Akshually, The Age of Consent in Mexico is Twelve

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2019

Big new sex scandal story coming at you in the TOP HEADLINES.

No idea what the reason for putting this in the headlines or court documents at all actually is. We used to be spared this sort of lurid content, in the name of decency.

New York Post:

Notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman allegedly raped a woman and had sex with girls as young as 13 years old — referring to his underage victims as his “vitamins,” according to newly unsealed court filings.

Guzman, 61, allegedly had sex “on multiple occasions,” with girls as young as 13-years-old, according to the disturbing documents, unsealed late Friday following a ruling from Brooklyn federal judge Brian Cogan, after multiple outlets argued they should be made public.

“The defendant called the youngest of the girls his ‘vitamins’ because he believed that sexual activity with young girls gave him ‘life,’ ” states the filing.

An associate of Guzman’s “would regularly send photographs of girls as young as thirteen years old to the defendant,” per the papers filed by prosecutors.

“For approximately $5,000, the defendant or one of his associates could have the girl of his choice brought to one of the defendant’s ranches for sexual intercourse,” the documents read.

The allegations come from Guzman’s former secretary, Alex Cifuentes, who took the stand against his onetime boss over the course of his 11-week drug trafficking trial.

Cifuentes, who is referred to CW1 in the documents, claimed to prosecutors that he too had sex with the girls, and helped Guzman drug them.

“CW1 assisted the defendant in drugging the girls with whom the defendant intended to have sex by placing a powdery substance into their drinks at the defendant’s direction,” read the papers, which were filed by prosecutors looking to bar the defense from exploring that line of questioning during their cross-examination of Cifuentes.

In the documents, Guzman is also accused of raping his mistress, Lucero Sanchez Lopez, a former Sinaloan congresswoman who testified against him at trial.

“The defendant raped a cooperating witness, thereafter beginning a romantic relationship with her and drawing her into his criminal enterprise,” read the court papers.

Sanchez testified at trial she met Guzman around 2011 when she was 21, and began working for him. She did not mention the alleged rape. Guzman vehemently denied the allegations, for which he has never been charged.

So, let’s put the “powder in their drinks” accusation aside – that obviously would be illegal anywhere, but that seems made up. I seriously doubt they have pictures of it as they’re claiming they have pictures of the young girls.

The other two accusations: sex with 13-year-olds and “raping” his own girlfriend are not illegal in Mexico.

The age of consent in Mexico is 12.

As far as rape – Mexico has extremely traditional and conservative laws with regards to that particular issue, and if some bitch walked in to a Mexican police station and said “I want to you charge my boyfriend with rape,” the police would laugh and probably gang-rape her themselves for being such a whore as to come to them and make that kind of claim.

Obviously, the woman is under pressure to testify against this guy with anything she can come up with, and some prosecutor had to suggest the rape thing to her, because she didn’t even think of it when she first began testifying against him. I’m sure they did long interviews, prying her for whatever info they can, and asked if he was ever sexually violent with her, and she said no, then they asked what about the first time, and she described a “ravishing” situation which in America is called “rape.”

No one other than white people fuck around with this “rape” bullshit. Even in developed Asian countries like Japan and South Korea – that have all the “women’s rights” as far as voting, school and working, just without the affirmative action – if some girl went into a police station and said “he raped me in his room,” they would be like, ” so you mean he kidnapped you?” and if she said “no, he invited me up to his room and I went with him and then when we got to his room we were sitting on his bed and he raped me,” they would tell her to leave and not bother them again.

If you’ve ever had a casual sexual encounter, you are aware that it is standard for any girl who does not openly identify as a total whore to say “hehe, no, hehe” as a man kisses her and removes her clothing. The girls gets off sexually on being “overcome” by the man, and the man presumably gets off on it as well. That is normal, primitive human mating behavior.

But laws in every Western country say that if she was giggling and saying “no” as a man pulled her pants off in his room after she agreed to go there to “watch a movie,” it was the same thing as if a nigger grabbed her off the street, held a knife to her throat, dragged her in the alley, punched her in the face and raped her.

This “consent” bullshit is incoherent gibberish invented by Jews.

Mexico still has so-called “marry your rapist” laws in several states and only repealed it at the federal level in 1991.

These are laws that allow a man convicted of rape to marry the victim and thus be exonerated of the crime.

The reasoning for that is that so-called “rape” is a very confusing subject. Very few so-called “rapes” involve a man grabbing a random woman off of the street and dragging her in an alley. Even if it is an aggressive situation, it is usually someone the man knows who has been sending signals to him for an extended period of time. This is known as “asking for it.”

As far as Mexico legalizing sex with 12-year-olds – I don’t know, but they seem to be very pro-natal.

Abortion is point-blank illegal in almost the entire country.

Anyway – this guy is one of the most serious drug-dealers who ever lived. He ran massive amounts of drugs into the United States. No one denies that. He doesn’t deny that. That is what the case is about.

What does his sex life – in Mexico – have to do with anything?

Putting a bunch of lewd shit out there like this is obscene.