Alex Jones Infowars Site Falsely Links Political Correctness to Nazis

Daily Slave
August 21, 2015

The InfoWhores team is now trying to link “Nazis” to today’s Jewish promotion of political correctness lol.

Kurt Nimmo writing for the Alex Jones InfoWars website has posted an article essentially trying to link political correctness to “Nazis.”  This is completely absurd.

I honestly don’t know how they can continue pushing this type of narrative.  Modern political correctness has been pushed by Jews and their Marxist allies.  It has nothing to do with National Socialism.  Just because the National Socialists burnt degenerate Jewish literature in the 1930s doesn’t mean you can automatically link the two things together.

Just look at the media today which is dominated by Jewish interests.  The only thing you see promoted is political correctness.  In fact, the most politically incorrect ideology one can advocate is one that is closely aligned with National Socialism.  This is because it is the antithesis of the political correctness and Marxism which is pushed by the Jewish media today.

This article is just pure rubbish.  It shows yet again that the Jones crew will spend hours upon hours of their time looking for a needle in a haystack that they can exploit in order to blame “Nazis” for something.  On the other hand, they will never point out the obvious fact that Jewish supremacists are the one’s creating most of the problems we have.