Alex Jones Infowars Promoting Useless Legislation From Pro-Jew Traitor Rand Paul

Daily Slave
June 23, 2014

Good gojim can to trusting Rand Paul.  Rand Paul is best Paul.
Good gojim can to trusting Rand Paul. Rand Paul is best Paul.

Apparently the pro-Jew, pro-Israel traitor Rand Paul has introduced new legislation in the U.S. Senate and the Jew friendly Alex Jones controlled opposition media empire is promoting it.  Theoretically the legislation Paul is endorsing would prevent funding of federal government initiatives that would target gun and ammunition companies.  Kurt Nimmo a longtime writer for Jones recently posted an article on the bill painting it in a positive light.

Even though the intention of the bill might sound nice, the drafting and promoting of such legislation is unnecessary and is quite frankly a waste of time.  It is nothing more than a cheap political stunt by Paul to show his base of brainwashed supporters that he is trying to do something in favor of people’s Second Amendment rights.

The reality is that such legislation will never get passed in today’s political environment.  On top of that, there’s no need for any new laws.  If the executive branch expressed any sort of interest in following and enforcing existing laws on the books as they are required to, than none of this would be a problem.  After all, what good is a new law if the people in power are unwilling to enforce it?

Paul and the rest of the Republican stooges in Congress are a bunch of coward failures.  They are just pretending to oppose the Obama regime.  The executive branch has been caught engaging in endless criminality and nobody is seriously talking about removing Obama and his cronies from power.  Drafting and proposing new bills isn’t going to accomplish anything until these Jewish friendly Marxist criminals are thrown out of power.

The fact that the Jones media empire continues to promote Paul in a favorable light is ridiculous.  His entire operation is as bad as any other Jewish controlled media outlet that’s out there.