Alex Jones Says Nicki Minaj Nazi Video was Trying to Wake People Up to Alleged Nazi-Run NWO Conspiracy

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
November 14, 2014

    Alex Jones should move to Tel Aviv with his Jew family while he still has the chance.
Alex Jones should move to Tel Aviv with his Jew family while he still has the chance.

Alex Jones and the entire Infowars staff will do whatever they can to avoid talking about Jewish power.  The history of kosher shilling from Infowars has reached such legendary proportions that it is a surprise that Jones has not started wearing a yarmulke during his daily three hour shill fest.

The recent Infowars coverage of the Nicki Minaj “Nazi” music video is more proof that Jones and his assorted lackeys are nothing but frauds.  In their coverage, they quote the director of the Nicki Minaj “Nazi” video named Jeff Osbourne, who claims he created this horrible music video to wake people up to some sort of “Nazi” controlled New World Order conspiracy. Infowars references connections between the United States government and “Nazis” following World War II to try and prove Osbourne’s position.

While it is true that Project Paperclip was a real operation that helped bring over numerous German scientists and engineers into America after World War II, their influence has been vastly exaggerated by Jewish produced Hollywood films and Jewish controlled media outlets.  It is a clever way for the Jews to deflect their criminality and evil on to their enemies.

Looking at it logically, if these so-called “Nazis” really took over the American government to push ahead a New World Order conspiracy, why is it that we see so many Jews in positions of power today?  For example, the Federal Reserve has been run by a Jew for almost the past 30 years.  Would a government secretly run by “Nazis” allow Jews to run such an important institution for this length of time?  Of course they wouldn’t.

Another point worth mentioning is if “Nazis” really controlled America, why is there such a push for World War II era soldiers from Germany who came to America following the war to be stripped of social security benefits that they earned?  Would a “Nazi” run government persecute their fellow “Nazis” in this fashion?  Of course they wouldn’t.

Even though Osbourne might believe that this “Nazi” conspiracy is real, it is nothing but a fantasy.  The fact that Infowars would promote his ramblings is ridiculous.  Even more absurd is how they ignore the obvious Jewish angle to this story.  Let’s review a few key points.

They make no mention of the fact that Minaj openly stated that there were people involved in creating the video who were Jewish.

They make no mention of the fact that Universal Music Group a Jewish run entity controls the label that put out the music video.

They make no mention of the fact that Drake one of the collaborating so-called artists on this song is half Black and half Jewish.

Perhaps the worst part of their coverage is that they use the Charlie Chaplin film “The Great Dictator” to try and prove their point about how it should be OK to satirize the allegedly “Nazi” run American government.

Although the origin’s of Chaplin’s birth are considered a bit of a mystery, it is widely believed that he was really a Jew named Israel Thornstein.  In fact throughout much of Chaplin’s life it was assumed that he was Jewish.  Chaplin himself never refuted these allegations.

They also claim that the National Socialist movement in Germany was absurd even though it is 100% clear that this movement was the antithesis to the Jewish controlled system of international control that exists today.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Jones interviewed Osbourne on his show today.  I did not have the time or the patience to listen to it but it is probably safe to assume that the content of the interview was similar in scope to this piece of rubbish they published on Infowars.  The obvious refusal of these people to talk about the Jewish aspect of this story is insane and proves once again that they have no credibility.

If they keep producing garbage like this, Jones will be forced to move his entire operation to Israel because he will no longer be welcomed in the United States.  He is a Jewish enabler, a traitor and an enemy to White Americans everywhere.