Alex Jones Claims Global Meltdown is About to Happen, You are Completely Doomed

Daily Slave
September 6, 2015

Only if you buy 6,000,000 bottles of Alex’s magic erection formula can you possibly hope to survive the upcoming global collapse.

The front line of the real information war is currently being waged against the Jew shilling, erection formula selling, conspiracy promoting phony Alex Jones. Mr. Jones has been widely exposed as a big fraud after getting intellectually massacred by Dr. David Duke on his own show where they had a lengthy debate on the subject of Jewish supremacy. After getting embarrassed by Dr. Duke, Jones proceeded to make matters worse for himself by removing parts of the interview from his JewTube channel. He also refused to post the full interview despite widespread popular demand by many who wished to see it.

Jones is now behaving like a very desperate man. He has announced an upcoming money bomb where he hopes to get thousands of stupid people to donate a total of a million shekels so he can continue convincing people that Jewish power is not an important topic.

He has also released an incoherent and rambling JewTube video today claiming that a global meltdown is about to happen and that we are completely doomed. Towards the end of the video he actually says that millions are going to die. Oh yeah, and he also says that he is risking his life to bring us this information lol.

Watch the video for yourself. He sounds like a mad man. Most likely he’s under a great deal of pressure from his Jewish wife to extort more shekels from his audience and he thinks he can somehow do this by scaring them.

This is nothing new for Jones though. Back in 2000, he made people believe that the Russians had launched nuclear missiles against the United States and almost succeeded in creating a panic in conjunction with Y2K fears.

Suffice to say, I think it is a safe bet that Mr. Jones is rapidly losing the information war. He should retire and move to Tel Aviv while he still has the chance.


  1. I am locked in my basement waiting for the Global Meltdown but now I am running out of penis juice and water. Damn that German Death Cult to hell!!!

  2. Alex jones wants swag! funniest screenshot ever!

  3. Here it is Andrew. Stew Webb claims to have insider source. Alex has been fucking someone on the infowars team for months and this is why the wife gave him the boot.
    Only female I know of…on his staff…is McAdoo.
    But there may be an easy mark unknown gutter skank working in the dark corner of some cubicle at the Texas Command center that acted as his sperm receptacle.

  4. He really lost it…… No more 2012 for MR Alex

  5. Alex ‘jew-lover’ Jones is getting ready to run away to Israhell.

  6. We burned this city

    The Jubilee will follow up, the 50th year. Also the blood moon is going to be concluded on September 28. On the last three occasions kikes were expelled from Spain (the Sephardi ones, thus presumably a positive development for Ashkenazis), Israhell was founded and and the 1967 war occurred, there’s not going to be another one for 900 years. Something is definitely going to happen.

  7. Infowars Dan Bidondi

    How are you exposing him by talking about a miss-fortune of him getting divorced?
    That is messed up, that is NOT exposing someone. Attacking someone’s personal life especially a divorce which I have been through and it is one of the worse things one could go through.
    Then you claim you are raising money for a Christian Patriot network when a Christian, as I am would pray for them instead of exploiting their divorce.
    Both Alex and Kelly are great people whom I know personally and their problems are non of any of our business.

    • I am not interested in Alex’s personal life.

      The divorce is relevant because it may effect his politics, give that presumably much of his pro-Jew bias was based on the fact he has a Jew wife.

      • You know the one thing you guys never mention (that I’ve seen) that I noticed a long while back…

        Alex never works on Saturdays.
        He usually does work on Sundays.
        As recently as my parents’ day, Christians just didn’t work on the Sabbath.
        It wasn’t done.

        And… far as I know, Jones isn’t a Seventh Day Adventist.

        *steps back, drops the pin*
        Do with that what you will…

      • You know the one thing you guys never mention (that I’ve seen) that I noticed a long while back…

        Alex never works on Saturdays.
        He usually does work on Sundays.
        As recently as my parents’ day, Christians just didn’t work on the Sabbath.
        It wasn’t done.

        And… far as I know, Jones isn’t a Seventh Day Adventist.

        *steps back, drops the pin*
        Do with that what you will…

    • I will tell you why Dan. Because Alex, for years, rambles on and on and on and on and on and on about how he is this honorable, Christian, family guy which by the testimony of Jack Blood and others in the alt media is a complete ruse. He shows many signs of being a psychopath and will do anything to make a buck and ruin the competition. I have examined Alex since his internet debut like a virus in a petri dish and see the con. And this from an organization that is allegedly all about truth.
      Alex should have kept his dick in his pants, his misfortune is self chosen.
      Alex has shown hypocrisy for years, this is just another example.
      One of the team at infowars leaked the information, probably another disgruntled worker with an air tight gag order that is taking the risk.
      Infowars uses a Bronfman attorney and is connected this way into the jew elite network, one can only assume if this has to do with the wife or with Alex.
      Everyone has known for years that Alex has shilled for the Jew World Order and I will revel in every misfortune that psychopathic turn coats brings upon himself. I got a list a mile long of the bullshit con artistry this guy has spewed over the years.
      That is just the way it is.
      I have always liked your work Dan…truly top notch.
      Alex was rarely mentioned here until he tried to jew railroad David Duke and then censored the video interview. Fuck him, I hope he dies.

    • No joke Dan, I’ve seen your segments… you seem like an honest and ok guy.
      Tell Alex if he gives you Jacobson’s job, I will relent, and actually buy his products again.
      So long as in your first act as producer, to restore credibility to the show, you give Duke the follow up interview he was promised on air that Alex has cowardly begged off of since for no particularly good reason other than, well… Jews.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks his latest “money bomb” is a last ditch attempt to cash in before folding up shop?

    • I have been saying for a couple years that with no new 911 type event upon which to base another snuff film, he may end up false flagging himself with a staged death.

  9. Alex Jones is a useful idiot of the Illuminati, and he does have some inside foreknowledge. He did not ‘crash’ the Bohemian grove; he walked right through the front door and was on the guest list. He hated William Cooper who predicted 911 6 months in advance, demonstrating that Alex Jones also had foreknowledge of this albeit cryptic and coded.

    Alex Jones wearing the Joker mask is an Illuminati tell sign indicating he is the Satan spawn Jews’ dog and his whole show is an Illuminati operation. Previously, some Whites who had woken up to AJ tried to warn us on youtube that the water filters AJ sells are actually secretly laced with slow acting poison. Poison, the favorite weapon of cowards, women, and Jews.

    Be advised that while AJ tells true-lies that are half-truths designed to get you to swallow the lie by giving you a half truth, he does however, on occasion give truths, albeit partial, but that is how gold is mined and sifted, through mud and mountains of rubble, for a few grains or nuggets.

    The financial collapse part is the true part.

    The penis juice and sheckles part is the lie.

    I hope you are ready.

  10. The same guy that has predicted several other crashes to the specific date has predicted a global Economic Collapse this October. I don’t think we have long but I really hope it’s not that soon

    • Alex Jones is merely riding the wave of disaster researched by others, so he can claim all credit.

      One has to be a total fool not to see it…How about the Invasion of Europe?

      Its the month of Jewish new year Plus Shemitah Plus Year of the Jubilee for Jews….They will go ape sh*t this year as they have done in the past.

      They wouldn’t hesitate a nuclear attack in America, possibly Jew York from there predictive programming it looks like it.

      Jews are crazy, I wouldn’t put past them killing humanity. All signs are there

      • I think it’s really, really hilarious when IW’s shows how there are all these disastrous alignments with Jewish holidays, especially financial crashes, but it’s somehow magical or divine supernatural happenings as opposed to the incredibly obvious fact that “some people” have been using these dates as a rough calendar for their preset plans. For a long time.

        It’s about as funny as when Alex talks about how “the globalist plot seems generational, passed from father to son. Somehow it continues on…” But yet of the three groups that Could accomplish that (Vatican, Royals, zionists)… The one that has total money and propaganda power, gets the least focus of the three…

      • My main concern though is. How bad is it going to be? Is it going to be like the 30s or 2008? Or are we talking total anarchy and millions starving to death?

        • Depends… it looks like Operation Destroy All Trace of Whitey has upped its game a bit this year… so could be pretty bad.

          Or at best the Great Depression 2.0 so they can buy us all into serfdom for pennies on the dollar.

    • Keep an eye on Deustche Bank… CEO left two months ago under a scandal.

      Looks like their 50+ Trillions might implode. Deustche bank has been the “tool” to engineer the EU currency.

  11. Did he just say ‘Jewgenecists’ were planning a global collapse? I’m sure that is what he said.

  12. Did he just say ‘Jewgenecists’ were planning a global collapse? I’m sure that is what he said.

  13. Is he referring to the supposed ‘Shemitah’, which will begin next weekend?

    pic very related

    • Yes. Jews go ape during Shemitah. Economic collapse is a sure certainty in America. Please prepare. Just because shil Alex says so, it does not mean it would not be true, because, he is merely riding the research done by others for coming months.

  14. Even if he divorces his (half) Jewish wife, his kids are still a quarter Jewish. So that might still influence him. Aside from the covering up for the Jews thing, Alex just makes up a ton of bullshit and is a dishonest person in general.

  15. I did a little bit of internet detective work here.

    Alex Jones’ house deed was transferred to his wife on March 24th of this year.,P9_MULTI_SEQ,P9_NO_PAGES:2015043396,0,6

    On the same day, it was transferred to a trust, I guess.,P9_MULTI_SEQ,P9_NO_PAGES:2015043393,0,7

    Now the house is apparently up for sale.

    (Only $900,000 and six acres – I did expect more.)

    Last year, Alex removed power of attorney from the wife. Which generally implies things aren’t going well.,P9_MULTI_SEQ,P9_NO_PAGES:2014069111,0,2

    I can’t find anything about divorce being filed though.

    Did find he got fined $300 for marijuana possession in 1998.

    Nothing else.

    If anyone can dig up any more info, it’d be interesting. I’d like to know if he is divorcing his Jew wife.



    Interesting it is that around the time Alex Jones had David Duke on his Jewish wife divorced him.

    She was his Jewish handler. Right in the heart of his existence in the worst possible way. And when he went off the edge, as far as she or her instructors saw it, she ditched him. Infowars was shilling for Israel at a substantially reduced rate when she left him. I always thought Alex himself was legit, but that his wife was his handler. The Jewish community no doubt saw Alex as a potential threat, and sent her to keep him in check. I said this three years ago and will say it again now – Alex was targeted by the Jewish community because they knew he was a threat that could not be done away with due to his extreme popularity and conspiracy aware and suspicious audience, and as a result he received a honey pot wife who was only sent as a controller/handler. Alex did not know enough at the time to avoid her approach. This is a common tactic of the Jews, and the thing I find most surprising is that she did not poison him when he went too far out of her control. Well, the divorce courts will be used to annihilate him, there won’t be a gold mine for Alex, NOT EVEN THE SHAFT. Since his divorce was religiously and politically motivated, watch for Alex to get wiped completely off the map by it.

    I’d have stuck it to him harder over the way he handled David Duke, but when we see the repercussions, it is easy to observe that he was controlled by outside forces and possibly did this to Duke as a last ditch effort to save his life. He lost. BIG TIME.

    FORTHE RECORD: Jones no longer has a Jewish wife, SHE DITCHED HIM AND HAS

    The thing to do now is watch Alex from this point forward, to see where he takes his topics and how he handles Israel. There is a good chance he really is one of us, the
    truth will show itself now that his primary handler is gone.

    • had reported on the divorce three months ago, so the timing is a bit more spaced apart in regards to the Duke interview, but not necessarily unrelated.

      As an observer of Jones, like a virus in a petri dish, I have seen no evidence of his shilling less concerning the Jews over the past three years, or ever for that matter. His shilling has done nothing but grown in intensity concerning the Jew and this was further exemplified by how he conducted himself during the interview and his deleting it.

      I believe the wife is divorcing Jones because Jones just can not lay that pipe right no matter how many shots of hard dick juice he may imbibe.

      I also do not think she was in favor of putting the son in the spotlight on the show because once the crescendo occurs that one of the pyscho followers is convinced they are shills for the jews, then someone is going on a shooting spree and their kid is in danger.

      I also take issue with this quote…

      //The thing to do now is watch Alex from this point forward, to see where he takes his topics and how he handles Israel. There is a good chance he really is one of us, the truth will show itself now that his primary handler is gone.//

      This is delusional at best and tells me this writer knows little about Alex and his motivations.
      The entire operation is jew controlled considering Stratfor, Alex involvement with Elizabeth Schurig as his business attorney who also represents the World Jewish Congress Bronfman family and a majority of the show sponsors are Jews. Alex is a self/professed Christian Zionist. The Jew wife was just one of many factors.

      The show is on GCN which is an affiliate of ABC, which is owned by Disney.
      Jew controlled from the top all the way down.

      • Jim Stone is a Jew, and his website is probably the stupidest on the internet. It is worse than that “wellaware1” site. Really, he just makes things up.

        I would think someone else would be reporting it if Jones was in the process of divorce, as this would be public record.

        And also, yeah, agree with all that about how it would be impossible for him to stop shilling, due to how deep he is in. Even if he wanted to.

        • Did not know this about Stone, but explains his ridiculous apologist comments concerning Jones.

          I would say the actual papers have not been signed or filed, but they are in a state of separation and some type of asset division. There are millions on the line, so I am sure they will do everything with their financial interests a priority.
          And who knows, maybe those dick drops will start to kick in and she takes him back.

        • Goddammit. Him too? 🙁 I got briefly entranced by his theory of the kinetic weapon impact in Tianjin last month. Good writer. Sounded very plausible and what facts he did point to did seem, well, factual.

          I didn’t know Jim Stone Freelance Journalist was really Jim Stone International Jew. I’ll stop reading his theories I guess. You figure everything by Jews is disinformation? I’m inclined to think so myself or at least to err on the side of caution and assume so but then there’s characters like Brother Nathaniel who’s some Ashkenazi Jew who’s definitely woken up some on youtube to the truth of Jew rule. What about him? Do you think BroNat is overall positive or negative in terms of his impact on white people?

          • scottthestrategerist

            Good ones:
            Brother Nathaniel
            Dr. Murray Rothbard (best explanation of the banking system)
            Dr. Henry Makow
            Phillip Weiss (“Bad Students, Not Bad Schools”)
            Professor Richard Herrnstein (author of “The Bell Curve” and many others)
            Bobby Fischer
            Senator Barry Goldwater

            There are others…

          • Which just goes to show, jews are the worst group of people on earth. When you can NAME the good ones in a quick internet comments post, along with an ellipse that, yes, there *are* others…no, really….I’m serious. There *are* some other good ones….talking about damning with faint praise lolololo

          • Which just goes to show, jews are the worst group of people on earth. When you can NAME the good ones in a quick internet comments post, along with an ellipse that, yes, there *are* others…no, really….I’m serious. There *are* some other good ones….talking about damning with faint praise lolololo

          • lol…
            I’d add the old guy that runs a deli near me. He’s got the best hot sandwiches in town. There, that’s my whole extensive addition the list. The deli guy. Done.

    • It is either divorce or perhaps A.J. is dying from a chronic disease (Cancer) and needs to transfer assets. There is a “gut-check” taking place in the A.J. family. Appearances hint at “Schizophrenia” which is quite common when one is near Jews. It can be an “infection” acquired from Jews. Normal non-Jewish people usually don’t develop this unless near “Jews (with an infection)”.

      Schizophrenia Causes
      By Susan Chow, PhD, ELS
      The exact cause of schizophrenia is not currently known, and it is thought to occur as a result of various genetic, physical, psychological and environmental risk factors. In this way, some people are more likely to be affected by the condition due to genetic and physical susceptibility but a particular life event, usually stressful or emotional in nature, triggers the condition.

      Scientists Discover Gene That Predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to Schizophrenia
      Variations of the DNST3 gene make Ashkenazi Jews 40 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia and similar diseases. read more:

  17. Jim Stone says Jones is getting a divorce. I think the money bomb is to pay his wife off.

    • Alex is filming this video from his single man apartment. His children do not live with him.

      Their Texas villa was already quit/claim deeded over to the wife and she now has it for sale on the market.

      There is a fine line to walk during a divorce. The wife holds all the cards as if she is not appeased, she can reveal all his secrets and corruptions publicly and crush him. But this can negatively impact her share of income producing assets, the value of the enterprise and income streams from which she benefits over the many years and also the alimony and child support that are to be paid. If she feels the enterprise can be squeezed over time, then it is not in her best interests to demolish it. But, should Alex buck too hard and attempt to fuck her out of her share over time and bog it down with attorneys and litigation, then she may feel she has no choice but the nuclear option and then she walks away with her lump sum, but a diminished future income stream.

      The timing of the money bomb, it being soon after the Duke interview, tells me that one reason why Alex even had Duke on was to then later delete all negative commentators from his website and youtube channel as these would also be the ones that would comment negatively to his money bomb announcement and during the 27 hour long scam for free funds.

      I make the point that Alex has stated vehemently in his rabid, frothing hyper/frenetic manner that he is a free market capitalist that does not support the welfare state. That one must earn their way. Yet, Alex has no problems violating his ethics while asking his cult followers for socialist panhandling handouts to expand his private corporate enterprise with them getting no shares of the business.

  18. you forgot to mention the ‘tactical nuke’ russia supposedly lauched in ukraine….that was one of my favorite moment =D

    i immediatly buyed 6 bottle of dick hardener…i thougth:if i am to die into a non-jew globalist ‘nucular’ holocaust because of crazy german death cult russian…better do it with a boner on folks

    • At about 14 minutes in this video gets pretty good. Worth watching.

      I still like Superman though and I think his character and symbolism appropriates nicely for whites.

      …If it was at all possible, I am now even more anti-jew than I was before watching this… and I’m only half way through.
      If you’ve seen TGSNT and Hellstorm already you can skip the last half until 10 minutes from the end.

  19. A lot of people think mid-September will bring a disaster. But never forget: Jones is a Zio-shill.


    Hold onto your bottle of dick juice, it is the only thing which will save you.

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