Africans Believe Black Panther is a Prophet; Burning and Exorcising Children for Witchcraft

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2018

I recently wrote about how fat evil mud dwarves dismembering other mudmanoids in Mexico and their government not being able to stop it is actually a good thing because it makes their country exciting. Predictable is boring. Normies agree. You likely agree too.

Africa is also exciting.

Here’s a quick overview of the nigger items we’ll look into next:

  1. Niggers burn witches at the stake.
  2. Niggers believe a Nollywood movie confirmed witches exist.
  3. Niggers called Black Panther and Infinity War characters “advanced prophets.”
  4. Niggers named Godbless, Precious, and Patience.
  5. Niggers bribing the nigger police to do police stuff.
  6. Niggers exorcising daemons.

All in the same story.

Sounds good? Let’s get started.

Nigger Item Number 1

Al Jazeera:

Children and babies who have been branded as witches have been chained up, starved, beaten, and even set on fire. Cases of parents attempting to behead their children with saws have also been reported.

There’s a couple of things we have to get out of the way.

The first one is that witches are real.

The second one is that burning them is a good thing. In fact, putting anything you dislike to the fire is a good thing.

Fire turns things you don’t like into things you do like.

Raw sweet potatoes become delicious cooked sweet potatoes. Celebrity mansions in California become ashes to fertilize the earth. Cold water in the winter becomes warm or hot water. Witches become heretic raisins. Raw meat becomes roasted and tasty.

You can cook things in it, boil water and do bone broths and stuff.

Fire is a great tool.

These niggers burning nigger witches is one of those cases where niggers do the right thing for the wrong reasons, like when they kill each other in gang drive-by shootings or pick cotton clothes from the floor.

In this case, their wrong reason is Nollywood. Yeah, not Hollywood, not Bollywood. Nollywood.

Nigger Item Number 2

There’s a religious component to their burning of witches, but it appears that the main engine behind it is a movie.

As with the assassination of JFK, and the falling of the Twin Towers on 9/11, it seems many still remember where and when they first saw End of the Wicked.

The film was hugely controversial and at the time was blamed for the surge in witchcraft accusations against children in the 1990s and 2000s.

But Itoro says she knows better.

“I found it scary,” she says as she dusts the floor of her compound. “But I know it wasn’t real.”

Three of her neighbours who are sat around the courtyard say they have heard about the movie but have yet to see it.

When offered the chance to watch a clip they are curious.

They huddle around the laptop, and tut and grimace as they witness the actions of the child witches in the film.

That was very scary,” says Unwana Nse. “But for me, that really confirmed that there’s child witchcraft.”

Sat next to her, Esther Friday says she’s now confused.

I don’t know whether that was real, or acting,” she says.

Peter Itoro says it is proof that such things can happen in the world.

“It’s just clothes covering people,” he says. “We don’t really know who they are.”

And now his wife Patience has changed her mind.

That film now confirms to me that there’s witchcraft.”

Just like down syndrome monsters, niggers don’t need IQ tests to prove they’re retarded.

By the way, this is the movie:

Imagine what a Hollywood production can do to these creatures’ mind.

Can you think of anything more disgusting than down syndrome niggers and albino niggers?

A down-syndrome-albino nigger, perhaps?

How would that even look?

Has a down-syndrome-albino nigger ever been caught on camera?

As you can see from the brave reporting work from this Marc Ellison guy from Al Jazeera, niggers can’t really separate fact from fiction. Distinguishing movie from reality is as hard for them as distinguishing front-hole from poop-hole, right from wrong, and gibs from achievement. Their brain is not equipped to deal with that stuff.

Nigger Item Number 3

In the West, you watch films like ‘Black Panther’ and ‘Infinity War‘,” he says. “All these focus on African magic, witchcraft and superpowers.”

But Ebe Ukara believes that rather than reflecting culture, these movies are creating a new one.

People watch these movies and imitate what they see these advanced prophets doing.”

“Movies today are teaching a lot of things that were never practised before,” she says.

For Africans, Black Panther is an advanced prophet.

Nigger Item Number 4

Some of the characters involved in this story, honoring nigger tradition, have funny names.

Whatever is behind these beliefs, children like Godbless can attest to one thing: once you’re on the streets, it is hard to go back.

For Patience Itoro it was in 2001 in the town of Eket in Akwa Ibom state.

When they are able to locate Mercy Campbell, Tom brings Precious with him to see his grandmother.

Nigger Item Number 5

Nigger police runs on bribes.

“The police are poorly funded, and not equipped to carry out these kinds of investigations,” he says. “Often, we have to push for investigations, and sometimes you just have to pay police as they don’t have the fuel they need to travel and collect evidence.”

wink wink

Ibor adds: “They also don’t have the resources to run forensic analysis – and so most times you have to fund it yourself.”

They also believe in witches.

Ibor also claims police often fail to act because they believe in witches, and outing them.

The lawyer gives an example of three children aged between seven and 13 who were recently branded as witches by their father.

He locked them up in a poorly ventilated storeroom without food for several days.

Ibor claims police have taken no action against the father despite the case having been reported late in May.

And in another recent episode, a man who accused his three-year-old of being a witch before giving her second-degree burns was released by a court despite confessing to the crime.

Nigger Item Number 6

Niggers are daemons.

Many Pentecostal churches in the Niger Delta offer to deliver people from witchcraft and possession – albeit for a fee.

Joy is one of those people.

Like a boxer on the ropes, she raises her trembling hands to protect her face.

Three pastors surround the young girl and take turns slapping her head, pinching her earlobes and stomach.

The 15-year-old has been accused of being a witch, and tonight she has been brought to a ministry in Calabar for an exorcism.

One of the pastors clutches the iridescent sarong tightly knotted behind the child’s back.

It acts as an anchor to keep her from getting away and ensure she does not hurt herself.

One child, undergoing a simultaneous deliverance, has already knocked over the church’s glass lectern this evening.

Your clothes are on fire, your head is on fire, your belly is on fire,” the pastors yell in Joy’s face as they twirl her around the church hall.

Joy tries to twist free, but there is no escape.

It is Pastor Eunice Emmanuel who had identified the four children – the youngest is eight years old – to be exorcised this evening.

God helps me identify the kids that are possessed,” she explains before the evening’s deliverance begins. “We then conduct deliverance on them whereby the evil spirits that dwell in them, leave them, and the children become new creatures.

The child becomes like a madman who has recovered his sanity.”

But in Joy’s case, it is over half an hour before the spirit within her is compelled to speak.

Pastor Eunice asks the spirit what she has made the girl do.

“Destroy,” it says, according to Joy.

Joy is doubled over, hands over her face, crying.

The “spirit” is peppered with further questions by the pastor.

“How do you destroy? Do you go to a coven? Are you a witch? Do you drink blood? Do you eat flesh? Do you kill?”

“I have destroyed one person,” Joy finally cries.

Only when the child finally collapses onto the floor is the deliverance considered a success.

As she lies in a motionless heap on the floor, alone, the group of pastors look down at her grinning.

They restored the original daemon to its vessel.

As you can see, Africa is pretty exciting.

Western “humanitarian” types playing veterinarian in Africa probably don’t give a fuck about niggers and are there to experience the “frontier life” feel of a chaotic land, the wilderness, the raw brutality, the conquest.

Within the Jewish “humanitarian” dialectic, the only socially acceptable reason to go to Africa is to give them all kinds of gibs, vaccines, money, knowledge, and more. Ultimately, this is the only acceptable rationalization of their inexplicable, primal need, which is to dive towards Chaos and fight for Order.

We’re drawn to conquer Chaos and to create Order in its place.

These “no man’s lands” call us at a deep, primordial level, because they represent our eternal enemy. The only mistake of the “humanitarians” is in method – they think it can be healed. It must be cleansed.

It’s up to us to cleanse it.