Alex Jones Gains EXACTLY 6 MILLION New Subscribers in 48 Hours!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2018

EXACTLY SIX… okay not quite.

But just about.


Alex Jones claims 5.6 million people have subscribed to his free Infowars newsletter and podcast over the last 48 hours.

These 48 hours have been crucial for Jones, as the Big Tech monopolies and left-wing news outlets like CNN and BuzzFeed have joined forces to blacklist/erase Infowars from the public square.

Jones and Infowars have had their accounts canceled – have been effectively purged and erased – from YouTube, Facebook, Apple, LinkedIn, Spotify, Stitcher, and Pinterest. Even the emailing service MailChimp blacklisted Jones, in what has been a highly effective and coordinated media/Big Tech campaign to silence a vocal Trump supporter.

Yes, yes. That is what they do.

It is a chain reaction. Or it is made to look like a chain reaction. What it actually is a campaign of collusion between these companies, which all have backchannel communication with each other.

Trust me. I know about this.

It is only a matter of time before Twitter cracks. And PayPal and his other payment processors. And his app gets removed from the app store.

This is a full-frontal assault on America’s fattest man. Sorry, I mean America’s favorite fat man.

And we won’t stand for it.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Jones said Wednesday, “The good news is Infowars has had the highest traffic it’s ever had – 5.6 million new subscribers in the past 48 hours – and so has my radio show.”

Jones added, “De-platforming doesn’t do anything, we already have the subscribers, it doesn’t do very much.”

That’s total bullshit, I know for a fact.

But it’s the right thing to say.

And in the long run, yes, Daily Stormer does have a lot more infamy now, and a lot more daily readers, than before the shutdown. But it was a hard thing, man. A real hard thing.

Of course, Jones hasn’t lost his domain yet. I’m not sure if they’ll pull that card or not. But with Twitter and the App store, it’s just a matter of hours.

On YouTube, Jones reportedly had 2.2 million subscribers. Jones claims these new subscribers more than make up for the loss of that platform.

“The loss we’ve had … on various platforms, has been way compensated by millions of new subscribers and visitors to our website, the mobile app, to our free podcast,” Jones said. “We’ve never had this much people signing up for our news letter, podcast, video feeds, they’re all hitting subscribe, subscribe, subscribe.”

Jones believes the onslaught of media/online censorship against him has backfired in his favor.

“Even if I was ever defeated, from other places around the world victory is going to come, this fight for human liberty is unstoppable … people understand what’s happening and we’re gonna go on to the end whatever the cost is. We’re gonna never surrender.”




no lol jk.


Jones is now our mate, by de facto law of the jungles.

The law of all jungles.

Every jungle has the same law.

So yes – go sign up for his shit.

Don’t give him any money.

Send us the money.

But click signup for the app. I did. On three different phones. And then I was with a group of people and made them all do it.

Conversely – or in concordance with – we should also organize with the leftist mob to have him forced off of Twitter and the App Store and PayPal and anything else he’s still on. Including his domain registry. In order to accelerate this. Because accelerating it is beneficial to us, and I don’t really owe this fat asshole anything since he refused to stand up for me when this happened to me and now he’s claiming to be the first person it ever happened to.

Literally, yes – do that.

Write letters to PayPal and his domain registry and ask why he’s still allowed on their platform when he’s already been convicted in internet court of being a Nazi.

And contact the App Store and report abuse.

Also, point this out to the already organized mob of leftists attacking him. Ask why he still has payment processors and a domain.

It’s an act of tough love, Alex. 

It’s good for all of us, and the world, if you get totally kicked off of everything.

You’ll thank me when you’re older.

Just like you called me and thanked me for warning you about your Jew wife and your Jew producer, both of whom are suing you. Except you never thanked me for that. And I don’t care if you thank me for this either.

Because I’m not in this to get thanks from fat people.

What I care about is WINNING.