Alex Jones Can’t Get a Break! Big Guy Banned From Yet Another Platform

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2019

Alex Jones is getting banned from things that I didn’t even know existed – Smart TV programs.


Video-streaming service Roku has made a U-turn over its addition of InfoWars – the right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s channel.

Social media activists noticed Roku was offering the channel earlier this week, half a year after YouTube, Facebook and Apple, among others, had banned it.

Roku initially defended the decision on the grounds it did not censor content unless it was illegal.

But it has backtracked, after facing widespread criticism.

Roku makes set-top boxes and video-streaming sticks that provide access to thousands of channels of third-party content.

In addition, its technology is built into several brands of smart TVs and Blu-ray players.

The California-based company recently declared it had nearly 24 million active accounts.

It thus provided Jones a mainstream outlet after others, including Twitter, Spotify and Vimeo, had joined a wider ban and blocked his accounts last year.

This censorship had been criticised by some free speech advocates and Roku appeared to side with them when it issued an initial statement.

“We do not curate or censor based on viewpoint,” it said.

“While the vast majority of all streaming on our platform is mainstream entertainment, voices on all sides of an issue or cause are free to operate a channel.”

But it subsequently faced a backlash that included criticism by lawyers representing the families of victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting. 

And then a few hours later, they caved.

I missed the whole Smart TV thing and I’m glad that I did.

The point of TV is that it should be a break and easy to use. I don’t want to turn on the TV after a hard day of staring at the computer only to have to go to a menu, open some tabs, load up some content and realize, “wait, wtf, I’m still slaving away at a computer!”

But Alex Jones’ audience is a little bit older.

They were probably all stoked to see /theirguy/ on the TV.

And I must admit: I know if ever we make it and get our own TV channel, I’d feel like we were finally legit. Everyone knows that once you get a foothold in Boomer tech, you immediately get “legit” status conferred upon you from society at large.

Someday… someday… 

BTW the team of lawyers that are hounding Alex right now are all probably COMMUNIST CHINESE agents.

Presumably, the same Communist Chinese who own Hollywood and control Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google.

Alex has picked a dangerous foe to face head-on.

I can only hope that he’s prepared himself for the Chinese water torture that they’ll use on him if they catch him alive.

Don’t let them take you alive, Mr. Jones. Go out guns blazing, like I always believed you would.