Africans Are Already Living the Mad Max Life: Ebola Clinic Attacked in Mass Chimpout

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2018

Niggers would rather fight Ebola clinics than fight Ebola-Chan. She’s that seductive.


Protesters angry with the postponement of Sunday’s presidential election in parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo have attacked a clinic where possible Ebola cases are assessed.

The attack happened in the eastern city of Beni, one of three opposition areas where the vote has been postponed.

The electoral commission has cited the current Ebola outbreak as one of the reasons behind the postponement.

But opposition parties have accused the authorities of seeking to rig the vote.

Wait. So… niggers attacked an Ebola clinic because other niggers said the Ebola outbreak was the reason why elections have been postponed, while still other niggers said it’s actually because nigger authorities are seeking to rig the vote.

Makes sense. If Ebola is the problem, then attack the Ebola-fighting clinics.

I know it doesn’t make sense to you, but believe me, it makes perfect sense for niggers.

They can’t see Ebola. Nigger brains are not equipped to handle abstract concepts. You telling them there’s some invisible thing they can’t see that makes them sick and that you know how to fight it but they don’t and that you technically can see it with your whydebeebol magic goggles triggers all of their alarms.

You have to understand. This whole Ebola thing seems like a big scam to them.

From their point of view, what the white man brings is different kinds of oppression. Civilization, rules, clothing, responsibilities.

They’ll take any excuse to break free from order and revert back to their feral ways.

Africans are living the Mad Max life.

They’re the happiest when they bring chaos to their surroundings.

DR Congo has not had a peaceful and democratic transfer of power since independence from Belgium in 1960.

It’s clear that these creatures can’t exist in their current environments by themselves. Environments made by the white man.

If left alone, they’ll begin to tear it all down.

And that’s fine.

The problem is that we keep trying to “save them from themselves,” with all these Captain Save an Ape veterinarians and humanitarians constantly pouring our money into Africans hoping they’ll finally learn not to be themselves.

It’s like expecting cats to be vegan.

The moment you forget to close the door, they’ll eat all of your pet rats, just as niggers will rape all your daughters the moment you let them inside your home.

So why has voting been delayed in the three areas?

In Yumbi, at least 80 people were killed earlier this month and thousands have fled to neighbouring Congo-Brazzaville amid violence triggered by a dispute over where to bury a traditional chief.

STOCK PHOTO: Traditional chief. 

We have to stop trying to turn cats vegan. If carnivore cats are not acceptable, cats are not acceptable.

If the nigger species is not fit for civilization, let them go back to the jungle.

Just kidding. We don’t want them to kill the gorillas, who are actually nice guys. Niggers have no place in this planet.

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