Alex Jones Goes Full Nazi While Threatening Infowars Staff with a Tomahawk Axe!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2017

This is a major change in creative direction for Infowars.

After filming pornographic videos with Megyn Kelly in the Infowars studio last week, there has been much speculation on what Alex Jones would do next. Although there are rumors that Jones will be Donald Trump’s next press secretary, he still has big plans for the Infowars brand.

Based on what we saw the other day, it looks like Jones is finally prepared to go full Nazi with Infowars!

It all happened when Owen Shroyer was doing a news report about Nazi artifacts found in Argentina. As he began the segment, a big swastika was placed in the background.

Moments later, Jones walked on set threatening Infowars staff with a tomahawk axe if they did not embrace White supremacist ideologies.

Jones was enraged when his staff changed the studio screen from displaying the NSDAP swastika to the American flag. 

Shroyer immediately agreed and began describing how Adolf Hitler really escaped to Argentina and is still alive at 128 years of age. He also noted how Hitler in his later years has become quite the prolific YouTube comment poster.

Jones also announced that future Infowars content would be primarily focused around promoting Nazism and proving that the earth is flat.

We fully support this change in creative direction. It is much needed!