Alex Jones Issues Challenge to Dr. David Duke

Andrew Anglin and William Martel
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2015

The Fat Man and his protector
The Fat Man and his protector

The Fat Man has issued a challenge to Dr. David Duke and his “White supremacist” comrades (i.e. us).

A man named Frank called into the Alex Jones show and mentioned Angelo John Gage. Jones then began talking about David Duke, soon devolving into an “epic rant” about the Ku Klux Klan.

While Frank told the truth we all know about how we as Whites are being persecuted by the establishment, Jones went on about how the “globalists” and their eugenicist agenda is designed to destroy everyone, not just White people.

In fact, the opposite is true.

The Jews are flooding our nations with non-Whites in order to ensure we Whites actually subsidize our own genocide by funding the welfare state and even the anti-White propaganda that brainwashes our own people into hating ourselves, ensuring we are too psychologically crippled to stand up and defend our race.

During his rant, Alex addresses accusations of him being a Jew and working for Israel or the Vatican as a shill. Just a quick note: I have never seen anyone accuse Jones of being a Jew. I have seen people state the accurate and indisputed fact that his wife and children are Jews, and that virtually all of his sponsors are Jewish. Also, I don’t hear anyone talking about the Vatican anymore, so that is yet another attempt to obfuscate what we are actually saying.

He does admit Whites are under attack, but then negates the relevance of that by claiming all races are under attack (even as the UN continues to fund the population explosion in Africa and demands that all White countries be flooded with brown people).

At one point, Alex literally says “I would love to talk to David Duke.”

I have yet to talk to Dr. Duke about this, but I am relatively certain that he would be more than happy to appear on the Alex Jones show and have a little debate about some of the disagreements Alex Jones has with we evil “White supremacists” who he claims want to murder babies.

This may not have been intended as a formal invitation, but an invitation it was nonetheless.

And we are going to hold him to it.

We want to see David Duke on the Alex Jones show.

We have definitely waited long enough for such an encounter.

We will wait for a response from the good Dr., but if an invitation to appear on the show is not issued by Jones promptly, the Stormer Troll Army is going to be deployed to put the pressure on.

We have questions, Mr. Jones.

And we want Dr. Duke to ask them. On air.

You will allow him to ask them, or this clip will be played into infinity of you claiming you’d have him on the show and then refusing to do so.

The choice is yours.


Editor’s note: For any video editing pros, a modified and shortened version of the above clip, which contains the challenge to Duke as well as the accusations of wanting to murder babies, a few of the other outrageous claims, would be great. Multiple versions would be good. The Fat Man just dug his own oversized grave.


  1. does the penis-pill-popping slob still have an audience these days?

    • fake Catherine Burns

      He lost me as one…. Fear porn is not good for your health. Lies mixed with truth. Since the early days he was deceptive as a co-intel-pro NSA honeypot to bait out all those onto debate on social media. He used to sell fake “secure” ISPs without encryption circa 2004 if you get the old audio from his shows then you’ll see the ads.

  2. Jones,hero of the Jew owned Tea Party, would never let David Duke on his Kosher Conservative/Conspiracy theory program.
    At least not in a free for all format.
    The Fat Slob is bluffing.
    As for the Vatican,those queens have ZERO political power Thur Jewish masters into givethem. …tthat is hch an old lie,to cover for Jewish world subversion.

  3. Gas-chamber-hoax

    By death threats does he mean silly lampshade and soap references? I have never seen anyone seriously threaten Alex on any comments section anywhere ever in the last 10 years. Ever.

  4. The caller is 80% right, while Alex is about 20% right.
    The Jews (who are really just Khazars, also known as Ashkenazi-Jews who are the tribe of Magog) do want to wipe out most people including Africans and Asians. Except for perhaps a few Whites to keep as slaves. (One could say that, they plan to wipe out the Whites first, then the others).
    These Atheistic-Jews believe that the non-Whites will be easier to control then Whites. So they rather non-Whites control America. However the real plan is to put Jews in charge of even China and Japan and Ethiopia and so forth. A real Hebrew believes in the promise-land. A fake-Khazar-Jew believes in the faults teaching called “the promised-planet” it is a teaching that they themselves made up in kabbalism which is a Jewish-Pagan religion.
    Anyway, while Jones does not cover the plainly obvious facts that 99% of the 1% are Ashkenazi-Jews. Alex is very helpful in exposing Jewish plots even if he does not call them out by name.
    Such as…
    #1 Tower 7 falling out of thin air on 9/11/
    #2 The Israeli Mossad agents arrest in NY on 9/11 with a van full of explosives.
    #3 The Chem trails really are real (I have friends who were in the military and confirmed this to me personally)
    #4 Alex exposed that the Republican party is not really conservative at all.
    #5 Alex exposes that the left and right thing is bogus. It is Liberty vs Tyranny.
    #6 Alex exposed that Clinton, Bush and Obama are virtually the same, and brings us close to breaking the Dem/Gop-Monopoly they have on American politics.
    #7 Alex exposed the Builder-burger group to me, something no one else did before him. Most of them are Zionist or Jews yes.
    #8 Alex exposed the negative health effects of drinking fluoride. Not necessarily brushing with it, but drinking it is pure toxic.
    #9 When Alex was arrested about 5 years back, he publicly called out how persecuted Whites actually are, and how tough it was being the only White man in his jail. This was a god step forward for Americans to heard from him.

    Don’t get me wrong folks. Alex is no expert on race or genetics. He has never claimed those to be his strong points.
    He is not the end all to save us. But he is a valuable tool if we allow him to continue.
    Instead of making enemies with him, better to be partial allies. We do not need to conform to him. We just let him keep doing his thing, then add on to his educating the masses.
    That is how it worked for me anyway.
    We Have To Pick and Choose our enemies folks… We cannot afford to be enemies with everyone. Seriously. Lets all learn to make more allies then we do enemies. After all, our #1 enemy are these Zionist-bigots anyway. Zionism is at war against God’s House of Zion. The two are polar opposites.
    (And of course David would defeat Alex in any debate on any topic)

    • Your’s is the most sensible comment I’ve seen on this article yet.

      You can’t make enemies with everyone that doesn’t agree with you on every topic.

    • The More You Know

      Magog is not a tribe, it is a country made up of different tribes (can’t really call it a nation).

      Today’s Jews are mostly of the tribe of Edom, but are also Khazars/Mongols. Khazars have old Edomite blood in them so it’s really Edom that is the racial stock of the modern “Jew”.

      Here’s a great website that lists 70 reasons why today’s Jews are not Isreal. Lots of good info on this one page.

  5. Well Alex, if we get Dr. Duke your clip where you talk about being sick of the Zionists, it will make for an interesting show indeed. I hope someone hear has posted it. This could turn millions of heads our way. Nice try attempting to paint us as stupid homocidal hicks. I think most whites here don’t want to be attacked by the establishment ‘hate/blame/shame/guilt whitey’ narrative buying goons. They would hate us enough without it. Nor do most get up everday hoping to shoot anyone. Guess you haven’t seen the white on black crime stats? Sorry Alex, whites are not committing the crimes against blacks like you claim.

    Sorry Alex, no way is the ADL and SPLC paying Don Black, David Duke, Andrew Anglin, Marcus Cicero, or white genocide project, you jew owned subverter.

    Maybe he could interview Ernest Zundel, or Sylvia Stoltz to talk about the evil Nazis? Then what happens when he can no longer blame Nazis?

    Alex can you tell us how America benefits from Blacks and Latinos that want to take over? Do you think either race calling the shots here is a good idea? Alex, do you think whites should have a sense of historical stewardship of the United States? Do you think our ancestors that actually created this country gives whites the right to make a national agenda that favors the interests of the European descended citizens.

    Races with populations bulging out of their borders of third world cultures are not at risk of disappearing, Whites are!

    • Amen brother!

      We’re not apologizing for being White anymore. Fuck the ADL and SPLC propaganda ministers! And Fuck Alex Jones while you’re at it! Alex is a traitor to his race and needs to be exposed as such.

      Spics and niggers can’t run the countries that Whites built. We need more Whites not less and we’re not backing down anymore.

      • Right, whites should feel guilty for everything while the brazen bastards shamelessly milk us for everything we have? It won’t stop until we say we’re sick and tired of this shit and we won’t take it. They are not here to help anything but themselves and their own ethnic interests. That is the whole idea of the ‘better’ life. They are all jewing us!

  6. Dr.Duke would destroy that fat kike shill hands down.

  7. Alex Jones is 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag. Duke would absolutely dismantle that bloated Zionist shill.

    I’ve always had the feeling that Alex’ Jew wife has a lot power behind the scenes on that show and I highly doubt that she will let Duke on the air. After Alex gets owned by Duke the Prison Planet subscriptions and DVD sales would plummet. Violet doesn’t want to have to sell their mansion and move back into a 4 bedroom rambler.

    I hope this happens!! If Alex has the balls to let Duke on the air that would be the best thing that ever happened to the White Nationalist cause.

  8. This is comical. David Duke is a good dude but let’s face it, he would get pummeled by Alex Jonestein because Dr. Duke is too nice. Let’s get Terrible Tim Rifat on to debate the motherfucker, that’d be hilarious.

    • Tim Rifat. The guy that can kill anyone he wants with his mind and will teach you how to do it for ten grand?

      Yup, he would be perfect to debate Alex.

      • fight fire with fire. There’s no civil debate with Alex, the fatfuck is a cartoon character that just rages and talks over anyone that presents him with facts. That’s why Tim Rifat debating him on Jews would be classic.

    • Don’t underestimate Duke. He has a lot steel in him and he can handle himself just fine. The Jews have hit him with everything but the kitchen sink and he’s still up there kicking ass.

    • I have never seen Duke walk away from any discussion as anything other than the victor.

      He will holocaust the fat man.

  9. White race traitors are the absolute worst. People can say what they will about The JOOS but they are not cuckolded pussy like the white race. David Duke shouldn’t reduce him self to the likes of notorious liar like Alex Jones. Dr Duke, is either a race traitor or the real deal in which case he is Americas only choice and should be debating Hillary in debates. #DrDavidDuke2016 ? I dream of a decent choice in my country is littered with jews. Canada needs help from her greatest friend and ally like never before. Don’t let Canada turn turd world like the rest of this living toilet we call a planet. our time is ticking we have 12 years . Demand war but not against Russia but rather Israel and we need to wake the brainwashed jews up to reality.. Who’s a bigger threat to humanity, Iran or the jews? Israel has no right to have the power to end the world at as they have proven untrustworthy in the entire human history the jews. Jews are to admired and respected as to do so much sheer carnage against my people is terrifying and unbelievable. Dr Finkilstine who wrote the holocaust industry’s should be your VP. But a real Jew in the backup seat.

  10. AlexI “I love Jews so much I married one” Jones is very irritating. I can’t listen to any of his ravings for more than a couple of minutes before the sound of bees buzzing dominates my hearing and my eyes glaze over. What an idiot.

  11. Maybe Dr. Duke can begin the debate with a quick history lesson as to WHY the KKK was formed, ie as a defensive policing organization to protect isolated white farmers against roving hoards of blacks, emboldened by carpetbagging J EWs, to commit arson, rape and murder on these poor remote whites, who had no 911 to call……

    Maybe too Duke can discuss General Grants edict to Expel ALL J EWs from the South, before the traitor President Lincoln intervened and suppressed it.

  12. Alex Jones as the Joker.

  13. “I would love to get this guy (Duke) on.” AJ

    I hope Duke is well prepared because AJ will be as slimy as a heeb in trying to catch him out.

    • Alex during that interview…

      “KKK…white supremacy…Nazis…KKK…white supremacy…Nazis…KKK…”


    • Duke could do it randomly if Jones ambushed him.

      We aren’t dealing with high sophistication here.

      • AJ knows the counter-tactics though. e.g. You mention control of media and he’ll say Murdoch and Ted Turner. You talk about fed reserve and he’ll say they get the job because of high IQ. You put him on the back foot and he’ll butt in, bring up 10 different talking points and have you flustered.

        Duke is a smart guy but does he realize he won’t be debating someone in good faith?

        Anyway, I hope he brings up the article by a jew saying they control hollywood and then asks AJ why he thinks the Arabs control it.

        • The More You Know

          Do you believe that Dr. Duke went up against “Wolf Blitzer” thinking it would be a debate in good faith? lol

          Dr. Duke can handle AJ don’t you worry.

  14. Alex “Kosher” Jones would NEVER dare debate David Duke, he’s just saying that on air to pretend like he has no fear facing the truth when in reality his Jewish sponsors would never allow him to do it. It would be a huge embarrassment to him and he’d get exposed as the Jewish shill that he is. If David Duke is ever allowed on he won’t get a chance to make his points, he’ll get cut off every 5 seconds exactly the way Fox Jews operates when they have a truth speaker on.

    Notice he pretended like all we have against him is some distant Jewish business connection when in fact his entire sponsor base has been exposed as Jewish time and time again (Search for “Alex Jones Jewish sponsors”)

    He also pretends he “built” his empire from scratch by himself, which is another lie, he obviously has deep Mossad and CIA ties and put there to guard the gate against the antisemitic truth.

  15. Alex jones is nothing but a repackaged Marxist shit head. There’s nothing right wing about this guy. 90% of his guests are ultra leftists. No, 99% of them are. I used to listen to this guy. Got sick of him modeling personality types and hearing all his universalist clap trap and shitty hippie buffer music. I haven’t listened to him in months and I actually more emotionally in control. The dude is there to agitate the right into sleep walking into the arms of leftists and I’m over it. We need exactly the OPPOSITE of what he’s preaching.

  16. Insane Moolie Loving Jew

    Jones is a CIA shill. He works for the kikes, and just the mere mention of kikes sets him into a furious rage. William Cooper exposed the fat ass for what he was a few times, before he was offed by TPTB. Fuck Alex Jones, and his kike wife.

  17. It’s like I listened to a different segment.

    He mentions the apartheid state hypocrisy of Israel and other items that you’d certainly concur with. Admits that white’s are indeed under attack and then ends the segment with…

    “There’s so many bad Jews in the NWO that are horrible smart people that use their intelligence for domination…”

    Then of course he goes on to mention some positive contributions from Jews, but in fairness, I’ve seen Dr. Duke do the exact same thing.

    I think you have a serious blind spot when it comes to this guy and I believe the reason he infuriates white nationalists is because he’s aaaaalmost on the same page with you, merely by the default of being a white man in the western world’s decline. And so that is more irritating than a similar media figure who is completely opposed to you.

    I also look at it as an opportunity and positive. How is it not a good thing for Dr. Duke to get access to Jone’s millions of fans. If he can pull that off with some real charisma and offer them an inspiring alternative, then god knows what could happen. I personally doubt that will happen because I don’t find Dr. Duke to be a very passionate, fluid speaker. Right, informative, smart, yeah… he just doesn’t rouse me with enthusiasm with his speaking style.

    Also, I don’t see any other media figures chomping at the bit, even hinting, debating, anything about getting someone like Dr. Duke on for an hour to offer his views and outlook on world events.
    It’s kind of crummy to deride Jones for doing (or at least talking about doing) something no one else is, which is giving probably the most prominent white advocate a mainstream forum.

    And another positive take away I got from it, he sees the massive number of his viewers that are shifting over to dark enlightenment and race realism ideals, subsequently he’s being forced to acknowledge and react to it. That’s a good thing and maybe, who knows, he might even learn some things from the Duke.

    • I have listened to Jones since his internet debut.
      He is a double talker and full of shit.
      He sells supplements and hard dick drops now.

      • I can see disagreeing with him, disliking his presentation methods, thinking he can be buffoonish WWF/street preacher at times, but he is consistent in most things he seems to believe in. I also factor in that he is a businessman and wants to pay tomorrows bills, maybe sock away a few million for a rainy day. Which makes the thin branches he does climb out on sometimes all the more surprising.

        I’ve just never had the difficulty with him that other pro-white Whites seem to. He agrees with the vast majority of what I do, shows me some new info on it in an entertaining way sometimes, and the rest I just agree to disagree.
        The day he manages to bring down the “globalists” and bankers is the day most of our ills are quietly cured anyway. So more power to him.

        You also didn’t really respond to anything I said so I’m not even sure why that was replied under my post other than to talk trash with no substantiation. But hey, it is the internet, and so exactly what I’d expect.
        Whatever passes the time enjoyably for you I guess.

        • It isn’t about disagreeing with him, disliking his presentation methods, or his buffoonery.

          You couldn’t be more misguided and off as to why he is worthy of my derision.

          He is anything but consistent. He is a liar, a manipulator and unethical.

          Shall I begin to post in series to educate you as to why this is so, because you seem to be totally in the dark with your defenses of him or your incorrect presumptions as to why I disapprove of him?

          • Absolutely. You’ve seen something I haven’t so I’d love to hear it.
            The last time this conversation went round and round on here with… I think it was Anglin, I never did get anything substantial other than that he disagrees with WN’s. Which, you know, most Americans do, so that wasn’t exactly an earth shattering revelation.

            If it’s lame stuff like the Jew wife and Jewish sponsors, then skip it.
            I know about it and am not exactly surprised that there are jews in the business world. 😉
            Also, the wife wasn’t bad looking when younger and looks white like most european jews, so not the most savory of things, but also not a big problem for me since he doesn’t subscribe to my views on race for the most part anyway.

            Lay out your case. There’s only a few thousand hours of footage of him available online, so it shouldn’t be hard to prove your points with documentation and I’d honestly like to see it.

            Regardless, in everything he’s published I’ve viewed he is rock solid on two things.
            Borders (which is a nice stealth racism/exclusivity tactic and we all know it) and guns.

            Those two things alone make his stance better than most “conservatives, so I take what I like and let his pro-black/jew/ whoever stuff go out the other ear.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            Alex Jones is an infomercial actor at best. He tells half truths. If you can’t see that, then there’s no helping you. Plenty of people have sited credible resources as to why he’s a flakey fat cunt. Just do a little research. That “lame stuff” you’re referring to IS a big deal.

          • If Stormer started selling vitamin supplements and some of them were made by jewish owned companies, yet remained consistent in message, then I wouldn’t care. Take their money and run.

            I used to buy Nature’s Sunshine vitamins, owned by Mormons, and I think partially by LDS. I hate Mormons. But they were great vitamins so I used them. Doesn’t mean I endorse Mormonism.

            So no, not a big deal. And the wife, why the hell do people care about that… He isn’t a white nationalist, so it’s not like he’s being hypocritical. He’s a typical deracinated American libertarian, so Of Course he’d be open to marrying jew, asian, whoever. Not my bedroom, not my business.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            Alright then. Ignore the elephant in the room. It’s easier to live your life that way. 🙂

          • The less you know, safely cocooned in your ignorance, the better.
            I prefer that you like to get fucked by unicorns and stay stupid.
            It is better for you this way.

          • You know what… you sold me.
            Any chance you live in the SouthEast?

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            Shut the fuck up faggot. Nobody is listening to you anymore since you’re a fucking kike plant. Go have dinner with your kosher family, you sorry excuse for a man. You take kike cock up the ass, that’s for certain.

          • I was about to extend the same invitation to you.
            If you’re in the SouthEast, I’ll even make the drive.
            How about we meet up and you can tell me to my face how I’m a jew, get fucked by unicorns, whatever.

            Or are you just a weaselly little internet punk that runs his mouth from the comfort of momma’s basement.
            I’m about tired of irritating twats like you that give legitimate, and non fucktard sounding, advocates for white’s a bad name with impunity.

            So please, feel free to enlighten me to my shortcomings in person.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            You’re not white. You’re a faggot. A kike loving faggot. So no, I’m not going to meet you in person, because it would end badly. For you. I’ve wasted enough time on you plant. We were being legit nice to you,, then you showed your true kike ways. So again, fuck off you soulless cunt of a kike.

          • That’s exactly what I thought.
            All talk.
            Keep walking little girl and know that you just got called out, and reacted exactly like a cunt. With more ranting on the internet.
            Congratulations. You win the internet, pussy.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            I’m sorry, are you talking kike? I couldn’t hear you, the sound of your pussy flapping in the wind was overwhelming.

          • Yes, I know you’re sorry.
            A sorry excuse for a white man that has no balls.
            Enjoy living that gutless life of internet warrior fame. lol


          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            LOL! Says the fucking kike who came here pretending to be a white guy! Haha. You faggots crack me up. Go have dinner with you make believe family, Tyrone Bruno, Kevin Allred. Whomever you’re trying to mimic tonight you sad, sad, little faggot of a man.

          • You still talking trash pansy?
            You realize everyone reading this is seeing how big a cunt you are and how you’re less than a man with every post.

            Come on, show me how tough you are Francis.
            I believe in you.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

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          • All. Talk.

            And now everyone here knows it.
            Live with that.

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            Or to quote Deadwood,
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            Where I live, if you want to call a man a cunt and use fighting words, then you better be ready to back it up.
            You’re not. And it shows.

            Anglin, I enjoy your site… but guys like this one make you look bad. Maybe AmRen is overly milquetoast… but the low IQ’s of dirt floor shack, momma’s basement dwelling pansies like this numbnuts also aren’t welcome there. So, maybe a lesson to be learned in that.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

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            Here’s a quote “You’re nothing but a miserable cunt, pretending to be a white guy, and that, that makes you, a faggot.” – Me

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

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          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

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          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            It’s funny, you’re just like Alex. Just mentioning the kikes set you in a hissy fit, like the little kike bitch you are. Dr. Duke is going to Destroy you Alex.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

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          • There is no selling you because you can’t keep your mooter fingers off the keyboard long enough to hear a fucking thing.
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          • The trial of Alex Jones in the court of popular opinion shall commence.

            All rise……you may be seated.

            The best piece of evidence concerning the character, ethics and sociopathy of Alex Jones is by the direct testimony of a first hand witness and insider. You actually can’t get much better quality evidence than that in all of jurisprudence other than covert audio or video recordings of being caught in the act or confessing.

            Jack Blood is Alex’s former right hand man and he was the first person to ever sit in for Jones on the show when Jones was absent.
            After dealing with Alex and his bullshit for so long, Jack Blood reluctantly, yet candidly, spills what he knows…


            Let me know when you would like me to post exhibit number 2.

          • Ok… I listened to a lot of it, but it is an hour and a half long so I had to jump around a little.
            I heard a lot of infighting among 9-11 truthers, griping about his influence in TX local politics (when he doesn’t even largely focus on that being a national show). I don’t even know who Deborah Medina is (TX Gov candidate I take it), nor do I care. And I heard the caller talking about how he’s a publicity hog and obnoxious, which of course he is.
            It sounds like he really disappointed some of these people, let them down in various ways. But it also smacks of personal, local grudges and doesn’t really have any impact on the overall message Jone’s espouses.

            Did I miss something in the jumping around? Some people local in Texas think he’s a turd. Ok.
            So he’s supposedly smoked weed (he’s admitted that bit on air) and loses his temper if he drinks too much and wants to fight. Who does that surprise?
            Hemingway was a real prick too.

            It would also carry more weight if you’d use actual clips of his rather than hearsay, gossip, and sour grapes from some 9-11 truthers (who can, at times, not be the most rational of people).

          • Listen to the entire thing because it clearly demonstrates the sincerity and honorableness of Jack Blood and it goes into detail.
            If you are too intellectually lazy to examine the evidence in depth and in full, then don’t waste my fucking time.

            Your reply is causing you to lose your limited number of cool points and once you reach douchebaggery, then we are done.

            There are follow up exhibits of evidence, but don’t fuck with me or I am gone. The moment I get the impression that you are not really interested in doing what it takes to know the truth, then you will get the big…fuck off.
            Don’t cunt-up on me, because you are well on your way from the git-go from what I can see.
            You got only one free pass left, don’t blow your wad too soon.

          • It’s about an economy of time not laziness. I waited patiently through the first 20 minutes (more time than most would give it) and Jones wasn’t even mentioned, and it was very boring shit about 9-11 truth activism. Then jumped ahead until I heard them seem to get into it. But mostly it seemed to be whining about how Jones had stepped on Deborah’s political clit (which I don’t care about).
            I’ll go back and give it a full listen when I don’t have a late dinner date with family.
            Thanks for taking the time posting it. If you have anything better, maybe actually his own words which shouldn’t be hard to find, then I genuinely would appreciate it.

          • I have taken the time to listen to all of it and more, then you got the balls to debate me on shit you admittedly know nothing about?

            You get the first and best and most reliable piece of evidence that could be presented and you…”jump around”.

            It isn’t hearsay, it is direct testimony from a knowledgeable witness that was second in command in the studio for years.

            Fuck you cunt.
            You just got cancelled.
            And are dismissed from my presence.
            Do your own research…”skippy”.

            I had at least a dozen pieces of evidence for you, but you got time issues and a prematurely dismissive attitude.
            Use google.

          • lol. man, there is something about discussing Jones for people here that makes you lose all semblance of courtesy and reason.

            I don’t have the time -right this second- to devote to a slow paced hour and a half long video that, at some point, has damning hearsay about Jones. And that makes me the jackass. ok.

            You’re being a tool. And honestly, acting like a nigger not like a white man having a civilized conversation.

            And with that, good day sir. 🙂

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            Nobody wants you here jew boy. Let the door hit your kike loving ass on the way out, cunt.

          • LOL.
            And now I’m a jew.
            Christ you guys can’t even make nice with someone that agrees with you.
            Read my Discus posts, then call me a jew.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            Nobody gives a fuck about your Disqus you fucking retarded cunt. Everyone was nice and civil with you until you kept saying our content was lame and not credible. So again, let the door hit your fucking retarded kike loving arse on the way out, you fucking pleb.

          • You name call and use the word fuck like a nigger comedian.
            You present yourself like a nigger.
            You fail at representing whites well.
            You are the exact opposite of a well spoken white advocate like Dr. Duke.
            You, are why white nationalists have a hard time building a coalition.
            You’re better than that. Or maybe you’re not.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            Go get your shine box Alex.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            Frankly, we don’t give a fuck what communist kike loving cunts like you think. Whites have tip toed and been nice enough, so fuck you, cunt. You’re not a WN, but a kike in disguise. So go get your shine box, Alex.

          • Keep running your obscene mouth like a nigger.
            It’s amusing to see if you can actually come up with a creative use of fuck, kike, or cunt.
            Somehow you seem to think you’re schooling me, but merely displaying how the internet imparts poor manners and short attention span niggers.
            Which would be you.

            Here’s a tip for you.
            Learn how to act white.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            Here’s a tip, kike, go fuck yourself. You’ll get more pussy, you faggot.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            Thought you had to go have dinner with your family? Oh, guess you were just lying, like the filthy fucking kike cunt you are, Alex.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            I read your posts. You ignore any facts about the kikes at every turn. You’re a fucking cunt troll, who takes nigger cock up the ass, because you love kikes, and will do anything they tell you to do, you sissy faggot goy.

          • You had the respect and you blew it.
            All that was required of you was to tell me when you were completely done with exhibit one in order to receive number two.

            The analysis and debate could wait until all evidence was considered, but you have to keep blabbing on from a place of your own admitted ignorance.
            You apparently don’t know your role or place in the scheme of things in this scenario.
            Fuck off cunt. Stop wasting my time.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            You didn’t come here to be informed. You came here to start your shit. I’ve read your bullshit. You willfully ignore anything jew related, and when people cite credible sources, you insult their intelligence and play dumb. Fuck you, you fucking cunt. You’re not a white, and you have no interests for whites, so go get your fucking shine box you fucking kike loving faggot. Why should we talk and play nice to you, after you already insulted us? Fuck off, you clueless kike loving cunt.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            People are citing clips and sources for you. You just want to pretend there’s nothing there. Good for you. Ignorance is bliss.

          • ? I see one clip about TX locals bitching about local politics and 9-11 truth bullshit.

            I don’t see clips and sources, just hearsay gossip about Jones being an asshole.
            I’ve seen him, he is indeed an asshole. I’d say the same about the founder of this site or Chateau. And I say that with love.
            Alpha dogs usually are assholes.

            So… somehow that makes me blissfully ignorant and the wool is being pulled over my eyes. oookay.
            lol, this is almost exactly the point Jones himself makes at the end of the segment in the OP.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            There’s already ten video clips on this page alone. Has someone been holding your hand through life all this time? You’re being intentionally ignorant. There’s no one at fault here but yourself.

          • I’m not sure what you think I’m not seeing or even really what I need to be convinced of.

            I don’t think the man is the second coming. He can be a dick.
            He can also be entertaining and offers some good info and excellent guests sometimes.

            Somehow in WN circles he’s some sort of grand deceiver charlatan/boogeyman, which I don’t comprehend. He doesn’t agree with you, yet he gets more vitriol than say, Farrakhan who would downright cut your throat given the chance. I don’t get it.

          • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

            People have given you credible sources. You’re willfully a fucking moron. There’s no saving you. So just leave this website, as it’s not for you.

          • Really just listen to anything he says. He is completely insane.

            What about that time he said he beat a man to death? Why did he not go to prison? Why had he never mentioned before that me once beat a man to death? He just randomly drops this fact?

            And just everything he says. The fema camps, the depopulation, the bill Gates plan to exterminate Africa, chemtrails, bohemian Grove human sacrifices, fluoride brainwashing conspiracy, secret messages in football commercials, vans that drive around and use sonic beams to look through your walls, nazis running the government and George soros working for Hitler, all the endless stuff about how everyone in the government worships Satan, plans to round up millions of people and murder them in abandoned Wal Marts, Sandy hook being staged with crisis actors and no one died, the Boston bombing being carried out by special forces and no one died, ancient Egyptian cults running the government, Hollywood being alternatively controlled by Arabs and the Chinese government, Monsanto purposefully engineering crops which sterilize people because their entire r & d team is devoted to the Georgia guidestones, napoleon working for the Rothschilds, vaccines containing nanotechnology which can control your thoughts –

            I mean, should I keep going? This is all off the top of my head. I’m sure people have composed more comprehensive lists.

            What are we even talking about here?

          • By all means, he is the WWF of …whatever you’d call media that caters largely to discontent 30+ white men.
            And I think it’s likely he has hormonal moodswings that influence his mindset. He’s obviously always been a high T guy judging from the old workout stuff, and I don’t think that necessarily always merges well with a high functioning brain.
            Especially not now that he’s probably going through male menopause.

            You don’t see a whole lot of debate team types that are jacked is all I’m saying.

            That said, half the things you mentioned are actually documented fact. Stuff that goes on every day. Stuff that’s every bit as feasible as thinking Jews control large aspects of our lives through media, academia, etc. And gets a similar reaction of incredulity from the general public.
            Stuff that’s in the papers or government documents that just rolls by ignored.
            Things like Operation Northwoods or various other covert bad shit that has come to light.
            Even Bildeberg itself was mocked conspiracy theory until just a few years ago.

            That stuff interests me. It’s the little glimpses the serfs get into the real powers at play.

            He talks about that stuff. His guest talk about that stuff.
            He wants me to have my guns.
            He wants the borders secure.
            He also is against black abortion and sundry other things that I’m wholeheartedly for.
            I can like and listen to someone while strongly disagreeing with them. I learn better that way. It forces me to evaluate my position thoroughly and find weaknesses.
            If it hadn’t been for halfway points like Jones, I’d never have gotten here.

            I don’t like that anytime you mention appreciating those aspects of a damn radio show, a significant number of your readers go into the batshit, you’re a traitor, kike kike kike, crazyland vortex like mental patients.
            It’s dumb. But hey, every movement needs obedient idiots I guess.

            The guy may be a jackass. He may not even be telling the whole truth. But I’ve a decent grasp of the rest of the picture so I’m fine that we part ways on who were the villains of WWII, etc and I get why he feels that way. He wants the U.S. to be this grand thing that it could’ve been. If they hadn’t of killed the Confederacy anyway. 🙂

            Oh, and I completely agree with the Duke clip someone posted earlier. He’s right that focusing too much on the doomsday possibility prevents people from getting active. I liked how he expressed that because it’s been a bone of contention of mine for a long time with my prepping brethren. Prepare for the worst… but do something in the meantime, even if it’s just developing yourself and helping your neighbor.

  18. Alex’s wife kicked him out of the marital home months ago.
    He has been living in a single man pad for some time now.
    May not be long before the papers are filed and signed and she takes more than her share.
    He is cracking under the stress.

    • Is that a joke or based on something?

      • It is based on something.
        And it appears to be the case.
        Some of Alex’s youtube videos are shot at his new condo bachelor pad with the nice fish tank in the background. The kids don’t live with him.
        Their expensive Texas villa is on the market.
        I have more to go on than just this.

        • Yeah big surprise. She’s probably assessed that Jones has peaked financially and divorcing now would be the best time to max out.

          • Smoking and obesity are the dominant causes of male impotence.

            His Jew bitch knows when it is the best time to bleed a sow.

            Once he went with Tangy Tangerine multi-level marketing she could see the writing on the wall…the end is near.
            She scooped up a well hung black dude on the side and gave Alex the boot.

            Highway Exit A1…Cuck Boulevard

  19. These piece of shit is simply a filthy anti-White. He’s ENRAGED at the thought of White people worrying about their future.

  20. Even jewboy blitzer was shredded by DD. Fatty wouldn’t stand a chance and he knows it.

  21. The More You Know

    I’d love to hear Duke ask AJ about the Jew wife, fat, campaign. Just for the lulz.

    But Duke has way too much class for that to happen. Darn the luck.

  22. Antonius Galliard

    David Duke’s opinion of Jonestein:

  23. He’s not a Jew; nevertheless, he’s Alex Jewns. As in owned by Jews.

  24. The More You Know

    Never in a million years would AJ let an unedited version of an exchange between him and Dr. Duke air.

    Dr. Duke would tear him to shreds.

  25. @11:03…Alex explains the accusation leveled against him about his using an attorney that also represents the elite Jewish illuminati Bronfmans.
    Alex completely distorts and misrepresents that accusation to the point of being an outright liar.

    Here is the actual accusation, which is far different than from Alex’s version…

    I recommend reading this…

  26. Alex wouldn’t dear to have Duke on the show, David Duke would holohoax his fat ass in a hot second.

    But seriously, David Duke is a legend. Alex Jones is a fraud. Just look at what they sell on their site. It’s ridiculous.

  27. Antonius Galliard

    Jonestein sure loves to bring up the Nazis all the time

    Deflect, divert, and obfuscate

  28. Duke would destroy Jones, I hope this happens.

    ‘Don’t cross the Duke, everybody knows that’

  29. Someone needs it bring up the Kalergi Doctrine Specifically with Jones. I might do it myself if I ever call into his show.

  30. @ 10:45…”I call Israel out on all that…”

    Never has bullshit ever been regurgitated, projectile vomitted and large chunks hurled more furiously.

  31. Why is Alex so angry at us? He is so touchy on this subject

  32. Whites, be sure to go to YouTube and thumb this down.

  33. Andrew, so glad your site is back up. I have major shakes from the downtime. This is the best site on the net. Thank God it is back up again.

    Can’t wait for Dr Duke to be on AJ’s show. AJ does not know what he is getting into. He will enter as a SJW and leave the studio a hard core NS.

  34. ‘the war on blacks’ this guy is a joke.

  35. This should be interesting — Duke will make reasoned arguments and Jones will scream like a little girl about how racist evil Whites are.

    Wonder why Jones is so super-sensitive to the mere mention of pro-White issues……


  36. How can other races be under attack if they are intentionally breeding Negroes in Africa, if there are only 1 billion Whites on a 7.3 billion people planet and only White countries are being flooded to mix, and Whites are being murdered slowly?

    Math, Jones – do you use it ? Or are the Jews providing you with calculators ?

  37. Considering Daily stormer, stormfront both advertise David Duke and the first two worship the jewish trump family and tell gullible whites the jewish trump family is the next hitler to save the white race; well considering that im just gonna go ahead and throw David Duke in the jew controlled opposition category with the people advertising him. So whats the difference between you jews at daily stormer and stormfront and the jews at infowars? I mean, you are all pushing for the jewish trump family now. LOL! No wonder the jews told me that stormfront and daily stormer are the top nationalist websites. The same exact reason I suspected all along.

  38. mr. duke has been exposing true political nature of donald trump unlike blind supporters of him here. why don’t you cover it?

  39. Yes!!! Make it happen. Fat screaming monkey vs. calm eloquent doctor . A match made in heaven for Dr. Duke. I want this to happen.

  40. The Jones comedy hour,another comidian under the cloak of the jew.Dr duke will eat you up boy.

  41. Not orders from Israel, but your Jew sponsors, which are many.

    • and daily stormer and stormfront telling you to vote for the jewish trump family isnt? These two places being told to you BY THE JEWS is the place for white nationalists to go to.

      • Which candidate isn’t Jew shill? Stop dreaming that America is YOUR country anymore… It actually hasn’t been for over 100 years now! DS isn’t TELLING anybody who to vote for. Most of us would just rather see an anti-illegal immigration, protectionist, heterosexual, conservative White male as president of this Jew-infested nation, despite all of his Jew-loving faults, than another nigger, another libtard, a wacko bitch, or an illegal immigrant-loving cuckservative.

        • America isn’t his country nor is ANY thing his he is a SATANIST probably one of the idiots from here;

          • Anton…another jew running a scam.

          • John Cougar FEMAcamp

            Anton La Vey was actually a pretty big fan of Hitler. He didn’t endorse the anti-jew aspect of it though. Quite a few Church of Satan followers were jewish.

        • I agree yet on one thing , ‘conservative’, Was not Reagan ,Bushes, Gingrich, and today’s Jew run “Conservatives”,enough ?
          Thatcher to Cameron in Britain. Merkal in Germany ? Nutenyshoo is the worlds biggest “Conservative”, you don’t want to follow him,do you ?
          That label is not the answer. Jews love,and are the worlds first “Conservatives”. A five thousand year war tocinserve there power !

      • I’ve never told anyone to vote.

        Please Google “overton window” and tell me how Donald Trump’s candidacy is a bad thing.

        If you can’t understand what that means, then go start your own website where you are against the concept of changing socially acceptable world-views for the purpose of working toward a specified goal.

        I am sick of repeatedly explaining this and then having people come at me as if it has never been explained. It is like living in some sort of pathological loop populated by turrets syndrome oompa loompas.

        If you don’t understand anything in this post just say “hey Anglin how about that time you told a black guy to breed out the white race you traitor you had sex with an Asian.”

        Then start a blog.

        Because I just can’t take it anymore.

        • Schlomo Rothstein

          At least you have something of a real man who is running in your national elections. In Canada we have a Cuckservative ,two beta faggots from the Liberal and New Democuckold Party, and a Lesbian from the greens.

        • I don’t mind purists until they start getting on my nerves. These anti-Trump nationalists are getting on my nerves because it is hard to believe that people could be this out of touch with reality and the concept of the overton window and what populism actually is to not understand why we support Trump.

          Hint: Screaming about Jews is not a populist issue in the national scene. It is an issue for “extremists” like us to push on the “fringe” in order to push the overton window. Whatever…tired of explaining it…

          • That’s the thing. It doesn’t matter how many times you explain it.

            In most ways, I myself am a purist. I don’t want any Jews in my country, let alone working in the government.

            But it’s like these people complaining about Trump truly are living in basements without any human contact, and are also completely unaware of the virtually unfathomable transformation the media narrative has gone through as a result of the Trump campaign.

            Initially, it made a bit more sense. But at this point, it just comes across as so low IQ it is a mind that exists in a separate reality.

          • Agreed, especially after reading his immigration document. If you can read that and still be convinced that supporting Trump is bad – there is no hope for you.


          • I remember a lecture of a Soviet defector talking about communist subversion. He said that, in the end, you could shove the evidence of what had happened under people’s noses and they wouldn’t care. That is where we are today. I can point directly to legislature showing Jews introduced “hate speech” laws in Europe and white people get angry because they are conditioned to freak out when Jews are accused of anything.

            We definitely need creative approaches to the problem of saving the white race.

          • Thanks for posting this. I saw it years ago. This guy is spot on.

          • My friend, you have spoken such true commonsense.
            Trump is the right man for today. We can elect a better leader in 4 or 8 years. But for this next term, he is the best we are going to get, and he is already doing much more good then bad.
            Logic shows this is the man to vote in.

        • Shawn King - 100% Black

          what about trumps two kids married into jewish families ?
          surely there is some zionist influence over trump.

        • Andrew, I am having problems accessing your site. It keeps saying checking browser setting and than it logs me out. Is there any advice you can give me regarding resetting my browser? It has been 3 days and I can’t log on.

      • I am voting for Trump because he is the best person running and he is right on a lot of issues. Don’t care what anyone thinks about it.

      • Insane Moolie Loving Jew

        Kevin Allred, you need to come up with better Alts. Seriously.

      • Trump is Jewish? WTF ARE YOU TALKIN BOUT?

        • Trump is not. horror666 is pry referring to Trumps grandchildren which are part jewish.
          Trump may not be the most perfect leader that ever existed for us, but he will make a very good one compared to the leaders we have had the last 80 years in this country.
          Sometimes i wonder if people like him and here just to sow discord.
          Obviously anyone with a realistic shot at presidency is going to have some things about them we are not fond of. This is normal and acceptable, so long as they are going to do more good then bad.
          The journey to saving our people is like a stair case. Each election we want to take a step up towards our goal of securing our existence.
          Some retards on here are just waiting for one giant leap from the bottom of the stair case to the top floor. This will never happen
          Even our enemies did not take us from the top floor to the bottom in a jump. They have taken us down step by step, and so we must go back up one step at a time.

          You and i pry see this. some on here definitely do not.
          I will pry be voting for Donald as long as he does not back track on at least deporting the illegals. I know he is pro-legal immigration, but hey, deporting the 20 million illegals is a huge step in the right direction. Then maybe the next election cycle we can make shutting down all immigration the next big thing.

    • The word “nazi” is a reference to the jews. Jews use to be called nazis in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. It comes from the “Ashkenazi-Jews”
      Jews earned such a bad name being called “nazi’s” that they decided to play one over the American public and start labeling indigenous tribal Europeans “nazi’s” instead, and hope that bad name would change hands, and sadly Americans bought it.
      The truth is Adolf was an anti-nazi.
      I am also an anti-nazi. But National Socialist is something totally different.
      They are polar opposites from one another, and not to be confused.

  42. Clearly this fat slob has no intentions whatsoever of debating with dr duke,good to see him sweating like a pig though..

  43. John Cougar FEMAcamp

    Start a petition- I’ll sign it! #DavidDukeDebateAlexJones

  44. Schlomo Rothstein

    Yes, the eugenics program in Africa is working, Look at these numbers!!!!!

  45. I hope Duke takes the challenge and puts the Jew in his place.

  46. Dr. Duke has destroyed much bigger heavyweights than the fatman

  47. Dr. Duke debating Jones would be akin to Hulk Hogan wrestling a two-year-old.

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