Al-Jazeera Questions the Holocaust, Calls Jews War Grifters

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 21, 2019

Sometimes you need brown people to do what White people will be hounded, harassed and even killed for doing.

Pointing out obvious things, like the fact that the Jews run America or that the Holocaust is a racket and a scam, is simply not possible in polite White society. Naturally, the duty to point out these obvious truths has fallen to the lesser races.

The White race is in very sorry shape indeed.


An Al Jazeera video which accused Israel of exploiting the Holocaust to carry out a Nazi-like policy of “annihilation” against the Palestinians has been deleted following accusations of anti-Semitism.

Posted on the Arabic version of Al Jazeera’s popular current events channel, AJ+, the short commentary video argued that while the Holocaust did in fact happen, the total number of Jews killed by the Nazis was “inflated by the Zionist movement” to create international support for the creation of Israel.

You literally can’t ever question the six million. This is a huge step for AJ+ to make.

“The annihilation of any people because of their race, sex or religion is an unacceptable thing that deserves to be strongly denounced. Denouncing the Holocaust is a moral obligation,” video’s presenter, Muna Hawwa, said. “But Israel is the biggest winner from the Holocaust, and it uses the same Nazi justifications as a launching pad for the racial cleansing and annihilation of the Palestinians.”

I’m surprised they didn’t bring up the fact that Hitler explicitly ordered that Jews not be touched during the war, that they would be dealt with after the war, that he signed a pact with the nascent Zionist movement who were trying to convince Jews to move to Israel from Europe (it was either that or Madagascar), and that he allowed Jews to sell their belongings and move to Israel even before the war…

When it comes to criticizing the Jews, let’s be honest: these Arabs have no peer.

But then they turn right around and do the whole “evil White people” bit.

So fuck them, honestly.

White people will rally behind the Jews all the more strongly when they see these Moslems criticizing them and praising BLM and hating on White people in the same breath.

It seems that the average White person’s identity is firmly coupled with that of the Jews. “Judeo-Christian values” and all that shit. Having brown people in hijabs on an aggressively anti-American network talking bad about Jews won’t end well.

The situation is completely intolerable as it stands now. 

Something has got to change.