Alex Jones Complains About Twitter Censoring Him While Censoring Comments About His Failure to Cover Jewish Power on His Own Websites

Daily Slave
August 16, 2014

Alex Jones is becoming increasingly angry and depressed as he begins to lose the information war.

It could not be any more obvious that radio host Alex Jones is slowly losing the information war currently being waged against him by patriotic seekers of truth.

Numerous individuals have questioned why Jones, who consistently claims that he is a man of God and seeks the truth, refuses to acknowledge the obvious role of Jewish power in America.  Many have taken him to task on this subject, asking him how he could ever be objective on this topic when he has a Jewish wife, Jewish children and has maintained a significant number of Jewish sponsors to fund his organization.

The Infowars comments sections have literally been bombarded with many thousands of comments about this.  Instead of responding to these questions in a rational manner, Jones and the people who moderate the postings have taken the low road, choosing to censor and delete comments that raise this important issue.

Even though Jones and his moderators are actively doing everything they can to stifle questions about why they won’t discuss the issue of Jewish power, Jones had the nerve to complain about how his own material is supposedly being censored on Twitter.  He even had Kit Daniels an Infowars writer do a piece about this, suggesting that their material has been consistently censored on social media networks as part of some alleged government conspiracy.

Discussion about a government conspiracy aside, how much more hypocritical could they possibly be?  Jones employs censorship on his own comments section but whines and complains that his material is being censored on Twitter.  How can one not laugh at this?

In reality, it is hard not to find Alex Jones related material on any variety of social media sites.  YouTube alone has thousands upon thousands, if not millions, of Alex Jones related videos.  So his claims of censorship are outlandish and ridiculous, considering the reach his material already has.  It is much more likely that there is a more mundane explanation for their Twitter problems, like a technical glitch.  Websites that are as complicated as some of these social media sites are, may run into glitches from time to time.  This is not an uncommon occurrence.

But why would Jones be censored by the government in the first place?  He goes out of his way not to talk about Jewish power and instead misdirects his audience with increasingly weirder and weirder conspiracies while blaming an unnamed group of people he calls “globalists.”  In many respects, he is doing the Jewish power structure a great favor, because he stifles open discussion about the Jewish problem among a large group of people who sense something is wrong.

Is it any wonder why he is now losing the information war?  His media empire is being exposed for what it is which is an operation based off of lies, misdirection and outright confusion.

Unfortunately for him, the information war that is being waged against him has only just begun.

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