re having too many kids, you’re not having enough kids, whatever.