Age of Automation is Here! Drone Completes Successful Delivery to Bahamas

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2019

There is no reason why we shouldn’t have drones zipping around delivering food and people from place to place and completely cutting out middle-man delivery companies and transport services.

All of the futuristic tech we grew up wishing about is basically already here, ready to be implemented.

Fox 5 News:

A drone made a successful commercial delivery in The Bahamas for the first time last month traveling more than 50 miles over land and water in 28 minutes.

The flight on June 18 also marked the first time that a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operated in controlled airspace at an active commercial international airport outside of emergency operations.

The drone took off vertically and landed the same way.

Developers hope the on-demand drone service by Volans-i and Fli Drone could signal the start of aerial delivery around the world.

The UAV can move perishables, mail, mechanical parts, and medicine.

Developers say commercial use of high payload drones can help customers can gain control of their supply chain and save millions of dollars on downtime and inventory costs.

Other successful commercial deliveries by Volans-i have occurred in Puerto Rico, Guam, Africa, South America, Singapore and China. 

They’ll try to slow down this tech by claiming that it is somehow a possible terror threat.

But this is simply not the case.

Terrorists used to target airplanes because of the large numbers of people onboard that were all just sitting there, completely disarmed and cramped like fish in a barrel. This is the same concept behind a bus jacking or a hotel bombing.

You fix it by getting rid of these high concentrations of people. 

This, coupled with growing rates of diversity and crippling autism, is actually the perfect response to terrorism – to make it even harder to target central nodes of transportation. Only a dingus would be against this.

There will, of course, be lots of people put out of work with this new tech.

Tucker Carlson has correctly pointed out that society would suddenly have to come to grips with mass unemployment and that this would be very painful indeed.

But this drone tech will eventually come to pass anyway. There will be no neo-Luddite rebellion any time soon. The working class people that relied on manual labor were slated to be replaced by brown world savages before their work was to be made redundant by robots anyway.

The idea that you could just have the same kind of work at the same intensity levels forever is a bizarre and modern idea anyway. A society needs a certain amount of bridges and roads built and it puts in the labor and resources to build those things, to manufacture enough bullets for the army and enough hospitals for the sick and enough farms to keep everyone fed. These things require upkeep and maintenance, sure, but the idea that you could maintain millions of people’s livelihoods indefinitely based on continuing to make those things is absurd. At best, society can give jobs to people providing upkeep for these already made things, which don’t need to be made and remade thousands of times.

That is to say, mass productive employment is only possible in a consumerist society, where everything is made to break and you are forced to continue working to continue buying. In theory and in actual fact, the factories could just make enough TVs once, and then wait 20 years to start making more. Furthermore, the idea that you have to work to live is a weird one that isn’t based on reality either. Most people around the world don’t even bother to act like they’re working. They just live and chill out. Only people in the middle class bust their humps to rise in the ranks and make a play at joining the upper class.

If the average man owned a decent home and a decent wife, he wouldn’t really need to work all that much. If he didn’t have to grow his own food, then he’d only have to work enough to feed the family, something that basically everyone can do in modern society. Furthermore, if he bought a TV that lasted 40 years (like in the USSR) and a car that lasted almost as long (like any German vehicle from the 90s) he’d basically no longer need to participate in mass consumer society because his needs would be entirely met.

The idea that you have to be slaving away at all times is strange, modern and unnecessary.

If you have your basic needs met, what is the point? No matter how much you protest, society won’t be able to continue this mass consumerism without the mass employment and manufacturing behind it. This is not because it cannot make enough things, but because no one can afford to buy the things that are being made.

The first titans of industry understood this. Ford would give his workers a good wage and a suburban lifestyle to enable them to buy the cars that they made. With no one being employed, mass consumerism and the rat race will at least, finally, come to an end.

This wouldn’t be the end of the world really.

The real problem are the hordes of Third Worlders that are pouring in and that no one seems to know what to do with.