After Ariana Terror Attack, It’s Time to Pray, Change Your Facebook Pic and Light Up Some Buildings!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2017

There’s been a terrorist attack people.

And we need to go into action and we need to do it quickly.

We need prayers.

We need hashtags.

We need buildings lit up.

And most importantly of all: you need to change your Facebook profile picture.

This is the one strategy that has been proven to stop terrorist attacks and what’s more, make them so they never even happened in the first place.

Get on it.

Get on it quickly.

Don’t just do it for Ariana.

(Weird last photo there, hm.)

Do it for the Moslems, who are the real victims here.

And remember, if you see anyone on the internet saying that this had something to do with Islam, or that having Moslems in your country causes this to happen, call the police IMMEDIATELY.

If a person says this relates to Islam once on the internet, they’re going to say it again.

And they need to be locked away where they can’t spread these vicious lies.

We are stronger together.