Alex Jones Gets Into Shouting Match with Man Even Fatter Than He Is

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 26, 2019

Alex can’t even go to a restaurant to stuff his face without getting into a showdown – a real brouhaha – with carpet bagging Millennials.

This incident took place at Lucy’s Fried Chicken in Austin, Texas over the weekend.

These pierced, obese and tatted up freaks are everywhere now.

The origin of their vile forms is unknown.

They just showed up like the mutant gang in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight.

Alex called it: they’re pissed because they have extra chromosomes.

While I enjoyed the shouting match, I found myself getting worried about Alex. He’s been getting very wide around the midsection. And everyone knows that you shouldn’t get into shouting matches when you are very very fat like Alex has become it’s bad for your heart.

It also comes off as disingenuous to call others fat when you are only marginally slimmer than they are. 

But details aside, what jumps out in the video is just how alone Alex is. The SJWs are a bunch of misfits and freaks, but they’ve got each other. You’ll rarely ever find an SJW traveling alone. They say that misery likes company, but I’d say that misery hunts in packs.

Meanwhile, Freedom rides all on its lonesome. 

And the Golden Rule in life is that whoever is outnumbered gets escorted off the premises first each and every time. Alex lost his “fight” and had to make a hasty retreat.

Others in the fried chicken joint were shouting in support of Alex, but no one stood up to help him in his confrontation with the mutant gang.

Although I have to say, this fight wasn’t Werl Star!!! Werl Star!!! material by a long shot. This is because most modern fights have become people just pulling out their phones on one another and shouting for the benefit of their fan base watching at home. This is because we’re living in a passive-aggressive (read: JEW’D) society where the person who throws the first punch or any punch at all gets to feel the full weight of the system crashing down on them (unless they’re Antifa FBI assets).

You know, if I were to come up with a measure of weight to describe just how heavy the weight of a system crashing down on an individual is, I’d use an “Alex Jones” unit of measure. In other words, the force that the system exerts on an individual standing up for his Constitutional rights is exactly 1 Alex Jones unit.

If you were to live in a country with a less tyrannical government, you could say that the system came at you with 2/3rds of an Alex Jones. If you were to bang a chubby gal in the cowgirl position, you’d say that you felt 2 Alex Jones of pressure just fucking mashing and slapping around on top of your dick.

Me, personally, I want to break my all-time bench press record so that I can finally be able to lift 1/2 an Alex Jones.

But since an Alex Jones isn’t a static measure of weight, this may never be a feasible goal. Just as the weight of oppression is constantly expanding, Alex Jones is in a constant state of expansion.

Though we all support him in his brave fight against the SJW millennial hordes, he really shouldn’t be visiting fried chicken joints.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.