Africa: Based Lions Devour Evil Niggers to Protect Nature

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2018

Lions, like all intelligent beings, really hate niggers.

Lions are doing the jobs that White people won’t do.

We’ve been overfeeding Blacks in Africa to the point where their population has exploded, and is now putting pressure on the natural ecosystem. It’s only natural that the Black’s natural predator, the African lion, is bringing balance back into the equation.

Now, we just need to figure out how to import lions into America’s inner cities.


Despite all the very clear evidence that illegal hunting is pushing many species into extinction, animals like rhinos are still being taken down by low-life poachers. Rhino horn carries a high price in certain countries which apparently don’t understand that it’s the same material that comes out of the end of human fingers, and poachers will do anything to take down the animals and score a big pay day.

Well, it’s the same material at a biological level. However, its magical properties are different.

How could you possibly procure long, powerful erections without the spirit of the rhino infused in your witch-doctor brew?

One group of rhino poachers in South Africa recently got exactly what they deserved when their illegal hunting expedition was cut short by a flurry of claws and teeth. Oh sweet, sweet justice.

Niggas be complainin’ about police brutality. Once they start dealing with lions, they’ll have another thing coming.

The hunters, apparently tracking rhino in the protected area, met up with a huge pride of lions and, well, you can imagine how things played out. The poachers were grossly outmatched, despite their high-powered weapons, and none of them made it out alive.

That’s because niggas can’t shoot.

They probably shot their rifles sideways or some shit.

Wow, I… Didn’t think I’d find a photo of that. Reality is more ridiculous than memes.

The mangled remains of the men were found by park rangers in an area of the Sibuya reserve, and all that was left of them was whatever the lions didn’t feel like eating. In fact, the leftovers were so torn up that rangers can’t tell if it was two or three men. The owner of the reserve casually noted that “there’s not much left of them.”

Along with the bloody smears, rangers found a silenced rifle as well as an axe and wire-cutters which are used to break into protected areas so the morons can kill animals they have no business killing. They won’t be doing much of that anymore.

We need to initiate a grand alliance with the lions.

After all, lions love White people – it’s only niggers they can’t stand.

Honestly, just flooding all our cities with lions would probably cause less problems than Blacks and Moslems. You can be sure that if there were prides of lions roaming our streets, Blacks would stay the hell away from us.

Someone really needs to seriously look into this.