Alex Jones Claims Obama is Going to Send Federal Agents to Shutdown Infowars

Info Stormer
September 28, 2015

Alex Jones shown here after overdosing on his overpriced Super Male Vitality erection formula.

Alex Jones is now claiming Obama is going to send federal agents to raid his Central Tel Aviv Command Center and shutdown Infowars.

If Obama really does this, it would be one of the only things he has ever done that I would support. Seriously though, there probably needs to be a legitimate investigation into the overpriced 1776 belt buckles and erection formula garbage he sells. Talk about price gouging.

It is curious that he is saying these things right after he managed to get people to donate many shekels in his recent money bomb. I guess he said he wanted the money to put his pro-Jew propaganda on satellite or something? A ridiculous plan considering that the Internet and mobile technology has already been widely adopted by many millions. That sort of thing is not even relevant.  It is more likely that the money bomb cash is going to pay off his Jew wife. Or who knows, maybe he plans to take the money and flee to Israel.

Either way, he literally says that Obama is going to shutdown Infowars lol. I doubt it, but whatever. I guess we’ll see what happens.  No matter what, please keep trolling this sick bastard.