Alabama: Protesters March Through Mall After Cops Shot Wrong Black Guy Fleeing with a Gun

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2018

Based on this photo, I’m gonna have to assume this is a good boy who didn’t do nothing and was going to church and trying to get his life on track. 

So I guess if you’re a black guy at a black mall, the natural thing to do when someone starts shooting up the place is to pull your gun and start running around.

But I don’t know how police are supposed to know who is who in such a situation. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone is ever supposed to distinguish one black person from another – the color of their skin makes it impossible, due to the nature of light-reflection.


Protesters on Saturday marched through an Alabama shopping mall where police killed a black man they later acknowledged was not the triggerman in a Thanksgiving night shooting that wounded two people.

An officer shot and killed 21-year-old Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford, Jr. of Hueytown while responding to the Thursday mall shooting. Police said Bradford was fleeing the scene with a handgun.

Hoover police initially told reporters Bradford had shot a teen at the mall, but later retracted the statement.

“We knew that was false,” said stepmother Cynthia Bradford when she heard police were blaming him for the shooting. She described her stepson, who went by E.J., as a respectful young man whose father worked at a jail for the Birmingham Police Department.

Yeah but.

He was running through a mall with a gun.

Hoover Police Captain Gregg Rector said investigators now believe that more than two people were involved in the initial fight ahead of the shooting, and that “at least one gunman” is still at large who could be responsible. Police said while Bradford “may have been involved in some aspect of the altercation, he likely did not fire the rounds that injured the 18-year-old victim.” Rector said police regret that their initial statement about Bradford was not accurate.

LOL @ still at large.

Can you imagine committing a murder at a shopping mall of someone you know and then four days later not having been arrested?

These people live in a completely parallel society. Which the overwhelming majority of white people never interact with, and so have little or no understanding of. This is why it’s just rich liberals that go along with all this social justice bullshit. They have no idea what they’re doing. Antifa faggots get all of their info about the blacks from movies and TV and the one or two civilized ones they’ve run across in their isolated, privileged lives.