Alex Jones Delivers Dire Warning on Internet Censorship to Donald Trump!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2019

Alex Jones has delivered a dire warning to President Donald Trump in the form of a special video (which someone uploaded on YouTube, but which will probably get deleted soon).

The gigantic human figure and penis pill marketing genius accurately states that the single most important thing for Donald Trump to do is fix the situation of internet censorship. And he is absolutely right. This is far and above the most important thing going on right now. Because if we don’t have our First Amendment rights, then we don’t really have anything.

If we’re not allowed to speak then we can’t possibly effect any kind of change. You can pretty much either just accept everything that happens to you or become a violent terrorist. And obviously, part of this whole agenda is to drive white people toward becoming terrorists.

We are now under the most comprehensive censorship regime in all of human history. People can try to say the USSR was worse, but they’re just lying. In the USSR, the overwhelming majority of your conversations took place in private, and those were not regulated. The only thing you weren’t allowed to do was publish printed anti-government material or go out in public and yell anti-government sentiment. Now, the overwhelming majority of your conversations take place online, and those are all monitored and regulated by extra-governmental bodies that are not accountable to anyone.

Never at any time in history has the basic ability to converse with others been regulated. We have reached a level of speech control that no one in the Soviet Union ever could have imagined. And I dare say that those people wouldn’t have tolerated it.

I’m glad that Alex is saying that this is a FIRST AMENDMENT issue. These shitbag kikes and the likes of Charlie Kirk and other mainstream cuckservative shills keep saying it isn’t a First Amendment issue because these are private companies that are cracking down on you.

But a private company absolutely can take away your rights. Imagine if a private company killed you and Charlie Kirk said it wasn’t murder because it’s not the government doing it.

Or how about “there’s no censorship in the Soviet Union because you can still talk about whatever you want in the privacy of your home.” That also applies here. Because without access to Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, domain registries, DNS servers, hosting companies or anything else, you sure as hell can’t publish anything.

But somehow these people are telling us this isn’t a violation of the First Amendment?

It makes no sense.

Alex cites an article from saying that accounts with a total of over 200 million followers have been banned from Instagram.

I guess these are just meme accounts that they’re banning for no reason.

This is all just blatant election meddling. They’re not even trying to hide it.

As Alex says: just imagine if these companies were mass-banning liberal Democrat accounts for no reason (or for any reason). There would be mass outrage from the liberals, who understand the internet a lot better than boomer Trump.


I’ve gotten used to being banned from everything, so I’m looking at Alex like I’m Bane.

But this situation really is just utterly out of control.

If Trump just did the anti-censorship thing, that would be enough policy for his entire term for me. And his entire second term.

Really, fuck a wall, fuck all of this other shit – I want my free speech back.

We’re not going to be able to do anything if we don’t have free speech. That is really the base starting point for any kind of political action.

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