Alex Jones Infowars Site Falsely Links Political Correctness to Nazis

Daily Slave
August 21, 2015

The InfoWhores team is now trying to link “Nazis” to today’s Jewish promotion of political correctness lol.

Kurt Nimmo writing for the Alex Jones InfoWars website has posted an article essentially trying to link political correctness to “Nazis.”  This is completely absurd.

I honestly don’t know how they can continue pushing this type of narrative.  Modern political correctness has been pushed by Jews and their Marxist allies.  It has nothing to do with National Socialism.  Just because the National Socialists burnt degenerate Jewish literature in the 1930s doesn’t mean you can automatically link the two things together.

Just look at the media today which is dominated by Jewish interests.  The only thing you see promoted is political correctness.  In fact, the most politically incorrect ideology one can advocate is one that is closely aligned with National Socialism.  This is because it is the antithesis of the political correctness and Marxism which is pushed by the Jewish media today.

This article is just pure rubbish.  It shows yet again that the Jones crew will spend hours upon hours of their time looking for a needle in a haystack that they can exploit in order to blame “Nazis” for something.  On the other hand, they will never point out the obvious fact that Jewish supremacists are the one’s creating most of the problems we have.


  1. The Nazi book burning’s were VOLUNTARY! We need to burn a BUNCH of the Jewish trash being pushed today including a lot of text books!

  2. Not only did we NOT invent political correctness Jewnsy, we also the best women.

  3. The Nazis had to burn all the books so they could have enough fuel to gas all the jews so they could make all the soap, mattresses and lampshades that were crucial to their war effort.

    HA! I see how this works now…

  4. The Nazis weren’t totally resistant to social signaling and politically correct nonsense. They didn’t understand biology as well as we do, which, if they had, would have helped immensely, nothing like actual understanding to replace social signaling debates.

  5. More damage control by Jones’ Jew handlers. They are frantically trying to muddy the waters again so his viewers / listeners don’t leave the reservation in droves and go full Nazi.

  6. Nice try info whores! The difference between David Duke’s quotes by Jews and this quote, is that there is actual concrete evidence to support it. Your statement, like most info wars bullshit, is conjecture. How have the Nazi’s or white Europeans benefitting from PC? Does PC silence criticism of either of the above mentioned groups? Nope! In fact the only groups that you are allowed to criticize under PC dogma would be Nazi’s and white Europeans!

    • I read somewhere a number of years ago that Kurt Nimmo had been looking for a cushy bed to ply his nefarious trade in and voila! resurfaces at the Jonestown camp. I believe this happened after the Loose Change video came out and the embarrassment with Jason Bermas was going on.
      Anyway, I was initially impressed with Alex when he mentioned child kidnapping rings. Before ever hearing him, I knew about the Franklin scandal and as a 12 year old was almost snatched off a Jersey boardwalk by two child predators. It did not take me long, though, to figure out Jones-town was a dead-end.
      By the way, thank you for whoever coined the term “Jonestown” for Alex Jones. It fits. He may not be like the Rev.Jim Jones but he does think America should be one big People’s Temple. Wahnsinn!
      Listening to the dialogue between Dr. Duke and A.J. I became convinced Jones himself must be brainwashed. I felt he always knew the holocaust and other assorted Nazi atrocities never happened but just lied about it. Now I think he is actually catastrophically naïve.
      What do you do when you realize the whole world you have built is resting on sand? Time is short, Alex. Will you remain an entertainer for the rest of your life or is the truth worth anything to you?
      The first Christians burnt their occult books. German Nazis burnt subversive Jewish books. Americans burnt books too.
      They are not the problem. Our problem is thinking everyone is equal, progress is possible and we must bring in the new world (order). You can’t defy the laws of Thermodynamics.

  7. Google: The Origins of Political Correctness – Accuracy in Academia.
    Tell us Mr. Nimmo, was it the Nazi’s or the Jews that bragged about taking over the Anthropology departments of every major university in America by 1991? Would Mr. Jacobson care to read off the list of professors in the humanities departments of every major university so we can see how many Jews were involved in propagating PC? Shall we save that for the next Jones vs. Duke ‘debate’?

  8. I just read the Info Wars article. Sorry kikes, you are attempting a huge stretch. This whole argument is based on “a single point of
    view”. Tell us kikes, wouldn’t ‘Holocaust Denial’ be the most significant attempt to enforce a single point of view EVER, as it is the only event in human history that having a different point of view is punishable by imprisonment! PC is attempt to cover the truth, just like ‘Holocaust Denial’ and we all know who was responsible for that!

    “the usual suspects”? Please define your terms. From what I can recall, taking away advertising dollars was a tactic used by jews to take over the US media! Are the ‘usual suspects’ the white Europeans that are awakening to the jew promoted genocide by non-white invaders that came in as a result of Jews “opening the gates” as they have always done except in their own homeland, so they can divide and conquer? Or are the usual suspects the Jews? Maybe we should ask Garron Helm? How dare he attempt to point out a foreign agent working for the interests in a foreign country for a party the Jews called “Jewish Labour”?

    Their is one thing that establishes a single point of view. It’s called truth which is the exactly what PC attempts to hide!
    Are you sure it wasn’t the Catholic Church promoting monogamy as a single point of view that was responsible for PC? Or how about the Muslims and there “is no God but Allah” statement. That’s a single view.
    Political Correctness is a Cultural Marxist attempt at supporting equality of all the non-chosen goyim

  9. Tell us Jew-wife Jones, is Mein Kampf now the go to book for all things PC? We know how much they were worried about offending the feelings of Jews and homosexuals.

    IMHO, it seems evermore apparent that the Jews massive truth inversion was an attempt to cover up the atrocities of Jew communism by using massive lies about the one group that was quite capable of defeating them as a diversion. They jewed the allies into attacking the most formidable force that could have stopped them! Just like Jew run info wars is doing NOW!

  10. BobWhitakerisokay

    It ALWAYS goes back to evil White people and Nazis, NEVER humanitarian Communists and Jews.

  11. The cuckservatives know all about political correctness. They whine Trump is not a conservative while the cuckservative hypocrites have embraced multiculturalism, ignored illegal immigration for 25 years, ignored the mainstreaming of pornography, embraced same sex marriage and homosexuality, and defend all these positions with the political correctness they embrace.

    What do we owe to the unspeakable gang that now rules us in Washington? … A fair trial. — Revilo P. Oliver

  12. Shlomo Shekelberg

    The National Socialists banned 10,000 books, post war Germany ~ 34,000 books. A lèse majesté brought you in prison for two weeks in the German Reich, insulting a Jew can get you in prison for years in the so-called Democracy.

    Resistance is obligatory!

  13. Le Happy Merchant $$$

    Cultural Marxism and political correctness, these are social engineering “tools” which came out of the Jewish think tank known as the Marxist Frankfurt School.

  14. There can be an honest type of “political or ideological correctness,” (more directed toward party members and followers), and there can also be a poltical correctness that is disingenuous, and simply used as a pretext to keep the people enslaved to a fraudulent and harmful ideology (i.e., Communism and cultural Marxism).

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