Alex Jones and Nicki Minaj Nazi Video Director Confirm Holocaust, Cry About Hitler

Daily Slave
November 15, 2014

    Oh, Alex. What have you done this time?
Oh, Alex. What have you done this time?

I finally had the chance to listen to the Alex Jones interview with Jeff Osborne the director of the Nicki Minaj “Nazi” video and it was worse than I thought.  In the interview they confirm the stupid Jewish Holocaust hoax, cry obsessively about Nazi Germany and refuse to discuss anything relating to Jewish power. Osborne even says that he’s a regular Alex Jones listener and calls Jones his hero.

Jones should just admit that he is a Jewish and Israeli propagandist at this point.  I don’t know how much more transparent it can get.

One other thing to add on this.  Infowhore and race-mixer Lee Ann McAdoo further claims that the Nicki Minaj “Nazi” video is secretly exposing the New World Order.  Never mind the fact that a Jewish company financed the project and the video says nothing about Jewish power.  But that’s okay Lee Ann, because nothing you say has to make any sense if you’ve got a huge set of breasts.